(201)Erected to the memory of the Rev. John W. Jackson, belonging to the Wesleyan connexion, and late of Tollerton, Yorkshire, whose piety and zeal promised extensive usefulness in the Church of Christ. He died here in the full triumph of faith on the 9th of November, 1817, in the 25th year of his age.

(202)Sacred to the memory of Margaret Stuart, late midwife in Banff, who died May 3rd, 1814, aged 78 years, also Jane Robertson, daughter of Peter Robertson, who died March 10th, 1819, aged 8 years, and Jane Wilson, wife of John Robertson, tinsmith, Banff, who died June 27th, 1837, aged 27 years, and also Peter Robertson, staymaker in Banff, who died on the 30th December, 1841, aged 85 years, likewise Isabella Stuart, his spouse, who died on the 11th June, 1842, aged 72 years, and John, their son, died 11th January, 1848, aged 43 years, also Ann Dick, wife of their son James Robertson, who died in 1850, aged 52 years. The said James Robertson died 5th November, 1878, aged 78 years.

(203)Erected by James Raffan in grateful and affectionate remembrance of his beloved spouse Hellen Stevenson, who died at Banff on 2nd of February, 1836, aged 77 years.

(204)In memory of Agnes McQueen, who died the 11th of September, 1790, aged 10 months, and William, who died the 1st of March, 1798, aged 19 years. Erected by their father Alexander McQueen, flesher in Banff, and Ann Allastar, his spouse. Alexander McQueen, who died July 23rd, 1828, aged 73, also Ann Allaster, his spouse, who died 10th October, 1836, aged 78.

(205)Sacred to the memory of Christina McKenzie, the beloved wife of Mr. Angus McLeod, and youngest daughter of Lieut. Col. George McKenzie of the East India Company?s service, and of Loch-end House, Ross-shire, who died 15th January, 1838, aged 55 years, also to Angus McLeod, husband of the above, who died 2nd December, 1841, aged 61 years. This stone is erected by their daughters in affectionate remembrance of their many virtues.

(206)Near the grave of her husband Robert Corbet, and that of her friend and sister Mary Watson, rest here the remains of Jean Watson, who died the 18th day of March, 1819, aged 78. Her nephew William Hay of London, whom she took when an infant orphan and reared with affectionate carefulness, has placed this stone to record her worth and his gratitude. "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy."

(207)Erected by William Russell, mason in Banff, in memory of his father William Russell, late gardener in Banff, who died 17th November, 1828, aged 78 years, and Elizabeth Brebner, his spouse, who died 25th December, 1831, aged 73 years, also in memory of Isabella Pressley, wife of the said William Russell, who died July 18th, 1838, aged 47 years.

(208)In memory of George Bannerman, solicitor in Banff, who died 2nd April, 1861, aged.46 years. Erected by a few friends, admirers of his unsullied probity and sterling worth.

(209)Erected by Janet Brander in Banff to the memory of her mother Jannet Gaut, who died there 21st March, 1814, aged 83 years. The above Jannet Brander died 29th May, 1834, in the 77th year of her age.

(210)Here lyes . . . children of Peter Cruickshank and Jean McKilliken, in Banff, 1738

(211)Erected in loving remembrance of Christian Booth, wife of George Mearns, Inspector of Public Works, Banff, who died 12th December, 1863, aged 44 years.

(212)Sacred to, the memory of William Watson, late blacksmith in Banff, who died 27th December, 1831, aged 66 years, and of his children Jane, died 7th October, 1838, aged 40 years, Agnes, died 22nd April, 1839, aged 28 years, and John and Agnes, who died in infancy. William Watson, blacksmith, died 7th September, 1848, aged 43 years, Elizabeth Watson died 10th October, 1859, aged 62 years, and their mother Elizabeth Mathieson, who died 20th March, 1863, aged 94 years.

(213)Erected to the memory of William Mathieson, sometime mason in Banff, who died 18th May, 1803, aged 64. He was a friendly, benevolent and open-hearted man, and a strict observer of every religious duty. Elisabeth Anderson, his spouse, died 15th April, 1807, aged 64, a quiet and sincere Christian. Also their daughter Jane Mathieson, who died on the 25th July, 1843, aged 76 years.

(214)Erected by James Cruden to the memory of his aunt Janet Ross, who died on the 4th October, 1879, aged 86 years.

(215)Erected by William Blair, gardener, Duff House, and Martha Harden, his spouse, in memory of their children William, who died 26th February, 1834, aged 20 months, John, who died 14th March, 1833, aged 5 months, Maria, who died 17th March, 1836, aged 9 years, and William, who died 14th April, 1836, aged 3 months. Sacred also in memory of William Blair, gardener, D. H, father of the foresaid children, who died November the 9th, 1837, aged 37 years.

(216)Erected by Alexander Simpson, Coast Guard, Banff, to the memory of his beloved wife Margaret Findlay, who died 4th October, 1860, aged 62 years. Also of his son Alexander Simpson, shipmaster, who perished in the North Sea during the gale of November, 1861, aged 35 years.

