(328) J. T. . E. H. Here lyes Alexander, James and Anne Turner . . .

(329) Here lyes the ashes of John Steinson, sometime merchant, Bailie in Banf, who departed this life 1661, and also Isabell Brockie, his spouse, who departed this life 1693, with their children Isabell, John, Alexander, Margaret, James, Christian, Elspet, Janet, Jean, Katharine Steinsons. I. S. . I. B.

(330) Here is interred the body of Robert Adamson, late bootmaker in Banff.

(331) This stone is erected by Charles and Ann Whyte in memory of their son James, who died the 21st December, 1811, aged 7 months. Ann Whyte died 6th September, 1840, aged 49 years. Charles Whyte died 18th January, 1852, aged 68 years.

(332) This stone is erected by Christian West in memory of her beloved husband George Watt, seaman in Macduff, one of the five who lost their lives coming from the fishing the 16th December, 1802, in the 26th year of his age. Also their daughter Isabell Wat, who died 4th June, 1802, aged 4 years. Also the above named Christian West, who died 1st January, 1859, aged 93 years.

(333) In memory of John Kynoch, for nearly 50 years sexton at Banff, who died 27th February, 1885, aged 78 years. Erected by John Kynoch in memory of his spouse Helen Lorimer, who died the 28th February, 1835, aged 28 years.

All you that comes my grave to see,

As I am now so must you be,

Repent therefore make no delay,

I in my bloom was call'd away;

My days are spent, my glass is run,

So God's will must be done.

William, son of John Kynoch and Ann Dawson, his spouse, born 12th December, 1841, died 22nd April, 1855

(334) This stone is erected by Andrew Wilson, seaman in Macduff, and Elspet Wilson, his spouse, to the memory of their children William Wilson, died 27th November, 1780, aged 18 years, James Wilson died 14th June, 1783, aged 24 years, and Henrey Wilson died, aged 2 years. Also Mary West, spouse of Andrew Wilson, his son, who died 1st January, 1848, aged 84 years. Also the above Andrew Wilson, who died 27th November, 1858, aged 93 years.


All you that come my grave to see,

As I am now so must you be;

Therefore repent, make no delay,

I in my bloom was taken away.

(335) Here is interred the body of James Wilson, sometime sailor in Down, who departed this life June 27th, 1765. This stone is erected to his memory by his surviving wife Anne Robertson, also Jean Wilson, sister of the above James Wilson, died 25th September, 1847, aged 85 years.

(336) Here are interred William Bruce, late farmer in Banff, who died 8th November, 1778, aged 76, and Margrat Brown, his spouse, who died 17th January, 1749, aged [blank]. Likewise his second wife Jean Bennet, who died 15th Agust, 1777, aged [blank] years. This stone is erected by his sons John and James Bruce as a testimony of their affection. Here also are intered Margaret Bruce, who died Aprile 17th, 1779, aged 6 years, and William, who died 18th April, 1779, aged 4 years, children of John Bruce.


(337) Erected by James Taylor, manufacturer in Banff, in memory of his sons John, who died 8th June, 1825, aged 17 years, also James, who died 7th March, 1830, aged 14 years, and of his daughter Isabella, who died 10th January, 1854, aged 43 years. The above James Taylor died 2nd February, 1854, aged 80 years, and his spouse Janet Davidson died 28th April, 1858, aged 81 years, also his daughter Euphemia, who died 24th June, 1862, aged 50 years.

(338) Here is interred the body of Jannet Gaull, who died June, 1752, aged 14 years, daughter to John Gaull workeman . . .

(339) Erected by James Frazer and Peter Thompson in memory of their mother Elspet Smith, who died 25th March, 1822, aged 78 years.

(340) In hopes of a blessed resurrection lie here the ashes of Robert Manie, sometime merchant in Banff, who died September 14th, 1722, of Jean Stevenson, his spouse, who died September 28th, 1722, of Helen Manie, their daughter, who died November 5th, 1720, and of Thomas Mar, their son-in-law, with Jean Manie, his spouse, who died Match 17th, 1780, in the 78th year of her age. Memento mori.

(341) To the memory of Alexander Tillary, town chamberlain and solicitor in Banff, who died the 21st November, 1827, aged 64 years, This stone is erected by his affectionate widow Elspet Clark.

(342) This stone is erected by Robert Simpson, shoemaker in Banff, and Margaret Pantoun, his spouse, to the memory of his father Walter Simpson, who died 1711, and his mother Janet Fordyce, who died 1731, and of his brother John Simpson, shoemaker in Banf, who died 1723, with their own son John, who died 1734. R. S. . M. P. Memento mori.

