(88) Erected by James Simpson, merchant in Banff, and Lillias Mackay, his spouse, to the memory of their son Alexander Simpson, land surveyor, who died 19th May, 1846, aged 21 years. Here also are interred the remains of Janet Morison, wife of their son James, who died at his farm of Colleonard on the 5th June, 1857, aged 29 years, and of Lillias Mackay (named above), who died 6th February, 1862, aged 75 years, also of Harry, the infant son of James Simpson and Harriet Adam, born on the 1st and died on the 16th January, 1864. Here also rest the remains of James Simpson, who erected this tablet. He was a merchant and shipowner in Banff, and a distiller at Mill of Banff. He died at his farm of Mains of Colleonard 7th January, 1871, aged 75 Years-

(89) In memory of Alexander Simpson, late shipmaster in Banff, and of his wife Jean Smith. He died May 19th, 1810, aged 44 years, and is buried in London. She died 8th January, 1839, aged 73, and is interred here. Here also ly their son Alexander, who died 1800 in infancy, and his twin sister Jean, 3rd July, 1818, aged 21. Their son John died at Canton 10th November, 1822,aged 23 years. William died 5th November, 1875, aged 84, and lies in Boyndie Churchyard. Elspet died 4th February, 1882, aged 88, and is here interred.

(90) I. S. Here lyes James Smith, blacksmith, burges in Banf, who died June 10th, 1737, and William Smith, his son.

(91) Erected by Mary Simpson to the memory of her husband James Bayley, shipowner in Banff, who died the 28th July, 1860, aged 49 years. The above Mary Simpson died 21st October, 1888, in her 83rd year.

(92) 1870. In memory of the children of James and Charlotte Duff, Bruntyards, King Edward. Robert born 10th and died 28th November, 1825. Robert born 28th August, 1832, died 9th January, 1837, Mary Ann born 28th March, 1827, died 24th October, 1837, Andrew born 3rd June, 1830, died in Melbourne 9th January, 1866, Robina born 22nd November, 1846, died 4th April, 1867, and George Skene born 21st June, 1849, died 15th April, 1870, also of the said James Duff, who died 12th October, 1875, aged 79 years.

(93) Erected by William Wilson in Down in memory of his affectionate spouse Margaret Bruce, who died 6th March, 1782, aged 60 years. The above William Wilson died the 28th December, 1796, aged 97 years, also his grandchild, Helen, only daughter of James Nicol, shipmaster in Macduff, died the 25th of January, 1821, aged 19 years, also the said James Nicol died the 4th October, 183o, aged 58 years, and his relict Elspet Wilson, died the 10th of January, 1843, aged 76 years.

(94) Sacred to the memory of Christian Wilson, Macduff, who departed this life 12th March, 1823, aged 71 years. Here also rests the mortal part of Jessy Wilson, younger, daughter of John Wilson, Esq., Banff, a flower of fairest promise and transplanted to Paradise above 7th March, 18l2, in the tenth year of her age.

(95) This stone is dedicated by Alexander Forsyth, glasier in Banf, to ye memorie of Agnes Mar, who departed in Nou'r., 1688, and Janet Forsyth, his daughter, who departed in Febry. 13th, 1693

(96) Here . lyes . James . & . Isobel . Adamson . laful children . procreat . betwixt . James . Adamson . & . Jean . Leel . his . spoues . Lo . how . the . dark and silent grave | A tribute of our fle- | sh . doeth . crave | which willingly | wee doe lay doun I in hope to ryse | and weare a croun | of perfect glory m- | ongst the just ovr | ashes shall revive | we trust 1707. | Here lyes James Adamson, skipper in Seatoun in Banf, who dyed December, 1727, and his spouse Jean Leil, dyed August, 1715.

(97) This stone is erected by William West to the memory of his spouse Margaret Wilson, who departed this life May 22nd, 1781, in the 67th year of her age. The above William West died November 1st, 1790, aged 65 years.

(98) Erected by Alexander Monro, shipmaster, McDuff, to the memory of his son Alexander, who died 18th April, 1821, aged 7 months, and his father-in-law John West, who died 4th May, 1834, aged 83 years, also his mother-in-law Jane Wilson, who died 9th January, 1837, aged 86 years, and also his spouse Helen West, departed this life on the 10th January, 1840, aged 53 years.

(99) This stone is erected by Jannet Wilson in memory of her affectionate husband James Wast, seaman in Macduff, who died November 18th, 1792, aged 56 years. There are also interred here two of their children who died in non-age. Though worms destroy this body yet in my flesh shall I see God.

(100) This stone belongs to Alexander Mackie, wright in Banff.

