(404) Erected by Alexander Rhind, mason in Banff, in memory of his wife Margaret Scot, who died May 15th, 1752, aged 46, also their children Jean, James, Alexander and Elizabeth, are interred here. The above Alexander Rhind died at Prestonpans, 1758. Their son John Rhind, senior, mason in Banff, has renewed this memorial of respect to his parents, and to the memory of his affectionate wife Christian Massie, who died the 17th March, 1814, aged 76 years, and of their children George, Alexander, James, and Hellen. Beneath are here interred the remains of the above John Rhind, who died 11th January, 1819, aged 82 years, also his son John Rhind, mason in Banff, is interred here, who died the 6th February, 1826, aged 62 years.

(405) In memory of John Rhind, builder, Banff, born 2nd March, 1804, died 29th August, 1849, William and Mackie, who died in infancy, James, their second son, born 5th March, 1830, died at Sea 2nd March, 1859, on his return from Australia.*

(406) Erected by Alexander Grant, mason in Banff, and Margaret Rhind, his spouse, to the memory of their children, viz., John, who died 4th June, 1799, aged 5 years, Elizabeth, who died 10th October, 1806, aged 4 years. The above Alexander Grant died 20th September,1816,aged 54years. Also his spouse Margaret Rhind, who died 8th Nov., 1854, aged 86 years.

(407) Erected by Murray and Janet Beedie as a mark of respect to the memory of Alexander Beedie, late tailor in Banff, their father, who died the 16th July, 1821, aged 72 years, and Janet Taylor, their mother, who died the 23rd April, 1821, aged 73 years. Also Alexander Beedie, late shoemaker in Banff, their brother, who died the 5th March, 1820, aged 41 years. Murray Beedie died 21st December, 1839, aged 64 years. Also the above-named Janet Beedie, who died 20th April, 1853, aged 72 Years-

(408) Under hope of blessed resurrection here lyes John Andrew, sometime toun clerk of Bamf, who departed this life September 24th, 1689, also here ly Janet, John, George, Margt. and Walter Andrews, children lawfully procreat betwixt the said John Andrew and Jean Ritchie, his spous.**

Here lyes a man whose lounge and pen

Did what they could to profit men

His life did prove most Christian

So rests to rise in glore again.

(409) Here lyes the body of Th. Measson, sometime masson in Banff, who died March 17th, 1762, aged 61 years, also his children Hellen, died November 1st, 1738, aged 5 years, and James, January 12th, 1747, aged 5 years. Erected by Jean Smith, his surviving spouse. Also the said Jean Smith, who died the 23rd day of May, 1774, aged 70 Years.


*This family has long figured in the annals of the burgh in connection with building operations, and the recent and present representatives have attained marked distinction as sculptors (Cf. Vol. I-, 377) The able sculptor and A. R. S. A. there referred to was the successful competitor for the design for a memorial statue to Dr. Robert Chambers Edinburgh, while strange to say his sons, William Birnie Rhind and John Massey Rhind, were awarded the 2nd and 3rd premiums Other works by the same sculptor are statuettes on the fountain of Holyrood Palace, statue of the Earl of Kellie at Alloa, memorials of the Duke of Athole at Dunkeld, the Duchess of Sutherland at Golspie, Earl of Dalhousie at Brechin, effigy of the Countess of Wemyss, sculpture and decorative work on many public buildings-as Fettes College, Bank of Scotland, Scott Monument, Museum of Science and Art, St.Giles' Cathedral, &c., bust of Mr. Gladstone for the Scottish Liberal Club, &c. Mr. Rhind was the son of Mr.John Rhind, Banff, and was born in 1828. He was twice married, and is survived by his wife, and by four sons and two daughters, all of whom have followed in their father?s artistic steps. The eldest, Mr. W. B. Rhind, has been associated with him for many years in all his leading works. The second son, Mr. J. M. Rhind, is achieving, considerable success as a sculptor in New York. The third son is an architect. One of Mr. Rhind?s daughters is an artist, and illustrates works for publishers in Edinburgh.