(343) This stone is erected by Jeremiah Lumsden, shoemaker in, Doun, in memory of his spouse Jean Smart, who died July 5th, 1767, and their daghter Margaret Lumsden died August 15th, 1779.

(344) Here ly the body of Alexander Henry, barber and perriwig maker in Banff, who died 21st March, 1779, in the 29th year of his age. This stone is erected by Elizabeth Pirie, his mother.

(345) Erected to the memory of William Philip Grant, son to William Grant, Esq., late of the Honble. East India Company Civil Service, who died the 7th November, 182-, aged 33 years.

(346) Erected by Alexander Strachan, merchant in Banff, in memory of his beloved wife Christina Grant, who died at Banff 16th August, 1829, aged 33 years. Sincerely lamented, by all her surviving relatives and friends.

(347) In memory of James Sim, who died 10th October, 1822, aged 40. Marion Grant died 5th July, 1860, aged 72. Margaret Sim died 4th November, 1837, aged 27. John James Sim died at Calcutta 8th August, 1854, aged 44. James William Sim lost at sea 13th December, 1856, aged 36, and Mary Sim, who died 28th November, 1886, aged 69.

(348) This stone was erected by John Grant, cooper in Banff, to the memory of his son William Grant, who died 27th August, 1787, aged 2 years and 7 months.


(349) Here ly interred the body of Thomas Adamson, late merchant in Banff, who died March 3, 1794, aged 77 years. A pious and just man the law of God is copulative. Piety to God and equity to our neighbour. All glory to the Lamb of God | My robes are spotless through his blood | It is through his free and sovereign grace | I now behold his blissful face | Also here ly the bodies of Jean Ramsay, his first wife, who died 29th July, 1756, aged 40 years, and Janet Morison, his second wife, who died in February, 1794

(350) Here lyes the body of William Tod, sometime weaver in Banff, who departed this life the 21st day of November, 1758 (?) and Elspet Findlater, his spouse, who dyed the 9th of December, 1761. (1781 ?)

(351) Erected by John A. Mann, bootmaker in Banff, to the memory of his son William Henry Mann, who died 15th December, 1854, aged 7 months, also of his spouse Isabella Kemp, who died. 15th November, 1856, aged 38 years.

(352) Heir lyes James, Alexander, George, Margrat Wats, children lauful procreat betuix James Legat and Christen Bruce.

(353) Erected to the memory of Elspet Moir, wife of James Reid, who died 26th April, 1847, aged 76 years, also the above James Reid, who died 18th February, 1854, aged 83 Years, also their daughter Elizabeth Reid, who died the 26th of August, 1879, aged 76 years.

(354) This stone is erected by William Murdoch in Silverhillocks in memory of Margaret Reid, his wife, who died September 2nd, 1798, aged 63 years.

(355) This stone is dedicated by Alexander Fowlie in Dey Hill to the memory of George Fowlie and Christian Brockie, his father and mother. He died September, 1698, and she died in the year 1697, and also here lies Jean Finnie, spouse to Alexander Fowlie, who died May 26th, 1722, and their children Isobel, two Sarahs, Margaret, Janet, George, Alexander, Marjory, and Barbara Fowlies.

(356) Erected by James Miller and Mary Carnigie in memory of their beloved son James Miller. He died November 4th, 1819, aged 8 years and 3 months, also his father and two brothers.

(357) Here is interred ye body of Alexander Reid, sometime in Gallie milne, who died February, 1761,aged 67 years. This stone is erected by his son James Reid.

(358) Here lies the body of James Crookshank, committed to the dust, I hope his soul is with God, the Lord, in whom he put his trust.

(359) Here lyes the body of Alexander Cruickshank, sometime farmer in Tarlair, who died May 4th, 1779, aged 69 years. This stone is erected to his memory by his son Alexander Cruickshank. 'Tis God that lifts our comforts high,

Or sinks them in the grave;

He gives and takes (blest be his name),

He takes but what he gave.

(360) Sacred to the memory of James Crookshank, square wright in Macduff, who died 27th January, 1793, aged 77 years.

(361) This grave stone is erected by James Cruickshank, square wright in Doun, and Christian Findlater, his wife, to the memory of their son James Cruickshank, who died November 20th, 1779, aged 21 years.