(101) Here are interred the bodies of Archibald Hadden, some time square wright and plaisterer in Banf, who departed this life August 3rd, 1735, of Isabel Cock, his spouse, who died February 16th, 1737, and of Peter and William Haddens, their children. This stone is erected to their memory by Margaret Hadden, their daughter. She died 26th January, 1792, aged 80 years, also Elisabeth Hadden, who died March the 31st, 1793, aged 66 years.

(102) Here lie interred the remains of John Sim, late of the island of Antigua, who died on the 29th day of November, 1807, aged 63 years. Also Mary Stephen, his spouse, who died on the 29th day of February, 1847, aged 91 years.

(103) Consecrated by John, James, and William Bremner, to the memory of their worthy and afectionate mother Mary Sim, spouse to Peter Bremner, gardner in Banff, who died August 3lst, 1802,aged 51. The remains of her daughters Mary and Jean [rest covered].

(104) Here lyth interred the body of Margaret Sim, spouse to John Sim, sometime merchant in Banff. She died January 8th, 1785, aged 64 years. This stone is erected to her memory by her son William Sim, shipmaster mariner, London. Also here are interred the body of the above John Sim, who died February 21st, 1788, aged about 80 years. Also the remains of John Findlater, late shoemaker in Macduff, who departed this life the 6th June, 1815, aged 68 years, and Elizabeth Sim, his spouse, daughter of the said John Sim, who died 24th of March, 1833, aged 86 years, also their son William, who died 6th May, 1866, aged 83, and their daughter Margaret, who died 10th Sept., 1874, aged 83 years.

(105) Here ly the ashes of James Gray, sometime conveener in Banf, who departed this life the 15th of February, 1729, aged 80 years, and Jean, George, and James Grays, his children.

The soul is gone to God above

The body rotting in the ground

Both will reunite in love

And rise at the last trumpet sound.


(106) Here lyes James Gray, who departed this life the 28th of November, 1691, and Margrat Gairden, his spouse, who dyed the 24th of June, 1660, and James, Margrat, and Jane Grays, their children. Thomas Gray, who was mairied with Christen Leith, departed this life the 21st of Mey, 1673. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, they rest from their labovr and ther works do follow them."-Rev. 14 & 15.

(107) Here lyes James Greay, lawfvl son to Walter Greay and Jean Pirie, spows, who departed this life in the sextinth year of his age, 1691 years.

His Christian lyf he so weill spent

Which was his parents' great content

But death did free him of his paine

So rests to rys in glore againe.


Here lyes Walter Gray, sometime conveener in Banf, who died December 17th, 1710, and Jean Pierrie, his spous, who died the 20th of March, 1712.

(108) Reverendi dni Gulielmi Keith evangelii in Kirkwall in Orcadibus ministri corpus subtus sepultum jacet qui aetatis anno 27 mo ministerii 3tio. Domini 1734 Decris- 21 fatis cessit. Here also lies the body of William Keith, sometime shoemaker in Banff, who died June 7th, 1791, aged 61. Beati ab hoe tempore mortui ii qui Domini causa moriuntur. Etiam dicit Spiritus ut requiescant a laboribus suis et opera eorum sequuntur eos.

(109) Erected by James Joiner, taylor in Banff, and Margaret McKenzie, his spouse, in memory of their daughter Margaret, who died at Banff the 29th July, 1814, aged 8 years, also his neice Isabella Mark, who died the 25th August, 1844, aged 24 years.

(110) Erected by Elisabeth Geddie as a memorial of dutiful regard for her father Thomas Geddie, Late cooper in Banff, who died 19th October, 1819, aged 79 years, also her mother Ann Ross, who died 30th September, 1815, aged 70, her brother James, who died in Jany., 1801, aged 31, and her sister Jane, who died 11 th October, 1819, aged 47. Here also lie the remains of Elizabeth Geddie, who died 22nd May, 1835, aged 60 years.

(111) This stone is erected by William Anderson in memory of his father Alexander Anderson, sometime cooper in McDuff, who died the 14th Of July, 1798, aged 48 years.

(112) This stone is erected by Alexander Anderson, sometime cooper in McDuff, and Anna Leslie, his wife, in memory of their children, who died in the bloom of their youth, Alexander, May 26th, 1794, aged 13 years, and James, September 7th, 1794, in the 19th year of his age.

(113) Erected to the memory of James Sim, late of the island of St. Vincent, who was born at Banff 11th November, 1759, and died 27th May, 1825, and of his spouse Elizabeth McKilligin, also born at Banff 22nd November, 1761, and died 24th March, 1826. Here also rest the remains of their daughter Elizabeth, born at Banff 13th May, 1805, and died 27th November, 1810. Their only son James George Sim, M.D., H.E.I.C.S., who was born at Banff 4th March, 1804, died at Singapore 10th September, 1830, and was interred there. Their eldest daughter Barbara died at Banff on 31st January, 1885, aged 84 years, and her remains are also interred here.