** "At Edinburgh 31st July, 1672, compeared John Andrew, servitor to Robert Sharp, Shereff Clerck of Bamff, of the age of 24yeares or theirby," and was admitted notary public. His son Andrew was made burgess of Cullen in 1698.


(410) This stone is erected by Ann Rose to the memory of her husband James Alexander, who died at Banff 25th October, 1846, aged 82 years.

(411) This grave stone was erected by George Abernethie, shipmaster in Banff, to the memory of his spouse Elspet Taylor. She died July 17th, 1770, aged 51 years.

(412) S. G. . A. U. Here ly the ashes of James Urquhart, sometime conveener in Banf, who dyed March 14th, 1723, in the 63rd year of his age, and Janet Stevinson, his spouse, who dyed June 8th, 1721, aged 70, and their children. This stone erected be Alexander Urquhart and his spouse Isobell Urquhart.

Remember man as thou goes by

As thou art now so once was I

As I am now so must thou be

Remember man that thou must die.

(413) Sacred to the memory of John Cruickshank, merchant in Banff, who departed this life January 25th, 1749, aged 44, and Katharine Clark, his wife, who died June 29th, 1781, aged 71 years. This stone is erected by their daughter Elspet Cruickshank as a testimony of filial regard.

(414) Here lyes the ashes of James Clerk, sometime Bailie in Banf, who departed this life October 29th, 1724, and also Walter and Jean Clerks. Elspet Gray, his spouse, died January 26th, 1740, in the 57th year of her age.

Now slain by death who spareth none

And lyes full low under this stone

Take heed and read and thou shalt see

As I am now so shalt thou be

Rotting in dark and silent dust

Prepare for death for dy thou must

Life is uncertain Death is sure

Sin is the wound Christ is the cure.*

(415) Sacred to the memory of George Robinson Forbes, Sherriff-Clerk of Banffshire from 1844 to 1873, who died 28th February, 1873, aged 73, and Isabella Reid, his wife, who died 12th May, 1862, aged 72; also to George Lewis Forbes, their son, who died 4th January, 1862, aged 30, and Anna Orrok Forbes, their daughter, wife of John Alexander, who died at Clepington, Dundee, 14th January, 1874, aged 46, and also to Isabel Rose Alexander, their daughter, who died at Banff 2nd April, 1860, aged 3 years.

(416) In memory of David Smart, accountant, Bank of Scotland, -Fraserburgh, born 17th January, 1840, died 21st August, 1859.

(417) Erected by a friend in memory of William Doyle, who died 7th May, 1884, aged 26 years, also his brother Alfred Doyle, who died 12th July, 1884, aged 24 years. Both fell asleep in Jesus.

(418) In memory of John Morison, merchant, Banff, who died 16th December, 1845, aged 61 years, also his daughter Mary, who died 27th June, 1835, aged 4 years, also his wife Mary Taylor, who died 6th January, 1883, aged 83 years.


*"The representative of this old family of Clark and Cruickshank is Mr. George R. Forbes, Sheriff-Clerk, whose ancestor on the female side was Mr. Cruickshank, laird of Monellie, whose son was Bailie Cruickshank of Banff, and his daughter, the wife of the late Sheriff Forbes, was Mr. George R. Forbes?s mother. Sheriff Forbes possessed an acute discernment of the human character, was profoundly versed in the law, and admirable in taking evidence, and in the art of cross-examination. Sheriff Forbes had two sons and two daughters. The eldest son, Dr. Lewis, minister of Boharm, and educated in Banff, was a distinguished member of the Church of Scotland " (Imlach).

Dr. Lewis Forbes was Moderator of the General Assembly of he Church of Scotland in 1852.