(217)To the memory of James Duff, Esq., late of the Island of Madeira, who died April 1st, 1812, aged 71.*

(218)Erected to the memory of Patrick Duff, Esq. of Carnousie, who died at Banff the 14th day of September, 1825, aged 28 years, by Mrs. Penelope Duff, his spouse. **


*"In the same grave were interred the remains of his daughter Maria, who met her death by a fall, slipping her foot on the top of one of the crags at the seaside and toppling over was discovered lying dead in the morning, with her disconsolate sister, Jane, watching over her remains."-(Imlach.)

**"The above was eldest son and heir of the distinguished General Patrick Duff of Carnousie, of the Indian Army who had a full share of the many hard-fought battles in the end of the last century for the establishment of British supremacy in the East. General Patrick Duff of Carnousie was a scion of the family of the Earls of Fife, inasmuch as he was a grandson of Patrick Duff of Craigston. Mr. P. Duff of Craigston was a remarkable personage. He was twice married, first to Miss Innes, secondly to Mary, daughter of James Urquhart of Knockleith, and by his two wives had thirty-six children. At an interview with His Majesty George II, he was congratulated on the addition he had made to His Majesty?s subjects in Scotland. It is said that he hardly recognised some of his children, and on one occasion asked, in reference to his son Robert, afterwards Admiral Duff of Fetteresso who that white-haired laddie was running about Craigston gardens, to which the young gentleman replied"Oh ye auld feel dinna ye ken your ain son Robbie ?" One of his sons, Alexander, was founder of the Hatton family. Another,Adam Duff, was Provost of Aberdeen. Another was Patrick Duff of Culter. Another was William, Laird of Whitehill, whose son was the distinguished Indian officer, and well known in India and in this country as Tiger Duff, from his encounter with a ferocious tiger, which at the time was the terror of the camp and followers. The subject of our story, then Captain Duff, out on duty with a single soldier, espied the tiger crouched under a thicket. Taking the musket, he told him to go quickly for assistance, himself remaining opposite the animal, trusting to the power that the human eye is said to exert over the brute creation. After his companion had been gone a considerable time, the tiger prepared for his fatal spring. The Captain fired, lodging the bullet in a vital part of the body, and received the attack on the point of the short sword. On the arrival of assistance, they were found locked in each others arms in a deadly embrace, the tiger transfixed in the throat with the sword and the Captain himself fainting from loss of blood. He carried the mark of the monster claw on his face until his death. And curiously enough, in the cheek of his first-born son, the above buried Patrick, and last laird, there was imprinted the mark of the tiger?s paw similar to that on his father?s, but not so deeply indented. The General when at home, was very much a Banff personage and had a town house, which his sisters occupied. He married the sister of the late General Hay of Montblairy, who fell, with his eldest son, George, at the Battle of Orthes. General Duff had three brothers, - James, buried in Banff churchyard; Robert who died in London ; and Colonel John, who died in London, and left Bushy Park to the late Mrs. Garden Campbell of Troup, his niece, afterwards Mrs. Ramsay. The General left three sons, - Patrick, the laird to whom the tombstone is erected; Captain George, and Captain Adam" - (Imlach.)



(219) Here lyes the body of Mrs. Hellen Duff, daughter of the first Alexander Duff of Hatton, in hopes of a happy resurrection through the mercy of the blessed God and the merits of her blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. .

(220) Here lie the remains of John Pringle, W.S., Sheriff-Substitute of Banffshire, who died 3rd December, 1853, aged 68 years, and of his wife Margaret Wallace, who died 16th April, 1844, aged 48 years, also of his brother Captain George Pringle, R.N., who died 21st September, 1834, aged 55 years. "The memory of the just is blessed."

(221) Erected by John Wilson, shoemaker in Banff, as a tribute of respect to the memory of Mary Westgate, his spouse, a native of Yarmouth, who died here the 22nd of June, 1841, aged 27 years. Also Margaret Clark, spouse of the said John Wilson, who died 15th September, 1871, aged 59 years.

(222) Erected by John Richardson, painter in Banff, in memory of Thomas Richardson, his father, late shoemaker in Edinburgh, who died there in 1768, Robert Richardson, his oldest brother, who died at Aberdeen on the 12th of December, 1793, aged 40 years, Agnes Moffat, his mother, who died at Banff on the 5th of March, 1800, aged 84 years, and Peter Richardson, his brother, late painter in Banff, who died there 18th April, 1812, aged 46 years, Park Richardson, his sister, born 25th October, 1760, died in Banff the 12th December, 1815.

(223) Erected by Thomas Richardson, painter, in memory of his uncle John Richardson, born at Edinburgh 21st July, 1758, died in Banff 28th October, 1825, also in memory of Grant Christie, spouse of Thomas Richardson, who died 28th September, 1837, aged 37 years, also Janet Murray, relict of John Christie, shoemaker, who died 23rd November, 1838, aged 72, and Thomas H. Richardson, husband of the above Grant Christie, who died 26th September, 1847, aged 60 years, also Margaret Christie, daughter of the above John Christie, who died 15th December, 1872, aged 76 years.*

(224) This stone is erected by Margaret Lyon in memory of her husband William Ogilvie, who unfortunately lost his life in the river Dovren 29th July, 1776, aged 36 years.