All you that come my grave to see,

As I am now so must yow be ;

Therefore repent, make no delay,

I in my bloom was took away.

In hope of a blessed resurrection under this stone lyes the body of Christian Findlater, who died October 11th, 1790, aged 71 years. Also their son-in-law John Bruce, who died 30th April, 1829, aged 82.

(362) This stone is erected by George Stuart, toun officer in Banff, in memory of his spouse Elspet Ritchie, who died February 18th, 1781, aged 69 years.

(363) Erected by Samuel Leith in memory of his father Peter Leith, late tinsmith in Banff, who died 8th March, 1860, aged 85 years.

(364) This stone is erected by Alexander Allastar and Jean Thomson, his spouse, in memory of their children, viz., Abercromby, who died in his infancy 15th November, 1795, and Alexander, who died 31st October, 1800, in the 4th year of his age. Robert Allastar, gardener, who died 25th May, 1827, aged 24, and Patrick Allastar, weaver, who died 1st August, 1828, aged 36. Sacred to the memory of Jean Thomson, spouse of Alexander Allastar, and mother of the foresaid children, who died 21st July, 1831, in the 68th year of her age.

Farewell ! dear sons, farewell I till we above

Meet in the peace and realms of light and love.

(365) This stone is erected by Patrick Allaster and Mary Smart, his spouse, in memory of their children Patrick, who died June 19th, 1769, aged 4 years, Jean, who died June 26th, 1769, aged 8 years.

(366) In affectionate remembrance of Peter Herd, late of Culbeuchly, who died 22nd December, 1885, aged 76 years, also of his wife Jane Nicol, who died 27th August, 1886, aged 82 years. Also their son James, who died in 1854, aged 6 years. Gone to be with Jesus.

(367) 1838. This stone is erected by William Hunter, fishcurer, Macduff, in memory of his father and mother and his family.

(368) Here lys the body of George Dower, who died March 9th, 1782, aged 21 years. Erected to his memory by his father James Bower, indweler in Banff. In front of this inscription are interred the remains of William, infant son of David Grieve, collector of Her Majesty's Customs, Banff, who died 16th September, 1852, aged one year and nine months.

(369) George Faith, mason.

(370) Here ly the ashes of James, Helen and Janet Innes's, children to James Innes and Mary Cruickshank, his spouse, sometime in Sandyhills, 1735

(371) This stone is erected by George Paterson, gardener in Banff, to the memory of his spouse Elizabeth Smith, who died October 28th, 1777, aged 22 years. Life how short. Eternity how long !

(372) William --- mason in McDuff, who departed this life November ---, in the 67. . .

(373) In memory of Adam Masson, late mason in Banff, who died the 1st January, 1811, aged 65 years, and his spouse Jean Hat, who died 22nd September, 1828, aged 72 years, also their grandchild Alexander Murray Stewart, who died 22nd July, 1829, aged 15 months.


(374) Daniel Cameron, son of George Cameron in Macduff, died 22nd January, 1791, aged 18 years, also his daughter-in-law Janet Hossack, who died 2nd March, 1855, aged 84 Years

(375) This stone is erected by Jannet Guthrie in memory of her husband William Joass, late merchant in Banff, who died the 6th of October, 1804, aged 79 years.

(376) Erected by Alexander McCulloch, Fiskeidly, in memory of his son James, who died 17th March, 1832, aged 17 years, also his son Alexander, who died 9th November, 1841, aged 29 years, also his daughter Margaret, who died 16th July, 1848, aged 44 years. The above-named Alexander McCulloch, who died 15th January, 1858, aged 82 years.

Also Janet Mason, relict of the above Alexander McCulloch, late farmer, Fiskeidly, who died 26th February, 1866, aged 83 Years-

(377) Sacred to the memory of Adam Macculloch, slater in Banff, son of Alexander Macculloch, farmer in Fiskeidly, who died the 27th January, 1830, in the 24th year of his age. This humble tribute of affection, duty and regret is placed over his remains by his affectionate widow Margaret Presley.

(378) Erected by John Cowie, flesher in Banff, and Margaret Watson, his spouse, in memory of their beloved daughter Isobel, who died the 18th February, 1793, in the 9th year of her age. Also interred here their son-in-law George Forsyth, square wright, who died 5th November, 1814, aged 34 years. Also the above John Cowie, who died the 19th June, 1830, aged 76 years, and Margaret Watson, his spouse, who died the 18th October, 1841, aged 87 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

(379) This stone is erected by James Boath in memory of his father John Boath, taylor in Banff, who died September, 1750 (?) in the 67 year of his age.