(114) M- P- S- Quo intemerati subtus maneant cineres matris optimae Marjorae Charles Patricii Syme municipis Banffiensis integerrimae uxoris saxum hoc sepulchrale posuit Joannes filius natu maximus. A.D. 1709.


(115) Erected by William Watt, shipmaster, Banff, in memory of his brother James Watt, who died 9th May, 1847, aged 29 years, also his son, William James Watt, who died 21st August, 1856, aged 17 months.

(116) Sub spe beatae resurrectionis . . . .deo hominibus . . . .

(117) Erected by Alexander Anderson, shoemaker in Banff, and Helen Anderson, his spouse, in memory of their daughter Isabel, who departed this life 18th April, 1813, aged 2 years. The remains of Alexander Anderson, who died on the 16th January, 1830, aged 53 years, are also interred here.

(118) Erected by James Leggat, sadler in Banff, as a last tribute of respect to the memory of George Reid, mason in Banff, who died the 21st March, 1827, aged 60 years, and Mary Duffus, his spouse, who died the 19th March, 1826, aged 66 years, and of their children John Reid, seaman, who died at sea off Valpariso the 3rd April, 1824, aged 31 years, and James Reid, seaman, who died also at sea in 1813, aged 18 years.

(119) Here are interred the bodies of Walter Davie, sometime deacon of the incorporation of. Shoemakers in Banf, who died April 22, 1732, aged 88, of Margaret Reid and Anna Greig, his first and second spouses, of Jean and others, his children, and of James, Walter, Mary, Margaret and Elspet Davies, children of Robert Davie.

(120) Here lys Jannet Flockart, spouse to James Whyte, supervisor of Excise, Banff, who died 27th Suptr., 1800, aged 43 years.

(121) To the dear memory of her father James Morrison, and of her mother Margaret Morrison, and of her sisters Margaret, Jane and Susan Morrison, and of her daughter Sarah Margaret Pearse, all of whom lie buried near this spot. This stone has been erected by Sarah Pearse A.D. 1865, and whose death at Wanstead, near London, June 30th, 1867, aged 61, is here lovingly recorded by her surviving children.

(122) As a small tribute of respect this stone is erected by Kennedy Clark, baker in Banff, to the memory of his loving wife Mary Johnston, who died 24th March, 1801, in the 48th year of her age. And also five of their children, who died in their infancy.

Whatever we fondly call our own

Belongs to Heaven's great Lord

The blessings lent us for a day

Are soon to be restored.


The remains of Kennedy Clark are now also deposited here. He died 19th November, 1819, in his 71st year, having likewise survived his only other child William, who died on board H.M.S. Severn, of which he was a surgeon, in October, 1816.

(123) The remains of Mr. William Johnston, late merchant in Banff, lie interred here. He died at Banff the 22nd September, 1814, in the 59th year of his age. His executors placed this stone out of respect to his memory.

(124) Here is interred the body of John Paterson . . .

(125) In memory of Mary, wife of John Bold, collector of H.M. Customs, who died 12th May, 1853, also of Mrs. Ann Bold, mother of the said John Bold, who died at Banff 17th February, 1848, and whose remains are interred near this spot, also the John Bold, who died 22nd January, 1862, aged 47 Years, also his cousin Elizabeth Justiman, who died 20th February, 1862, aged 50 years.


(126) Erected by James Milne, merchant in Banff, in memory of his brother Andrew Milne, who died here 24th March, 1821, aged 29 years.

(127) In memory of Elspet Coutts, daughter of Francis Coutts, residing in Banff, who died 21st June, 1843, aged 23 years, and of Jean Bruce, his spouse, who died 25th August, 1845, aged 58 years. Francis Coutts died 17th November, 1860, aged 73.

(128) Willie, born 8th October, 1851, died 10th April, 1852- "And Jesus called a little child unto him."

(129) To the memory of Isabella Stevenson, wife of James Meldrum, vintner in Banff, who died 3rd February, 1826, aged 32 Years.

(130) In memory of James Stevenson, house carpenter, Banff, who died 23rd February, 1841, aged 87 years, and his spouse Jane McKenzie, who died 5th May, 1830, aged 77 years. Also of their son William, who died 2nd January, 1860, aged 76 years, and his beloved spouse Isabella Innes, who died 15th October, 1868, aged 84 years.

(131) Erected by James Carr, gardiner in Banff, to the memory of his son John Carr, who died the 20th day of June, 1820, in the 21st year of his age, a young man of pious and virtuous principles, and of most exemplary conduct.