(225) Sacred to the memory of Andrew Moyes, shoemaker, who died at Banff 15th November, .1850, aged 50 years, and Margaret Milne, his wife, who died at Glasgow 16th March, 1862, aged 64 Years-

(226) In memory of George McKenzie, late Serjeant in the 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Artillery, who died 13th May, 1806, aged 50 years. Erected by his spouse Sarah McKenzie as a small tribute of her affection and esteem.

(227) Erected by Isabella and Hannah Combie in memory of their affectionate parents John Combie died 1813, aged 51 years, Janet Middleton died 1836, aged 68 years, also their brother John Combie died 1825, aged 33 years, also their brother James Combie died at Montreal. The above Isabella Combie died 28th December, 1861, aged 67 years. The said Hannah Combie died 28th December, 1879, aged 85 years.

(228) Erected by David Bell, sergeant of the Banffshire County Police, in memory of his son William Ross, who died at Banff 15th April, 1860, aged 6 years and 9 months.

*Thomas Richardson was provost of Banff. He was zealous in the cause of Reform. At his uncle's death he succeeded to considerable property.--(Imlach.)



(229) Here lies interred Jannet Midleton, spouse to George Skinner, merchant in Banff, who departed this life the 4th day of March, 1759, in the 37th year of her age, and also George Skinner, her husband, who died 27th January, 1789, aged 77 years.

This humble stone may boast

What few vain marbles can

May truly say

Here lies an honest man

Peacefull sleep out the Sabbath of the tomb

And wake in raptures in a life to come.

(230) To the memory of Mary Talbot, a loving wife and dutiful mother, who, dying in the prime of her age December 7th, 1736, of six children left five in life, this stone is erected by her much afflicted husband William Monro, merchant in Banff. William Monro departed this life December 11th, 1763, justly entitled to the character of an indulgent parent, an affectionate husband, and an honest man.

(231) Here rests in hope through Christ Dorothea Mary Bruce, the wife of the Rev. Alexander Bruce, for 47 years incumbent of St. Andrew's Church. She was born in the year 1800, and departed this life 22nd June, 1864, also their children Mary Leslie, who departed this life 26th February, 1827, aged 4 years, Dorothea Mary, who departed 25th July, 1839, aged 12 years, Anne Patricia, who departed 3rd February, 1843, aged 17 Years, and Margaret, who departed 23rd January, 1846, aged 8 years, also William, who departed this life at Kerriemuir June 13th, 1871, aged 47 years, and is interred here. Here rests also the above-named Rev. Alexander Bruce, who died in Aberdeen 31st May, 1872, in the 84th year of his age, and 62nd year of his ministry. Also their daughter Jemima, who died in Aberdeen May 31st, 1876, aged 45 years. If we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. - I Thess. iv. 14

(232) Marmoreum hocce monumentum in honorem amantissimi patris Jacobi Shand praepositi de Banff qui obiit 5 Martii 1736 aetatis anno 58 posuit Jacobus filius ejus primogenitus. Omnes eodem cogimur. Sub hoc marmore quoque Domina Jean Russel prima et domina Margaret Calder uxor secunda antedicti Jacobi Shand Craigellie sepultae sunt. Antedictus Jacobus Shand praepositus de Banff obiit 10th December I795 aetat. 84. Gul. Shand de Craigellie filius ejus obiit 3 Martis An. Dom. 1810 aetatis suae 70. Domina Helena Ogilvie hujus vidua Gul. Ogilvie armigeri filia 26 Aprilis 1819 AEt. 78 morte occubuit. Helena Shand filia primogenita Gul. Shand et Hel. Ogilvie obiit 1 Novembris 1834 66 actatis suae.

(233) In memory of William Shand, Esq. of Craigellie, who died 11th June, 1848, aged 70 years, Elizabeth, his sister, who died 25th March, 1847, aged 71 years, and of his sister Jean Shand, who died at Banff 22nd July, 1851, in her 79th year. [Lettering indistinct.]

(234) This is the burial place of the deceased John Gordon, late lawyer in Banff, and of his son-in-law James Gray, in remembrance of their children buried here, viz., Margrate and Henry Gordon and Archinna Calder Gray and John Gray under age November 20th, 1790. Here also is interred the remains of Alexander Gray, soap manufacturer in Banff, who died the 19th of December, 1819, aged 41 years- Here also are interred the remains of David Gray, candle manufacturer in Banff, who died happy in the Lord with a well-grounded hope of a glorious resurrection on the 6th November, 1832, aged 50 years. Deeply lamented by his numerous family, and by those who were intimately acquainted with him, as to be esteemed he required only to be known.

(235) Erected by Isabella Mollison to the memory of her husband John Bruce, late druggist in Banff, who died 1st April, 1837, aged 78 years, and also their children Peter died 6th July, 1800, aged 8 months, Helen died 24th May, 1802, aged 7 years, Elizabeth died 17th April, 1808, aged 7 years, Margaret died 29th May, 1810, in infancy, Mary died 16th February, 1811, aged 13 years, Jane died 26th November, 1816, aged 4 Years, Mary died 11th November, 1825, aged 10 years, John died 21st November, 1836, aged 31 years. The above Isabella Mollison died 27th April, 1840, aged 72 years.

(236) Sacred to the memory of John Harden of Ardyne, who died at Duff House on the 31st day of December, 1810, in his 61st year. Universally esteemed for the uniform propriety and incorruptible integrity that marked his conduct during forty years that he was employed in the service of the late James and Alexander, Earls of Fife.