(380) This stone is erected by George McKilligin, Provost of Banff, in memory of his spouse Barbara Strachan, daughter of the late Alexander Strachan, merchant there. She died the 31st of December, 1795, aged 68. Their daughter Margaret and their son Robert are also interred here.*


*The McKilligins long held an influential position in Banff. George, the first of the family, a native of Alness, Ross-shire settled in Banff about the middle of last century, and carried on an extensive business principally as owner of London trading vessels. He married Mrs. Barbara Strachan, by whom he had five sons and four daughters. He died 29th January, 1798, in his 70th year. Two of the sons, Robert and Alexander, entered the navy, but died at an early age. James, the eldest son, entered the army as a cadet in 1785. He immediately proceeded with his regiment to India, where he saw active service for three years, and was present at the taking of Seringapatam. In the end of 1787 he returned from India and resided at Banff for about seven years. Receiving a commission as Captain in a newly raised regiment of Highland Fencibles, he served for some time in the county of Sussex. While at Shoreham, he met Miss Jane Pelham, whom he married in the year 1799. About this time he took service as captain and paymaster in the regiment of General Hay of Mountblairy, and proceeded to Gibraltar. In 1803, he retired from military service on a captain?s half-pay, and the same year settled with his family in Banff. Mr. McKilligin was, shortly after taking up his residence here, appointed Major of the Banffshire Local Militia. Taking great interest in the prosperity of the town and port of Banff, he was elected Provost of the Burgh, and filled that office for a considerable period. The Major was on terms of the closest intimacy with the nobility in the district, he was a brilliant wit and possessed many social qualities. He died in January, 1837, in the 73rd year of his age. His wife died on the same day as her husband, and they were buried together in Banff churchyard.

Major MeKilligin had three sons and two daughters, all of whom, with the exception of the second son, James, died in early life. James McKilligin, who died at Calcutta in 1862, was born in 1803. In June, 1822, he went to Calcutta and entered the commercial firm of Fairlie, Ferguson, and Company. Up till 1847 his career was prosperous and he had amassed a fortune of about 60,000Bp. But in the commercial crisis of that year he lost almost his entire means. The firm was broken up, but the crisis once past, the business was continued under the firm of Gilmour, McKilligin, and Company, and of late Mr. McKilligan has been the onlyactive member of the firm. The deceased was never married, He was the owner of considerable property in Banff, which he acquired from his father and grandfather. He never interested himself in these properties further than to direct that, after deducting the necessary expense of management and repairs, the whole of the rents should be expended for the benefit of poor persons in Banff.

Of the sisters of Major McKilligin two, Margaret and Barbara, died in youth. Elizabeth, the second eldest, was married to James Sim, Esq., Banff, whose daughter married George Cruickshank, banker. The remaining sister, Mary, was never married, and died in 1858, in her 90th year.

Provost McKilligin died January 29th, 1798, in his 70th year. He sustained the character of an upright and active chief magistrate was respectable in his general conduct as a member of society, and faithful in fulfilling the several duties of domestic life.


(381) Sacred to the memory of Sophia Strachan, spouse to William Aven, Custom House officer at Portsoy, and some time ago merchant in Banff, and daughter to Alexander Strachan, late Postmaster there. She died 10th April, 1781, aged 47 years 10 months, and are interred here Alexander Aven, born 6th May, 1761, aged 14 days, George Aven, born 26th February, 1762, aged 7 months, Archibald Aven, born 26th September, 1760, aged 14 months, sons of said William Aven and Sophia Strachan. By God's grace from above, which still continued our love. A faithful and obedient wife, and dutiful to her children all her life. Erected by William Aven, 1781.

(382) Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Ann Maitland, Livingston or MacKilligin, spouse of George MacKilligin, sometime merchant in Banff, who was born at London the 20th day of September, 1765 years, and who died at Carnousie the 15th day of February, 1832 years, and of their children Barbara, who was born at Banff the 12th day of July, 1795, and died in the month of May, 1804 years, Christina, born 21st November, 1796, and who also died in the month of May, 1804 years, George, born 24th November, 1791, and who was lost at sea off Tangier in the month of June, 1810 years, James, born 8th July, 1794, and who died in December, 1810 years, Richard, who died in infancy, Charlotte, born in July, 1809, and who died in December, 1810 years, Mary, born 4th December, 1802, and died in May, 1811 years, Francis, born 4th August, 1801, and died in August, 1812 years, Elizabeth, born 6th May, 1790, and died in May, 1813 years, Alexander, born 17th January, 1798, and died in September, 1813 years, Charles, born 9th July, 1793, and died in January, 1817 years, Anne Maitland, spouse of William Bartlett, merchant in London, born 4th March, 1799, and who died at London 24th December, 1831 Years.*