(419) To the memory of Robert Wilson, mason in Banff, and Elspet Faith, his wife, who both died in 1791, the former aged 76, the latter 70 years, and of their children Robert, Elizabeth, Jean, Alexander, George, James, and William, and of their grand children Thomas and Jean Wilson, all interred here, except James and William, who both died in Jamaica. This stone is erected as a testimony of paternal and filial affection by Andrew Wilson. Here too are interred the remains of his beloved wife Margaret Reid, a woman of a liberal mind and a benevolent heart, who died in the 43rd year of her age on the 1st of April, 1803. Andrew Wilson died March 3rd, 1827, aged 76, being the last of his father's family.*

(420) Erected by William Adam, shoemaker in Banff, to the memory of his father William Adam, sometime residenter in Banff, who died 1st of December, 1796, aged 78 years, also of his sister Janet, who died 6th September, 1798, aged 28 years, also his spouse Jane Scott, who died at Banff 3rd May, 1844, aged 64 years. Here also is interred the said William Adam, who died at Banff 5th August, 1864, aged 87 years. The erector of this stone has interred five children here, viz., William, James, Alexander, James and Anne Adams, who died in infancy.

(421) This stone is erected by James Wishart in memory of his children James and Margaret, who died in their infancy, and William, died 1787, aged 7 years.

(422) Here are interred the bodies of John Morison, farmer in Banf, who died December 8th, 1729, and of Janet Rae, his spouse, who died June 9th, 1740, and James, Jean, and Janet Morisons, their children.

(423) John Morison.

In my defence God me defend

And bring my soul to ane good end

When I am sick and like to die

Father of Heaven have mercy on me.**

(424) This stone is erected by Isabel Morison to the memory of Alexander Morison, sailor in Banff, her husband. He died March 21st, 1753.

(425) Erected by Duncan Morison in memory of his mother Jean Brown, who died 6th November, 1751, aged 42 years, his brother William Morison, who died 10th August, 1770, aged 23 years, and of his daughter Janet Morison, who died in her infancy 26th June, 1779. Here also is interred the body of his father William Morison, who died September 28th, 1792, aged 73 years. Likewise his spouse Jannet Gevnie, who died June 24th, 1793, aged 49 years, much and justly regreted. Duncan Morison died 22nd October, 1810, aged 67. His son Peter, 14th May, 1811, aged 7; Jessie, daughter, 28th April, aged 12.

*A representative of this family was, Dr. Robert Wilson, Glenairnie Cottage, Forres, the founder in 1872 of the Wilson Exploration Scholarship, and donor of the Wilson Museum Marischal College, Aberdeen. His father, Mr. Andrew Wilson, proprietor and builder, Banff, it is said was engaged in building the New Church of Banff. After receiving a liberal education at Banff, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh, Dr. Wilson was appointed surgeon on board an East Indiaman. A passionate desire for travel led him to Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Palestine, India, China, and many other countries, in the course of which he was imprisoned by the Arabs, and had many other adventures. Dr. Wilson died at Forres in 1871, and was buried in the New Cemetery there. The illustration No- 4, opposite p373 Vol. I., of this work, is that of a stone which was reported to have been found in the Old Churchyard of Banff It now appears it was really brought from the East by Dr Wilson and another, and more elaborately carved, part of the same stone, is now in the possession of Miss Hossack, Banff. At page 15 of this Volume reference is made to a " Pieta," believed to be unique of its kind in Scotland, and which was accepted by the Society of Antiquaries for Scotland as a genuine native find. See Illustration, p. 2 antea. See Dr. Wilson?s last Will and Testament, pp. 541-5, Records of Marischal College and University, edited by Mr. P. J. Anderson for the New Spalding Club.


** These lines are frequently found on the covers of old Protocol and other books


(426) This stone is erected by Thomas Mill, tidewr. in Banff, to the memory of. his wife Isoball Mordach, who died 19th June, 1783, aged 43 years, also his children George, Jean, Catherine, and Elizabeth, who died in their infancy.

(427) 1836. Erected by William Paterson to the memory of his spouse Jane Jeffrey, who died the 13th January, 1836, aged 58 years, and of their son John, who died in April, 1811, aged 1 month. The above-mentioned William Paterson died 2nd August, 1853, aged 72 years.

(428) This stone is erected by Thomas Duncan, gardiner in Banff, in memory of his father James Duncan, who died anno 1776, and also four of his own children, viz., Mary, Ann, Alexander, and Catharine.