(132) Erected by James Smith, collector of Town's Rents, Banff, to the memory of his mother Margaret Innes, who died 29th July, 1843

(133) Erected in memory of George Shepherd, coppersmith in Banff, who died 22nd April, 1807, and of his infant child Sophia, also of Elizabeth, who died 17th February, 1821. Margaret Jaffrey, his spouse, died the 29th April, 1831, aged 72 years.

(134) Erected by Helen Ord to the memory of her husband Abercromby Sheriffs, late shoemaker in Banff, who died 4th May, 1857, aged 62 years. The said Helen Ord died at Banff 27th September, 1875, aged 84 years.

(135) Erected by George Duncan, watchmaker in Banff, in memory of Anne Duncan, his spouse, who died the 21st December, 1827, aged 47 years.

(136) Sacred to the memory of Alexander Harper, merchant in Banff, who died January 1, 1848, aged 62 years, and Isabella Watson, his wife, who died December 18, 1851, aged 58 years, and their children, viz., two infants, and William, who died January 31, 1833, aged 5 years, Alexander, who died July 12, 1843, aged 24 years, and Isabella, who died September 9th, 1872, aged 38 years, and Maria, who died March 31, 1889, aged 68 years.

(137) Erected by William Robertson, Mill of Banff, in memory of his father William Robertson, who died 20th June, 1843, aged 53 years. The said William Robertson died at Mill of Banff 24th February, 1858, aged 35 years, also his son Alexander Mackay, who died at Mill of Banff 20th August, 1848, aged 10 months and 9 days, also of his daughter Jessie M., who died 3rd January, 1870, aged 15 years and 7 months. Elizabeth, widow of William Robertson, senior, died the 7th of April, 1870, aged 74 Years

(138) Erected by his friends as a tribute of respect to the memory of George Howat, sometime farmer in Breadthless, and also for the space of fifteen years overseer at Montcoffer, and died at Mill of Montcoffer on the 12th day of February, 1838, aged 54 years.

(139) This stone is erected in memory of George Leill, sometime whitefisher in Banff, who died July 2nd, 1777, aged 84 years.

(140) This stone is erected to the memory of William Leel, sometime fisher in the Seatoun of Banff, who died April 9th, 1737, also his spouse Margaret Edemson, who died December 27th, 1743

(141) Erected by Alexander Harper, merchant in Banff, and his spouse, in affectionate remembrance of their deceased family, viz., two infant children, and William, who died the 31st January, 1833, aged 5 years, Alexander, died 12th July, 1843, aged 24 years, and the above-named Alexander Harper, sen., died 1st January, 1848, aged 62 years, and Isabella Watson, his spouse, who died the 18th December, 1851, aged 58 years.

(142) This stone is erected by Alexander Bruce, whitefisher, in memory of John Bruce, who died June the 15th, aged 17 years, also Hellen Findlay, his. spouse, who died June 2nd, 1781, aged 82 years.

(143) This stone was erected by Janet Watt . . .Alexander Bruce. (?)

(144) This stone is erected by Alexander Forbes, pensioner in Banff, in memory of his son John Forbes, shoemaker prentes, who died October 7th, 1776, aged 22 years.

(145) This stone is erected by James Peterie, fisher in Banff, in memory of his son Andrew Petterie, sbipmaster in Banff, who died the 16th of August, 1796, aged 28 years.

Erected by William Hossack, merchant, Banff, in memory of Bathia Milne, his spouse, who died 17th July, 1836, aged 60, and of their daughter Mary Ann, who died 25th November, 1836, aged 3 years.

(147) Here also are interred the remains of the said William Hossack, who died at Banff on the 23rd February, 1869, aged 69 years.

(148) Heir lyis Willeam Schand in Barnehill, Isbel Jame.*

(149) James Scher 1000**

(150) Memoria Christianae Barclay mulieris lectissimae Georgii Abernethie civis Banfiensis uxoris carissimae quae diem obiit supremum 111 Cal. Mart. anno S.H. MDCCXLIII. Cippum hunc sepulchralem sacrum voluit [mar]itus superstes [T. Forbes inv.]

(151)H C I S 1639


*Barnhill is not now in existence as a holding. It was formed of the land at the back,of the Hill of Down and part of the lotted lands of MacDuff. Alexander Shand was the son of William Shand, Auchmedden, whose wife was a knight's daughter. The son of Alexander was Charles, tenant of the lands of Gellyhill, who married Barbara Milne, daughter of --- Milne, farmer, Scatterty, King Edward, who claimed to be the direct descendant of Milne, the King's Mason He was drowned in 1739. He had been to Banff market with his wife. She was saved by clinging to a sack of wool and was picked up in the! bay by a Down fishing boat. Hence the saying, "I wish you were down, Dovern, like the wife with the wool on her back." Charles Shand's son was Alexander Shand, Gettyhill, the greatgrandfather of the present respected Sheriff-Clerk whose family obtained right to this burying ground from Mr Garden Hossack's uncle, Alexander Shand in Cornhill, near Macduff. Alexander Shand, present tenant of Cornhill, is the direct lineal descendant of the parties whose names appear on the stone. The style of lettering of No. 148 shows it to be the oldest stones in the churchyard.