(383) Sacred to the memory of William MacKilligin, who died at Relugas, Morayshire, September 19th, 1852, aged 52. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. Thess. iv. 14

(384) Here lie interred the bodies of Alexander Strachan, merchant and postmaster in Banff, who died May 2th, 1768, aged 72 years, and Margaret Robertson, his spouse, who died January 13th, 1764, aged 64 years. And William McKelligin, their grandchild, and son to George McKelligin, shipmaster in Banff, who died June 22nd, 1765, aged 1 year and 10 months. Life how short. Eternity how long. And Barbara McKelligin, another of their grandchildren, by the said George McKelligin, who died 1st of Dec, 1774, aged three years and two months.

(385) Memento mori. Time Flieth, Death persueth, Mind Mortality, Conquer Eternity. Sub hoc cippo reconduntur exuuiae generosae mulieris Sabellac Ogilvie, Gulielmi Scott aurificis huiusque urbis burgen: quondam coniugis quae fatis cessit 15 Augusti ann. dom. 1697 aetatis suae 55 ille . . .

* George McKilligin above alluded to, second son of the late Provost George McKilligin, devoted himself to shipping and commercial affairs, and while young commanded one of the Company's large vessels trading to foreign countries, and subsequently settled down as a partner in the house. He was the last of the house of Mckilligin and Robertson; and in his old age retired to a cottage on the beautiful property of his son, William McKilligin, Esq. of Relugas an the banks of the Findhorn. In December, 1861, his remains were laid beside those of his beloved wife. he having reached the age of 96 years" (Imlach). George had a family of fourteen children. His fifth son, William, went to the East Indies and China, where he was fortunate in trade. Returning home, he purchased in 1836 the estate of Relugas, in Morayshire, from Sir Thomas Dick Lauder, Bart. In 1844 he went to Ceylon, and there acquired considerable property. Two years after he returned to this country to reside at Relugas, where he died in 1852. He married Miss Marquis at Elgin and had five children, the eldest of whom went to Ceylon.


(386) 1860. Sacred to the memory of Ranald Macgregor, Esq., who died in Banff 29th May, 1846 aged 70, and of his wife Margaret Farquharson, who died 19th December, 1860, aged 82, likewise of the following members of their family Helen and Charles, who both died young. Christian Atholine, wife of Peter MacArthur, Esq., who died in Calcutta February, 1845, aged 26. Grace Ross, who died at Pleasant Hill, Jamaica, 27th April, 1859, aged 48, also of Christian Atholine Farquharson, sister of Mrs. Macgregor, who died 14th February, 1847, aged 67, and of Grace Gordon Farquharson, mother of the same, who died 1828.

(387) Erected to the memory of Patrick Campbell McArthur, son of Alexander and Mary MacArthur of Calcutta, who died at Banff on the 3rd of April, 1848, aged 6 years and 4 months. " Of such is the kingdom of heaven."

(388) Underneath is interred James Smith, couper, and sometime conveener of the Trades of Banff, who died 5th November, 1780, aged 82 years, and Margaret Grant, his spouse, who died 17th April, 1753, aged 57 years, with four of their children, all in non-age, to whose memory this stone is erected by James Smith, Deacon of the Coupers of Banff, son to the said James Smith. He was a man of unspotted character, a loving and affectionate husband and parent, as well as a real friend to all his connections.

(389) To the memory of William Wilson, taylor burgess in Banff, and Agnes Smith, his spouse, and of their six sons and six daughters buried here this gravestone was erected by Jean Wilson, the youngest of their two surviving daughters, 1737. Also is interred here the body of Hellen Smith, daughter of James Smith, couper in Banff. She died August 16th, 1789, aged 61 years. W. W. . A. S.

(390) Here lyes the children of Alexander Wallace, bailie of Banf, and Margaret Ogiluie, his spous, viz., William, who deceased an. 1681, and Alexander, who deceased an. 1681, and Patrick, who deceased an. 1684.

(391) This grave stone was erected by John Ord, square wright, burges in Banff, to the memory of Isabell Tarrall, his spouse, who departed, this life January 17th, 1737, and of their children John, who died August 4th, 1734, and William, who died November 24th, 1737.