(429) 1868. This stone is erected in memory of, John Duncan, blacksmith, Banff, who died in 1827, aged 55, and of Jane Gordon, his wife, who died in 1841, aged 59.

(430) Erected to the memory of Elspet Imlach, daughter of James Imlach, late merchant in Banff, who died 29th November, 1825. She lived in the constant exercise of charity, benevolence, and every Christian grace and virtue, performed her filial duties with pious zeal and the most devoted care and affection, and was a sincere and faithful friend. Her surviving brothers place over her remains this record of her worth, and their fraternal affection and regret.*

(431) Erected to the memory of James Imlach, merchant in Banff, who died 22nd March, 1820, aged 79 years, and of Isabella Reid, his spouse, daughter of Thomas Reid, gardener in Banff, who died 25th March, 1807, aged 51 years. Also are interred here the remains of their children James, who died in 1787, aged 9 years, and John, who died in infancy, 1792. Also interred here two of the children of James Imlach (son of the above James Imlach), and of Isabella Leslie, his spouse, daughter of the Rev. William Leslie of Balnageith, and of Margaret Sinclair, sister of the Earl of Caithness, Margaret Sinclair Imlach, aged 10 years, and Mary Imlach, who died in infancy.


*James Imlach, who died in 1820, had five sons-George, who died in Edinburgh in 1864; William, a Colonel in India, died 1822; Alexander, died in Jamaica 1802, and James, author of a History of Banff, published by Mr. Robert Leask, Banff, in 1868. "James, Imlach, senior, after service in the Navy, accompanied Admiral Gordon to Banff, and under his auspices, and that of the county gentlemen of the district, established the first bank agency in the town, a branch of the Aberdeen bank, and which continued to be the only bank in the town down to the ear 1815 at which date the second agency, that of the Commercial Bank, was established under the management of the late Hugh Cross. His son William was a gallant soldier, and performed on various occasions distinguished service He was engaged in the storming party at the capture of Seringapatam. At Bhurtpore he volunteered to take command of the forlorn hope and had planted the British standard on the walls of the fortress, when he and his companions were temporarily overpowered, and young Imlach was hurled into the ditch badly wounded. In1809 he led a body of Sepoys in an attack upon St. Paul's, in the island of Bourbon, held by the French. The struggle was long and deadly, but Imlach and his Sepoys were victorious. For his services he was appointed Governor of the neighbouring island of Rodriguez, with a salary of 5000Bp a year. He was cut off at the early age of 42, after 26 years? service. He left two sons and a daughter, with a widow, a daughter of Colonel Johnston, who, with his daughter and granddaughter, subsequently emigrated to Canada, where the family occupied a position of influence. James Imlach, junior, was born in 1789, and educated at Banff Academy. He and his brother George succeeded their father in the bank as joint-agents. At that time agents took the sole risk of transactions at their agencies and the Messrs. Imlach suffered heavily thereby. James married Isabella, one of the ten daughters of Rev. William Leslie, minister of St. Andrews-Lhanbryde, by whom he had two sons, the elder drowned in 1846 at Montreal and the younger, James, died in London in 1850. His eldest daughter married a German gentleman Mr. Bargin at New York; another daughter, Helen, married in 1849 Dr. Rogers, Jefferson City, U.S. A third daughter, Charlotte, was also married. Mr. Imlach married, secondly in 1855, Susan, daughter of Provost G. G. Robinson, Banff, by whom he had no family. She died in 1874. Mr. Imlach died in 1880, and was buried in Banff Cemetery, where his second wife was also interred."-(Notes from Banffshire Journal.)