**A glance shows that this stone has been tampered with. Mr. Jervise (MS. Antiquarian Museum, Edinburgh,) says:-" Prior to the renovation of this a few years ago I had no difficulty in tracing the date of '1600' upon the stone. It would be advisable to restore this date were it for no other cause than to show that the schoolmaster was not so far abroad in Banff but that he knew surnames were unknown in this country for centuries after the above date." Confirmatory of the above the present writer has learned, on apparently good authority, that it was the late gravedigger who "renovated" this stone, or at least caused it to be "renovated. The letters are incised, therefore almost certainly could not be of so old a date as 1600. All inscriptions in this district of the early part of the 17th century have raised letters. No. 63 supra (date i633) is incised but it is evidently of foreign workmanship, like several others in the churchyard. Even in the early part of the present century the list of shore dues for Aberdeen, Banff etc. included a charge of say 5s. for foreign and 2s for British gravestones. The mode of formation of the letters, moreover, shows their recent origin. It should also be remarked that the stone referred to is of a character precisely similar to what was often used about a century ago in this churchyard, but has no parallel of older date. The copy, however, was undoubtedly made from a stone of the early part of the 17th century, for in later times a surnames such as Schirras, Sheron, Sherar, etc., were spelled Sher - never Scher.

(152) Erected to the memory of Mrs. Mary Umphray, spouse of George Alexander, merchant, Banff, who died the 3rd day of June, 1830, in the 43rd year of her age. She was a tender mother, an affectionate and beloved wife. Her conduct through life was most exemplary for every Christian virtue. She lived in the warmest respect, and died in the deepest regret of her friends and society. Sacred also to the memory of the above mentioned George Alexander, who died Provost of Banff on 25th November, 1840, in the 76th year of his age, universally respected for his virtues as a man and a citizen. Requiescant in pace.*

(153) Erected by Duncan Robertson, supervisor of Excise, Banff, to the memory of his son William Robertson, student in Divinity, who died 23rd July, 1826, aged 20 years, in whom high intellectual attainments were united with the most amiable qualities of heart, leaving his surviving parents and relatives deeply to lament such fond anticipations of future eminence. **

(154) Erected by his widow and surviving children to the memory of George Cruickshank, solicitor in Banff, who died 19th May, 1863, aged 66 years, as a tribute of love and respect to an affectionate husband and an honoured and beloved parent. Here also rest the remains of Margaret Eliza, daughter of George Cruickshank and Margaret Sim. She died 1st March, 1852, aged 15 years; their son George James died at Southsea 4th January, 1856, aged 74 years, and was interred there. The above Margaret Sim died at Banff the 24th day of December, 1875, aged 73 years.***

(155) In memory of John Cruickshank, A.M., who for upwards of forty years discharged the duties of Rector of the Academy of Banff with fidelity and success, and died on the 3rd of July, 1830, in the 71st year of his age. Here also are interred the remains of his daughter Susan, who died on the 1st of November, 1833, aged 33 Years, and of his spouse Mrs. Margaret Morrison, who died at Banff on the 8th day of February, 1845, aged 82 years, also his daughter Margaret, who died at Bridgend Cottage, Fyvie, on the 20th day of September, 1883, aged 92 years.

(156) Erected by Adam Ramsay, cabinetmaker, Banff, in memory of a worthy mother Jean Reid, who died 21st November, 1842, in her 88th year, also Elizabeth, daughter of Adam Ramsay, who died 22nd of April, 1870, aged 25 years. The said Adam Ramsay died 28th day of July, 1884, in his 91st year, and Agnes Johnston, his wife, died 6th October, 1887, in her 86th year.

(157) Erected by Hay McLagan, shipmaster in Banff, in memory of his parents John McLagan, who died at Edenburgh 23rd September, 1825, aged 38 years, and Christian Hay, his spouse, who died at Banff 21st February, 1843, aged 46 years, also his grandmother Jean Hay, who died 9th January, 1853, aged 83 years. The above Hay McLagan was lost during the voyage in the Paul of Portsoy, from Dantzic to Hartlepool, between the 1st and 13th of January, 1881, aged 61 years. Also interred here the children of Robert Leask and Catherine McLagan, his wife, -Jane Ann, born 10th June, 1852, died 20th June, 1852, Robert Gerrard, born 11th August, 1853, died 17th May, 1855

*Mr. James Imlach states that in 1868 there survived of the family of the above:-(1) Rev. John Alexander Episcopal Church, Edinburgh, (2) the Hon. George Alexander, Member of the Canadian Parliament, and (3) Mrs H. Gordon, London.