(237) Under this stone ly the bodies of Alexander Mellis, merchant in Banff, and Ann Sinclair, his spouse. He died 19th May, 1770, aged 46. She died 21st June, 1770, aged 37 years. This stone is erected to their memory by a friend who had long experience of their good heart and understanding, who with many others can attest the verity, and of their being social and sincere friends, ready to serve their friends, willing to contribute to the assistance of those in want, faithfull in duty, while in service honest and upright to all the world, universally beloved, and consequently greatly regreted.

(238) This stone was placed by James Ord, shipmaster in Banff, over the remains of a worthy mother Elizabeth Ord, who died 4th June, 1810, aged 72 years, as also those of his son George, born 27th October, 1802, died 1st February, 1803, and of his daughter Elizabeth, born 21st August, 1807, died 26th November, 1815. The said James Ord died at Banff 14th February, 1849, aged 75 years, and Elspet Scott, his relict, who died at Edinburgh 24th September, 1849, aged 76 years.

(239) Here lies interred the body of James Morison, residenter in Banff, who died December 14th, 1772, aged 55 years. Also the body of James Milne, late Merchant in Banff, who died at Turriff the 21st day of May, 1840, aged 49, and his daughter Isabella, who died 23rd April, 1850, aged 23 Years.

(240) Here lyes the body of Isabel King, daughter to William King, vintner in Banff, who died 22nd October, 1772, aged 2 years and 6 months.

(241) 1610. W. C. M. V.

M. A C. L. C.

(242) S. M. Mrs. Catherine Robertson, native of Edinburgh, who lived for many years (much respected) in the family of Glassaugh, and died about the year 1778. This stone was placed over her remains by Mrs. C. Abercromby (Mrs. Innes of Rosieburn) in testimony of her regard for a worthy character.

(243) To the memory of Reverend Abercromby Gordon, twenty eight years minister of Banff, who died at the age of sixty three on the 12th of March, 1821, and of his wife Janet Dunbar, who died on the 28th of May, 1824, aged sixty years. They are both interred in this place. The affectionate remembrance of Mr. Gordon as a Christian pastor will long dwell with his parishioners, to their family, therefore, only remains the melancholy pleasure of recording the mutual affection, warm yet unobtrusive piety and disinterested benevolence that marked the private life of their revered parents.


(244) In memory of Rev. John Murker, M.A., for fifty years the faithful pastor of the Congregational Church in Banff, born 10th December, 1802, died 9th January, 1881. Whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation : Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever. Margaret Anderson, his wife, died 24th February, 1848, aged 34 years. Their daughter Elsie died 7th December, 1863, aged 27 years. Their son John died 16th November, 1875, aged 34 years; and two sons died in infancy; also, Christina Watt, his wife, died 1st February, 1879, aged 81 years.*

(245) 1832. To the memory of William, eldest son of the Rev. Abercromby Gordon and Mrs. Janet Dunbar, whose deaths are commemorated on the adjoining tablet, was born at Banff 5th August, 1800, went to London in 1819, and died there 23rd April, 1831, in consequence of a fall from his horse. As a son, as a brother, as a friend, he was alike distinguished, and his premature and melancholy death called for the expression of a sorrow which showed how greatly and generally he had been esteemed, and how deeply he was lamented. Also of Margaret Gordon, their second daughter, who died at Newington on the 9th of April, 1849, also of Sarabella, their eldest daughter, who died at Bath on the 19th July, 1857, in her 58th year. **

(246) M. A. S.*** 1679 . . . obiit October iv . . .

Loe . heer . in . trust . lyes . ye . pretious . dust .

[pre]acher . in . this . toune

Ye . key. of. knowledge.

And . glory . of . ye . Gown .

(247) Ego sum Resurrectio et vita ait Christus. Hic facet Reverendus admirandus dominus Gulielmus Hunter (?) . . . ad sacrum presby . . . ordinatus . . . promotus . . . Banff . . . Octobris 1730. Requiescat in Pace.

(248) M. S. Elizabethae Abernethie viduac Hugonis Innes A. M. qui quondam rem sacram in Ecclesia de Mortlech summa fidelitate administravit. Semota quanquam corpora animae tamen junctae immortali gandent in Deo consortio. obiit illa 3 Id. Apr. anno aerac Christianae MDCCLI.

(249) In memory of William Finnie, late merchant in Banff, who died there on the 12th April, 18l3, aged 66 years. Erected by his affectionate spouse Anne Nish, as a small tribute of respect to her worthy husband. The said Anne Nish died 22nd April, 1818, aged 73 years, also to the memory of Isabella Neish, spouse of James Bisset, residing in Banff, who died 7th April, 1844, aged 58 years, and their daughter Jane Isabella, who died 15th March, 1833, aged 6 months. The above-named James Bisset, who died on the 5th day of August, 1856, aged 65 years.