(392) Erected by Mary Ann Duncan in memory of her beloved husband George Morison, farmer at Foulzie, who died 12th February, 1849, aged 34 years.

(393) This stone is erected by Christian Reaper in memory of her deceased husband William Reaper, sometime surgeon in Macduff, who died August 9th, 1790, aged 30 years.

His body here must moulder into dust,

His spirit gone to heaven with the just.

The remains of the above named Christian Reaper, who died 6th July, 1825, aged 81 years, are also interred here.

(394) Erected by Isabella Jamson in memory of her deceased husband Francis Garden Sangster, solicitor in Banff, who died the 13th September, 1850, aged 43 years, also of their son James Andrew Sangster, who died 27th October, 1846, aged 1 month. Also in loving memory of the above Isabella Jamson, who died on the 25th April, 1881, aged 68 years.*


*Francis G. Sangster was partner in the firm of Sangster & Souter, solicitors, Banff. He was also up to the period of his death agent for the old Aberdeen Bank,"--(lmlach.)


(395) Sacred to the memory of Dr. James Saunders, late physician in Banff, who died in Nov., 1778, aged 61 years, and of his spouse Mrs. Bathia Leslie of Melross, who died 31st January, 1793, in her 82nd year. Their son Mr. Alexander Saunders, died at Banff 22nd January, 1801, in the 44th year of his age. His eldest son Robert died in the island of Jamaica 3rd September, 1811, in his 16th year. This humble tribute of respect is offered to the memory of her affectionate father, of his worthy parents, and of her beloved brother, by Bathia Cherry Saunders, 1812.

(396) James Pyper, Margery Gordoun, John Gordon, Janet Sanders, 20 Agvst, 1668.

(397) Gulielinus Duff de Whitehill hujus burgi Praepositus et Bathia Garden ejus sponsa hune cippum in memoriam liberorum Joannis, Gulielini, and Annae Duffs extruendurn curarunt Novr. 25, 1732.*

(398) Sacred to the memory of Jane Abernethie (the last surviving daughter of James Abernethie late of Mayen), who died the 21st April, 1805, aged 54, and is here interred near to her mother Jane Duff (daughter of the first Alexander Duff of Hatton), who died December, 1780. As a testimony of sincere affection to his amiable wife, and a tribute of just respect for her worthy mother, this stone is placed by Alexander Duff of Mayen, 1805. In Christo salus. Also William, son of the above-named Alexander and Jane Duff, aged 68, 1857.


(399) This stone is erected by John Bruce in memory of his brother Alexander Bruce, sometime merchant in Banff, who departed this life September 10th, 1781, aged 68 years.

(400) Erected by George Gellan, vintner in Banff, and Isabel Johnston, his spouse, in memory of their children Susan, who died 8th August, 1813, aged 8 weeks, William, who died 21st July, 1827, aged 7 years and 2 months, and Hannah, who died 21st July, 1827, aged 11 years and 3 months. The remains of George Gellan, who died on the 25th September, 1829, aged 42 years, are also interred here.

(401) Erected by James Johnston, merchant, Banff, to the memory of his son George G. B. Johnston, who died on the 15th January, 1849, aged 7 years and 4 months. Also the said James Johnston, who died on the 6th December, 1854, aged 73 years.

(402) This stone is erected by John Mitchell, taylor and guild brother in Banff, in memory of his son John, who died 27th September, 1780, aged 13 months, and of Helen Stuart, his wife, who died 27th April, 1781, aged 38 years, also Isobel, who died April 13th, 1782, aged 11 months.

(403) Here lies the body of Sarah Mathison, daughter of Robert Mathison and Sarah Walker in McDuff, who died January 11th, 1791, aged 7 months. Death often cropes ye Flower in bud, and ye little Soul goes in triumph to God.


* " The above last representative of the Duffs of Mayen was educated at Banff Academy, afterwards went to college, and on completing his studies was admitted as a junior into the house of John Morrison & Co., at Riga and Archangel. On leaving, he commenced business on his own account, and occasionally came north to look after his estate, and at other times on political purpose to support his chief, the Earl of Fife, during an election. He also held a captaincy in the Inverness and Banff Militia. The estate of Mayen had passed from him previous to his death, which happened in Banff in 1857. He bequeathed about 700Bp for a dispensary, or, in certain contingencies, for a bursary at the Academy, to be named 'The Duff Bursary.'" - (Imlach.)