**Mr. Imlach (1868) notes: " The above family left Banff many years ago. The brother of the young student to whom the stone is erected is Mr. Robertson, late M.P. for Shrewsbury, and justly respected in that county."

***Mr Cruickshank, late agent for the North of Scotland Bank here, long held the responsible office of Town Chamberlain, which he conducted with the highest credit to himself and the entire satisfaction of his constituents. His surviving son, John, after distinguishing himself as a surgeon in the Indian Army, has been promoted to the Staff. His eldest daughter is married to Mr. G. Scott of Somerset House, London." (Imlach, 1868).


(158) Erected by Strattan Moir, painter, to the memory of his children Isabella, born October 17th, 1833, died June 30th, 1834, and George W. Moir, born September 20th, 1829, died November 16th, 1841, also the said Strattan Moir, born in Banff 15th May, 1804, died at Edinburgh 16th May, 1855, and of his spouse Isabella Kerr, who died at Edinburgh 27th September, 1856, aged 52 years.

(159) Sacred to the memory of Edward Mortimer, solicitor in Banff, who died at Dingwall on 19th May, 1864, aged 62 years. Erected by his widow and son.*

Sacred to the memory of Edward Mortimer, beloved son of Edward and Margaret

Mortimer, born in Banff 5th March, 1847, and died in Ceylon 8th February, 1871. Sacred to the memory of Margaret Jamson, wife of said Edward Mortimer, who died at Banff on 24th September, 1875, aged 67 Years.

(160) Erected by Daniel Smith, shipmaster in Banff, and Anne Grant his spouse, to the memory of their children John, who died the 14th September, 1827, aged 7 years, and Charlotte, who died the 16th June, 1829, aged 7 months.

(161), Sacred to the memory of Daniel Smith, shipmaster in Banff, who died at Liverpool 16th January, 1849, aged 62 years, and is interred there, and of his wife Anne Grant, who died at Banff 19th December, 1871, aged 76 years. Erected as a tribute of respect to faithful and beloved parents.

(162) Erected by Thomas Collie, flesher, Banff, in memory of Mary Beech, his mother-in-law, who died 25th May, 1845, aged 64 years, also of his son David Collie, who died 22nd February, 1846, aged 10 years.

(163) Erected by John Morrison, shipmaster in Banff, to the memory of his son John, who died 23rd February, 1833, aged 2 years, also his brother Garden, who died 24th October, 1836, aged 21 years

(164) Sacred to the memory of James Nicol, collector of Customs at Banff, who died 24th April, 1849, aged 82 years, also of his spouse Margaret Stephenson, who died 23rd December, 1864, aged 82 years, also of his sister-in-law Mary Stephenson, spouse of William Jamson, who died 16th February, 1856, aged 80 years, and of her daughter Ann Jamson, who died at Banff on the 22nd May, 1868, aged 65 years.**

(165) 1876. In memory of Lawrence Paton, horseshoer, who died 17th April, 1838, aged 46 years, also of his wife Margaret Adam, who died 30th June, 1874, aged 84 years, and their daughter Margaret, who died in December, 1832, aged 2 years. Erected by their grandson Lawrence Watt.

(166) Erected by William Taylor, mason, Banff, in memory of his father William Taylor, late shoemaker in Banff, who departed this life on the 16th August, 1836, aged 66 years.

*"Mr. Mortimer was for many years Factor on the Fife Estates, and Political Agent for the Earl of Fife's Trustees; and, in point of ability, had few equals in the North of Scotland. In private life, he was most unassuming, and was kindly and considerate in all his actions " (Imlach)

**"William Nicol, Esq., late of Liverpool, and recently M.P. for Dover, a most successful merchant and shipowner, is son of the above gentleman. Andrew Nicol, Esq., of Ceylon, and now resident at Elgin, is another son. To the latter, the trustees of the Churchyard are obliged for a subscription of 39Bp 8s., collected among Banff men-proprietors like himself, and coffee growers in the island of Ceylon" -(Imlach 1868)


(167) James Leslie, late Serjeant, for 21 years in the Royal Artillery, died 24th April, 1820, aged 44 years. This stone is erected to his memory by his affectionate sisters Anne and Isobel Leslie. Here also are interred the remains of Anne Leslie, who died at Banff the 17th day of August, 1829, aged 51 years, also the said Isobel Leslie, who died the 16th March, 1845, aged 59 years.