*"A still more graceful monument to the memory of Mr. Murker appears in a work entitled Rev. John Murker of Banff: A Picture of Religious Life and Work in the North of Scotland. By Rev. James Stark, Aberdeen. 1887"

Mr. Murker was a native of Tarves. He married(1)in 1835, Margaret Anderson, only child of Mr. George Anderson, farmer, Earlsfield Kennethmont and (2), in 1849, Christina Watt, daughter of Mr. Andrew Watt, manufacturer, Huntly. By his first wife he had a family of one daughter and four sons. One of his sons, George, became farmer at Janefield, Marnoch, two others died in infancy, while the eldest, John, held, prior to his death in 1875, an appointment in the Register House, Edinburgh.

**Others of this family noted by Imlach are (1) Henry for many years Governor and Chief Manager of the Oriental Bank in London, and married to the daughter of Provost Alexander, Banff, (2) Rev. Abercromby Gordon, married to the daughter of the late Major Dunbar of Durn, Portsoy; and (3) Janet, resident in Edinburgh.

***See VOI- II-, p 37


(250) Here are deposited the remains of William Alexander, merchant in Banff, who died the 17th day of March, 1785, Mary Ogilvie, his spouse, who died the 5th day of December, 1778, and their three daughters. Go, reader, and reflecting on the vicissitudes of all human affairs, meditate on eternity.

(251) Erected by Mary Williamson, Banff, in memory of her father James Williamson, M.D., who died 8th March, 1808, aged 32, also her brother James Williamson, who died at D'Aprorie, Bombay, 19th May, 1828, aged 25, also her brother David Williamson, who died 2nd July, 1832, aged 27, also her mother Christian Williamson, who died 17th October, 1853, aged 79, and here also are interred the remains of the said Mary Williamson, who died in London 25th May, 1863, aged 57 years.

(252) Erected by William King in memory of his father Arthur King, seaman, who died 16th December, 1849, aged 55, also of his mother Amelia McDonald, who died 14th November, 1854, aged 65.

(253) This stone is erected by Baillie William Fyfe, merchant in Banff, in memory of his spouse Christian Cruickshank, daughter of Alexander Cruickshank, Esq. of Balnoon. She departed this life 17tb of March, 1790, aged 75 years.

(254) This stone was placed by William Duff of Liverpool to mark the spot where the remains of his parents are deposited. Robert was born the 5th May, 1810, Isabel was born the 1st June, 1745, and died the 9th January, 1813- Mrs. Helen Leslie, grandmother of the said William Duff, died 21st November, 1819, aged 97 years, and lyes interred here. William Duff, son of Robert Duff, died 27th December, 1842, aged 69 years, and also his spouse Sarah Reid, who died 1st August, 1851, aged 70 years.

(255) This stone is erected by John Grant in memory of Dr. Alexander Strachan, his father-in-law, who died the 31st of December, 1797, aged 75 years. The said John Grant died the 9th day of June, 1806, and Mrs. Mary Strachan, his spouse, who died the 4th day of July, 1809, and both ly intered here, also James Taylor, musician, Banff, nephew of the said John Grant, who died the 15th June, 1847, aged 49 years, and Robert, his son, who died the 18th June, 1846, aged 4 years.

(256) Here are interred the bodies of George Hay, sometime merchant in Banff, who departed this life October 12th, 1744, and of George Hay, his son, who died (blank] 1744. This stone is erected to their memories by Margaret Smith, his spouse. Also interred here the bodys of Mrs. Milne and Mrs. Johnston, and of Margaret Milne, school-mistress, Banff, 5th May, 1833.

(257) Erected by an affectionate widow to the memory of a worthy husband Lieut. Colonel James Wiseman, late of the 53rd Regiment, departed this life April 4th, 1800, aged 48 years. Their infant son Francis is also interred here. Beneath are likewise interred the remains of Edmund R. Wiseman, their eldest son. This amiable and highly accomplished young man was born at Banff October 9th, 1798, and died at Aberdeen September 16th, 1816.

(258) Erected by Archibald MeEachran, landwaiter, in memory of his daughter Jean, who died 12th August, 1794, aged eleven months.

(259) Post nubila Phoebus. Depositum hic quod mortale fuit optimae spei juvenis Samaelis Tweed prudentis ac periti naucleri qui post septennii peregrinationem Indis occidentalibus dein Orientalibus utroque solis latere visis patriae ac parentibus Divina redditus providentia hanc ad urbem pertinenti sesquianno prefuit naviculae at in Christi natali gravi correptus morbo Id. Jan. AE. C. anno MDCCLII aetatis vero suae XXVIII animam efflavit. Mors ultima linea rerum. Circulus haec vita est ante ortum condimur alvo matris in hunc referunt fata suprema larem.

(260) Sacred to the memory of William Tweed, late merchant in Banff, who died June 25th, 1760, aged 77 years. And Jean Jaffrey, his wife, who died April 20th, 1769, aged 77 years, and both lie interr'd here. This stone was erected by Alexander Tweed of the Provincc of South Carolina, planter, as a testimony of filial regard.

Peacefull sleep out the Sabbath of the Tomb

And wake in raptures in a life to come.

(261) Here lyes the remains of John Innes of Knockorth, Esq., who died [blank] and in the same grave lys the remains of Margaret Gordon, his wife, daughter to Sir John Gordon of Park, who died January, 1767, also near this place was interr'd five of their children, who died young. This stone was placed by order of their very dutifull son, Captain Alexander Innes of His Majesty's Navie.*

(262) To the memory of William Falder, late in Blairshinnoch, who died 10th September, 1782, aged 51, and his grand daughter Jean Falder, who died 17th October, 1804, aged 6 years.