(168) In memory of Robina Burn, the beloved daughter of James Marshall, H.M. Customs, who died 12th February, 1862, aged 7 1/2 years. Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not.

(169) Erected by David Christie, maltman in the Banff Brewery, and his spouse Margaret Harwood, in memory of their son William, who died the 27th day of March, 1838, aged 8 years. The above Margaret Harwood died 29th July, 1879, aged 87 Years, also the said David Christie, who died 26th May, 1882, aged 83 years.

(170) Erected by John McArthur, cooper, Banff, and Mary Anton, his spouse, in memory of their daughter Isabella, who died 29th January, 1835, aged 4 years and 7 months.

(171) This stone was erected by order of the Right Honourable James, Earl of Fife, in memory of Alexander Imlach, John Strachan, William Murgauch, and William Cruickshank, four of his Lordship's gardeners, who lost their lives attempting to cross the River Dovern in a small boat at the King's Foord when the river was greatly swell'd by rain upon the 14th of June, 1768. And of Alexander Andrew, who in going home to the farm of Corskie in a dark night missed his way, and lost his life in the Gellyburn upon the 2nd of December, 1774

O cruel death who can describe thee

Who or what thou art :

Or in what manner, time, or place

Thou throwlst thy fattal dart?

(172) Erected by James Henderson, Banff, in memory of his children Eliza Strachan, died 30th June, 1845, aged 4 years, John Henry Milne died at Rio Janeiro 7th January, 1858, aged 16 years, Eliza Strachan died 16th January, 1859, aged 2 years and 9 months, Alexander Smith died 9th August, 1879, aged 28 years. The said James Henderson died June 10th, 1888, aged 72 years. Be ye also ready.

(173) In memory of A. S. H.

(174) Here rests until the morning of the resurrection the remains of the late James Gray, baker in Banff, who died 20th June, 1847, aged 58 years. Erected as a tribute of respect and affection by his only surviving sister Jane Gray.

(175) This stone is erected by James Robertson, vintner in Banff, and Margrat Gray, his spouse, to the memory of their son James Robertson, who died December 16th, 1794, aged two years and one quarter. James Robertson died September 15th, 1818, aged 57, also the above Margaret Gray, who died 2nd February, 1829, aged 66. St. John, ch. i., v. 17. The law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

(176) Consecrated to the memory of John Kerr, late of the Excise, by his affectionate widow and orphan son and daughter. He died at Banff on the 1st September, 1828, aged 75, esteemed by all . . .


(177) Erected by George Bruce, Shipmaster in Banff and Jean Rannie, his spouse, to the memory of their children May, who died the 26th December, 1833, aged 1 year and 8 months, and William, who died the 30th December, 1836, aged 1 year, also to the memory of James, who died 26th January, 1839, aged 10 months. The above George Bruce died 11 th February, 1865, aged 62 years, and his spouse Jean Rannie died at Rothiemay 5th September, 1876, aged 75 years.

(178) Captain George Mure of the 53rd Regiment of Foot died at Banff the 23rd day of January, 1797, aged 46 years. . .

(179) In memory of our dear mother, aged 63

(180) Erected by Ann Gordon in memory of her affectionate husband William Stuart, who departed this life at Banff 2nd April, 1830, aged 66 years. The above Ann Gordon died at Banff on the 22nd day of August, 1850, aged 85 years.

(181) Erected by James Roy, Banff, and Ann Christie, his spouse, in memory of thier daughter Ann, who died 5th January, 1834, aged 10 years, the above James Roy died 24th April, 1842, aged 42 years, also their son James, who died 8th June, 1874, aged 45 years. The above Ann Christie died 15th January, 1879, aged 80 years.

(182) Erected by John Retty in Banff in memory of his daughter Jean Ratty, who died February 27th, 1799, aged 3 years and 9 months. Life how short. Eternity how long.

(183) In memory of James McDonald, late quarrier in McDuff, who died 3rd of March, 1814, -aged 67 years, also five of his daughters, who all died in youth, and are interred here. This stone is erected by his son James McDonald, shipmaster in Banff, as a mark of respect, and also Cathrine McQueen, his wife, was interred here A.D. 1823. The above James McDonald, shipmaster, Bailie in Banff, died 5th January, 1865, aged 84 years, and is here interred. Also his wife Sophia Milne, who died 5th January, 1864, aged 81 years.

(184) Sacred to the memory of John Dirom, late residenter in Banff who died the 25th of September, 1816, aged 65 years, and Christian Crichton, his spouse, who died the 3rd of July, 1822, aged 77 years, also their son Lieut. James Dirom, who died the 1st of January, 1837, aged 56 years.

(185) Erected by William and Johanna Barclay, Banff, to the memory of their children James, who died 1st June, 1854, aged 7 years, Alexander Lillie, who died 24th March, 1861, aged 18 years, and Eliza F. Milne, who died 8th June, 1861, aged 15 years.

(186) Erected by James Strachan, carter in Banff, in memory of his wife Mary Hay, who died the 15th July, 1809, aged 47 years, also four of their children-Charles, John, Jean and George-who died in infancy, also Margaret, who died 27th July, 1820, aged 24 years. The above James Strachan died 15th June, 1825, aged 66 years.

(187) James McArthur in memory of his father James McArthur, pianoforte tuner and music teacher, Banff, who died 30th May, 1852, aged 52 years.

(188) Erected by William Thomson, shoemaker, Banff, to the memory of his wife Jane Smith, who died 19th January, 1856, aged 49 years.

(189) William McPherson, tide-waiter in Banff, erected this in memory of his son Robert, who died an infant March, i8o5.

(190) This stone is placed here by James Anderson, cooper in Banff, in memory of his wife Hellen Horne, who died on the 4th September, 1853, aged 57 years.

(191) M. P. K. Here lyes Mr. Paul Keith, musick master in Banf, who was precentor in this church 50 years, and died the 5th day of August, 1733

(192) Erected by William Collie, shipowner, Banff, as a tribute of filial respect in memory of his son Robert Bremner Collie, who departed this life December, 1847, aged 3 Years, and of his affectionate spouse Isabella Thomson, who also departed this life 30th April, 1848, aged 20 years.

(193) Erected by Margaret West in memory of her affectionate husband Alexander Paterson, late seaman in McDuff, who died June 2nd, 1810, aged 69 years, and of his three children, who died in infancy, Walter, Andrew, and Mary. Also Margaret West, spouse to the above Alexander Paterson, who departed this life 21st September, 1820, aged 73 years. Also of their daughters Anne, died the 28th of November, 1837, aged 46 years, and Margaret, died the 17th of February, 1838, aged 63 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

(194) In memory of Robert Birnie, chief officer of Coast Guard, who died at Banff 23rd February, 1840, aged 52, and of his wife Jessie Bain, who died 10th April, 1857, aged 61, also of their children David, who died in infancy, Robert, who died at Montevideo, 1848, aged 25, William, Sheriff-Clerk Depute of Banff, who died 10th April, 1851, aged 39-

(195) Erected by John Duncan, shoemaker in Banff, and Margaret Gilbert, his spouse, in memory of their son William Duncan, who departed this life 28th September, 1828, aged 2 years and 7 months. Also Charlotte Duncan, their daughter, who departed this life 27th November, 1833, aged 9 months, also their son James Duncan, who died 9th June, 1834, aged 10 years, and their daughter Margaret Duncan, who died 14th March, 1835, aged 5 years. The above John Duncan died 28th February, aged 50 years.

(196) In hope of a blessed resurrection here lyes the ashes of William An . . burges of Banff, who departed this life February 12th, 1795, and also his children Janet, Margaret, Alexander.

(197) Here are interred the bodies of Robert Cargill, late shipmaster in Arbroath, and Robert Carol, his son, who lost their lives and vessel upon the 28th day of April, 1787, when attempting to make the harbour of MacDuff. This stone is erected to their memories by Jean Lawson, spouse to the said Robert Cargill and John Carol, their son.

(198) To the memory of John Bruce, who died at Macduff 16th December, 1807, aged 64 years. 'Erected as a small tribute of regard by his son John Bruce.

(199) Erected by James Simpson, distiller, in memory of William Hodge, cooper, who for 60 years was in the same service at Mill of Banff Distillery, and at Banff Distillery died 26th December, 1883, aged 84 Years- His wife Margaret Milne died 13th February, 1879, aged 74 years. Both lie here interred, also of their family Robert, died in infancy, William, seaman, died at Calcutta the 4th July, 1853, aged 22 years, Mary, wife of William Thomson, shipmaster, died 10th July, 1863, aged 24 Years, Jane died 24th March, 1866, aged 21 years, John, shiprnaster, died at Demerara August, 1867, aged 38 years, Alexader Mackay, shipmaster, died at sea 15th September, 1868, aged 32 years, George, ship-carpenter, died at Adelaide, Australia, December, 1878, aged 29 years.

(200) This stone is erected by William Hodge, cooper, Banff, in memory of his deceased father John Hodge, late cabinet-maker in Banff, who died 3rd June, 1804, aged 53 years, also his sister Jean Hodge, who died October 3rd, 1832, aged 34 years, also in memory of his mother Sarah West, who died February 11th, 1839, aged 85 years.