(263) Sacrum memoriae Theodori Forbes medicinae doctoris suminae spei juvenis qui ob benevolani in genus humanum mentem doetrinam et in arte sua solertiam eximiam ingens sui desiderium moriens reliquit hunc cippum erigendum curavit mater jure maestissima Susanna Morison Joannis Forbes de Pitfichie vidua piis et probis carus favensque decessit Nov. 18 A.D. 1736 aetatis 25.

(264) Here lyes interr'd Mrs. Mary Gordon, daughter to George Gordon of Badenscoth, Esq., and spouse to John Abernethie of Corskie. She died the 5th of June, 1750, aged 48 years. Here is also interred the body of the said John Abernethie of Corskie, who died the 22nd of June, 1775, aged 71 years.

(265) This stone is erected by Alexander Abernethie of Corskie in memory of his children, uiz., Alexander Abernethie, his son, who departed March 17th, 1723, aged 13, Jean Abernethie dyed 20th of December, 1725, aged 7, Isobel Abernethie dyed 22nd of December, 1726, aged 18.

The body here the soul above

Where is the center of our love

Our king our husband and our head

By whom we live tho' we be dead

With whom we shall live evermore

- bliss and endless glore.

(266) This stone is erected by the Rev. William Robinson Pirie, Principal of the University of Aberdeen, in memory of his mother May Forbes, daughter of Mr. Robert Forbes of Gask, and of Anne Abernethie, his wife, widow of the Rev. George Pirie, D.D., minister of Slains. She died at Manse of Dyce in the year 1835, also of his sister Elizabeth Margaret, who died at Aberdeen in 1849, also of his aunts Elizabeth Forbes, widow of John Russell of Balmaud, Margaret Forbes, who died unmarried, who are all buried in this place.

*The Innes and Gordon arms are inscribed on the stone.



(267) Underneath this stone lies all that is mortal of the late Mrs. Helen Gordon, daughter to William Gordon, Esq. of Dalachy, and spouse to the deceased Alexander Abernethie, Esq. of Corskie, a dutiful and virtuous wife, a most affectionate mother, a valuable friend, and one of the best of Christians. She resigned this life for one infinitely better the 4th day of December, 1751 years, leaving her disconsolate relatives to bewail a loss which was her gain. In grateful remembrance of so amiable and indulgent a parent this stone is erected by her youngest son, the Rev. Dr. William Abernethie Drummond of Hawthornden, anno 1780. Here also are deposited the remains of Mrs. Annie Abernethy, daughter of the above Mr. Abernethy of Corskie, and spouse of Mr. Robert Forbes, late of Gask, in the parish of Cruden. She departed this life on the 19th of May, 1810, in the 86th year of her age.

(268) Sacred to the memory of John Russel of Raethen, who died May 3rd, 1755, aged 55, and of Marjory McIntosh, his spouse (eldest daughter of [blank] McIntosh, Esq. of Blervie), who died in June, 1738, and of Alexander Russel, their son, who died in August, 1727, aged two years.

(269) An affectionate and sorrowing parent places this memorial of his attachment upon the grave of a promising and beloved daughter Abercromby Gordon, who in the bloom of life was cut off by a fever at Banff in January, 1777.

(270) This grave stone was erected by George Panton, burges cuper in Banf, and Janet Mill, his spouse, to the memory of John, William, and James Pantons, their children, 1742, also another John, their son, who died 1745

(271) This stone is erected by Mrs. Helen Innes to the memory of her husband Mr. Duncan McPherson, who died November VIII., MDCCLVIII., in the LXV. year of his age.

(272) Here lies interred Bathia Duff, spouse to John Gordon, merchant in Banff, who departed this life the 15th day of November, 1753, in the 35th year of her age.

(273) Here lyes Mrs. Jean Gordon, eldest daughter of George Gordon of Badenscoth, who departed this life April the 3rd, 1743 years.

(274) Memoriae Patricii Cassie celebris hujusee Burgi mercaioris plurimisque ejus honoribus perfuncti qui notus animi raris dotibus praediti multisque virtutibus conjux paterque amantissimus pauperibus amicus consulensque Burgi commcdo semper intentus privilegiorumque cornburgensium suorum nunquam non assertor strenuus them obiit 3 Calendas julii anno Salutis 1793 aetatis suae 73 cippum hunc cari montimentum honoratique connubii pietatisque in parentem nunquam satis venerandum sacrurn voluere vidua luctuosa Janetta Bisset filiique moestissimi Jacobus et Patricius.*

(275) Lieut. George Mackay died July 24, 1861. Matthew v. & 8.

(276) To the memory of a dear and lovely child Jessie Mackay, eldest daughter of Lieut. George Mackay and Janet Paterson, who died 27th July, 1825, aged 5 years and 10 months.

(277) Here is interred the body of James Innes, sometime Provost of Banff, who departed this life the 29th day of March, 1757, in the 58th year of his age. This plate is inserted in memory of Mrs. Ann Innes, daughter of Provost Innes, and relict of Rev. Andrew Skene, sometime minister of Banff, who died much respected on the 2nd day of September, 1826, in the 93rd year of her age. Her husband having gone to Bath for the benefit of his health, died there on the 2nd day of December, 1792, and his remains were deposited in the burying ground of that city. On the north side of this stone is the grave of Miss Helen Innes, sister of Mrs. Skene.


*James Cassie, above referred to, was a distinguished linguist. He was for some time resident in Banff, and thence removed to Edinburgh, where he died at an advanced age. The other son referred to, Patrick, practised as a solicitor in Banff. Their brother, Alexander, made his fortune in London, and left the greater part of it to the poor of Banff. Patrick Cassie, solicitor, was the great-great-grandfather of Mr. J. Christie, Bolfracks Cottage, Aberfeldy.


(278) Here is interred the Rev. William Bisset, late of Horncastle, whose conduct in life exhibited a bright pattern of every Christian virtue, especially those of humility and charity, at death of the most tranquil resignation. He died 14th September, 1807. Although aged 78 his manners were yet engaging, his conversation instructive. By his removal hence his relations have sustained a loss which they can never too much deplore, nor more justly, in the truly applicable language of a celebrated poet-

Ergo Quintilium perpetutis sopor

Urget? cui Pudor et justitia soror

Incorrupta Fides nudaque veritas

Quando ullum invenient parem

(279) Here is interred the body of Isabel Bisset, spouse to Alexander Aven, merchant in Banff, who departed this life March ye 8th, 1764, in the 46th year of her age, also of their children Helen Aven, who died January 2nd, 1766, aged 12 years, and Isabel Aven, who died April 4, 1766, aged 11 years, as also his second wife Ann Innes, daughter of Mr. James Innes, sometime minister of Banff. She departed this life 8th June, 1804. His daughter Jane Aven died in Novr,. -, aged 42. Alexander Aven died in September, 1809, aged 85.

(280) In memory of E. H. and J. H. by B. L.

(281) Erected by Barbara Hossack in memory of William Hossack, cooper in Banff, her faithful and affectionate husband, a kind parent and a worthy honest man, who died 17th December, 1819, aged 72 years, and of their children Bathia Hossack, who died 3rd April, 1795, aged 11 years, and Ann Hossack, who died at Aberdeen 27th March, 1820, aged 31 years, and is interred here. Here are also deposited the remains of Barbara Shand, relict of said William Hossack, who died 21st January, 1832, aged 73 years, and of their daughter Bathia Hossack, the affectionate and beloved wife of James Findlay, shipmaster, Banff, who died 21st,Novernber, 1861, aged 65 years.

(282) 1857. Erected by William Lyon, merchant, Banff, in memory of his mother-in-law Margaret Hossack, who died 8th May, 1856, aged 70 years, relict of Captain James Clayton, who died at Miramichi 18th May, 1818, aged 37 years, and of their son Captain Joseph Clayton, who died at Belfast 7th January, 1847, aged 33 years. Sincerely loved in life, deeply deplored at death.

(283) This stone is erected by James Harper, shoemaker in Banff, and Katharine Philip, his spouse, in memory of their son George Harper, who died November 7th, 1799, aged 4 years and 9 months, also Isobel Harper, who died 23rd July, 1812, aged 5 years and 10 months, and four other children, who died in infancy.

(284) Erected by Alexander Smo. . . shoemaker, Banff, and Margaret Philip, his spouse, in memory of their son Arthur, who died the 12th May, 1817, aged 21 years. Here are also interred the mortal remains of Arthur Philip, late merchant, Banff, who died the 26th August, 1810, aged 88 years, and of his spouse Catharine Murray, who died 15th November, 1799, aged 72.

*From OPR's Alexander SMO... is probably SMOUT , (Ref. Gordon Troup)

(285) Interred here Katharine Skene, February, 1744, Doctor Charles Fotheringham, June, 1746, Katharine Russel, January, 1777, William Russel, May, 1777, Sophia Russel, May, 1778.

(286) This stone is erected by John Smart, taylor in Banff, to the memory of his son James Smart, who died April, 1740, aged 8 years.

(287) This stone is erected by Margaret Smart in memory of her mother Barbara Wood, spouse to John Smart, taylor in Banff, who departed this life October the 3rd, 1752, aged 58 years, also William Smart, tallow chandler in Banff, who died January 15th, 1782, .aged 55 years, and Janet Hunter, his spouse, who died December 16th, 1796, aged 68 years, and two of their children, who died in their infancy, Janet, aged 8 years, and William, aged 4 years.

(288) Erected by Gilbert Murray, gardener in Banff, in memory of Isabel Goodall, his wife, who died the 28th December, 1766, aged 56 years, and of his children Elisabeth, who died the 1st June, 1770, William, who died the 7th January, 1772, and James, who died the 29th April, 1775. The above Gilbert Murray died the 28th January, 1780, aged 62 years.

(289) Erected by James Johnston, tailor in Banff, and Isobel Murray, his spouse, in memory of their son Gordon Johnston, who died 20th October, 1821, aged 21 years.

(290) In hopes of a glorious resurrection here is intered the body of Thomas Thomson, who served as cook in the family of Findlater 18 years, by whom he was much esteemed for his fiedelity and honesty. A man much beloved by all who knew him for his frindly desposition, a good member of society, and of a most benevelent heart. He departed this life 25th November, 1786, aged 51 years.

(291) Mors janua vitae. Here lies the body of Mary Innes, wife of Alexander Paterson, a loving, faithfull, and dutiful wife in prosperity and adversity, who departed this life January 28th, 1744, with their children James, aged 5 years, William, aged 7 years, Alexander, John, and Jean Patersons, also the body of Mary Ramsay, her mother, wife of Colonel James Innes, a loving and dutiful wife and mother, who departed this life September 24th, 1747. Sacred to the memory of the above Alexander Paterson, merchant in Banff, husband to the said Mary Innes, and father of the aboue children, is here inter'd, who was according to his ability charitable to the poor, and ready to releive those in desstress, who departed this life the 23rd March, 1775, aged 80 years.

(292) Erected by Ann Britt to the memory of her husband Sergeant John Wright, an elder of the parish of Banff. He was born in Deskford, served 23 years in the Royal Artillery, afterwards had charge of Fort Belvedere, Virginia water, for 17 years, and spent the last 9 years of his life in Banff, where he died much respected On 2nd September, 1851, in the 73rd year of his age. Also Anne Britt, spouse of the above, who died 30th May, 1866, in her 86th year.

(293) To the memory of Catharine Gordon, daughter of John Gordon, Esq. of Avachie, who died at Banff December 26, 1788. By her aunt Mrs. Innes of Muiryfauld.

(294) This stone was laid here by James Murray, shoemaker in Banff, in memory of his father Peter Murray, sometime shoemaker there, who died May 3rd, 1762, aged 73 years, also his mother Barbara Greig, who died in 1724, also James Murray, son to ye above James Murray and Anne Dow, his wife, who died in his infancy, Also is interred here their son John Murray, late shoemaker, who died 1806, aged 40 years, and also Mary Simpson, spouse to the above John Murray, who died on the 21st March, 1844, aged 75 years.

(295) Sacred to the memory of Janet Forsyth, the beloved wife of Charles Macrae, Inland Revenue Officer, Banff, who died here on the 4th March, 1859, aged 27 years.

(296) Sacred to the memory of Mr. James Gordon, who died at Tillynaught March 19th, 1793, in his forty-third year. Beneath are also interred the remains of his son George, who died September 10th, 1793, in the thirteenth year of his age. Also Jane Gordon died 6th May, 1811, aged 20 years.*

(297) Here is the body of Charles Shand, sometime farmer in Gellyhill, who departed this life January 12th, 1739. This stone was repaired to his memory by Barbara Milne, his spouse, also of his son Alexander Shand, late tenant in Gellyhill, and Bathia Milne, his spouse. They died in 1812, she on the 12th of May, aged 83 years, and he on the 21st July, aged 84 years.

(298) Sacred to the memory of William Gordon, Esquire, Rear-Admiral of the White Squadron, who, after bravely serving his country for more than forty years, died at Banff 12th April, 1769, aged 64- His behaviour in public life was one continued and uniform exertion of humanity, patriotism and valour. Gentleness and elegance of manners, a friendly benevolent and tender heart, and a strict regard to every religious and social duty, are some of those engaging qualities that distinguished him in private life, and have left upon the minds of his surviving friends a regret which no length of time will be able to remove. His only son William Gordon gave early proofs of ardour to imitate, and of ability to equal the virtues of, his father. But alas! to the inexpressible affliction of his mother and only sister, and to the unfeigned sorrow of all who knew him, he was carried off by a consumption June 22nd, 1772, in the 19th year of his age. Mrs. Elizabeth Forbes erects this marble as a memorial of her gratitude and love to a most affectionate husband and most amiable child.**

(299) Here lies the body of William Gordon, Esq., son of Rear-Admiral Gordon and Mrs. Elisabeth Forbes, his wife. He died in the year 1772, aged 19 years.

(300) Here lies the body of John Gordon, who died April, 1759, aged 3 years, also his sister Elisabeth Gordon, aged 1 year, both children of Captain William Gordon, of his Majesty's Royal Navie, and Elizabeth Forbes, his wife.


*Mr. Gordon had three sons educated at the Banff Academy. All went to India. James distinguished himself as a surgeon in the Company?s service, and in the staff of the army; William rose to the rank of Major; and Alexander to be Colonel of a Regiment." (Imlach.)

**"On the north-east side of the Churchyard is a handsome pyramidal monument, with an elegant inscription on white marble, written by Dr. Beattie author of the "Minstrel" and essay on "Truth", and beautifully expressed to the memory of the late Admiral Gordon, who commanded the fleet at the Nore in the middle of the last century, and was originally from Banff. He was of the Gordons of Newton and Tillynaught, and widely connected at one time in this quarter. He built for his residence the house occupied by Mr. Coutts, bank agent, and to the last entertained a high regard for Banff and Banff people. On his retirement from the service, he induced his private secretary, an officer on board the Admiral?s ship, to accompany him to Banff, and assisted him to commence business, and with many of the county gentlemen brought the first banking establishment to the town, under the management of their protege, the late Mr. James Imlach, who continued representative of the bank for upwards of half a century.

The Admiral?s only surviving daughter became the wife of Mr. Forbes of Seaton, near Aberdeen, and their daughter was married to the late Lord James Hay."--(Imlach.)