(432) This stone was erected by Thomas Reid, gardner in Banff, in memory of his wife Jean Grant, who departed this life 20th January, 1782, aged 52 years. A loving and most dutyfull wife, an affectionate and indulgent mother, whose life was exemplary for every Christian virtue, and of their daughter Dorothea Reid, who departed this life July 5th, 1794, aged 31 years, much beloved by her parents and esteemed by her acquaintances. Here also are interred the remains of William Reid, sometime in Bauchlaw, only son of the above-named Thomas Reid, who died at Colleonard the 30th day of March, 1842, aged 84, and of Ann Orrok, his spouse, who died at Colleonard the 15th day of February, 1828, aged 64.*

(433) Susanna Emmett Duncan April 2nd, 1798, aets- 32. Alas. Susanna Emmett Duncan was the daughter of William and Susannah (Pearson) Emmett of Walton, Herts., and was born there March 16th, 1765. Her only child Susannah born at Banff March, 1798, wife of Thomas Pratt, died at Chemies, Bucks, September 30th, 1839

(434) Sacred to, the memory of Walter Milne, sometime blacksmith at Gellyburn mouth, who died June 2nd, 1795, aged 72 years. A friendly, benevolent, and open-hearted man, and a strict observer of every religious duty. This stone is erected by his surviving spouse Ann Smith, as a memorial of her gratitude and love to a most affectionate husband.

(435) 1867. Sacred to the memory of the children of William Dallas, gardener, Banff, James Mackie died 19th April, 1856, aged 5 years, Mary died 23rd October, 1859, aged 12 years, Alexander died 10th June, 1860, aged 19 years, John died 3rd October, 1860, aged 21 years. Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation. - I Pet. i. 5.


*This family came originally from Buchan to Banff. Thomas Reid was one of two brothers sons of a farmer in Deer. Thomas came to Banffshire and was employed to lay out the grounds and plantations of Earl Fife, the Duke of Gordon, and the Earl of Findlater. While at Duff House he lived in the Airlie lodging, the remains of which are still to be seen in the Flower Garden at Duff House. Cumberland?s soldiers in 1746, it is said, plundered him of nearly all his potatoes. He died at Cullen. William Reid, son of Thomas was born in the Airlie lodging. In course of time he had a small nursery at the haugh, below the Rack mill, which he was induced by the Earl of Findlater to transfer to Colleonard. He married Anne Orrok, descended of a Fifeshire family, whose property is now merged in the Wemyss estate, and had a large family of sons and daughters, all educated in Banff. William the eldest, rose in the E. I. Company?s service to the rank of Captain, and was a distinguished soldier in the Bengal army in the beginning of this century. Thomas, the second son, got an ensigncy in the Duke of Wellington?s Regiment the 33rd, then commanded by his uncle, Colonel Orrok and employed in India. He was engaged in the battle of Assaye, the reduction of the Isles of France and of Bourbon, the attack on Bergen-op-zoom and the battle of Waterloo, in which last engagement he was wounded. His regiment was afterwards ordered to Jamaica, where his health gave way. He had then attained to the rank of Major, and was the last man of the regiment of those who had been his comrades when he joined. He died at Nairn c.1881, and was buried in the Churchyard of Cawdor.

James, the third son, was born at Colleonard on 8th September, 1794, and when about 14 years of age-others say 17-he received a commission as ensign in the 78th Regiment, now the Seaforth Highlanders. "When he joined the army, the regiment to which he was attached was stationed in Holland, and he sailed from Aberdeen with a detachment of the regiment for Holland in a sailing vessel, which occupied nearly a fortnight on the voyage. When the detachment left Aberdeen the youthfulness of the officer was subject of remark among the crowd that had gathered at the pier to wish the recruits God-speed, and the late Colonel used to recall the sympathetic remark of a woman on that occasion-? My heart is sair for that bonnie laddie!? Reid was engaged with his regiment in the attack made under Sir Thomas Graham on the night of the 8th March, 1814, on the fortress of Bergen-op-Zoom, then held by the French. He returned home with his regiment a month later, on the capitulation of Paris. At Waterloo the 78th, much to their chagrin, were stationed by Wellington as part of the reserve, and thus were not directly engaged. On the reduction of the forces in 1824 Lieutenant Reid was placed on half-pay. In 1827, while resident at Colleonard, he married Mary Anderson, daughter of Mr. Anderson of Kingsfield, Glasgow whose wife was Mary Wilson of Cullen, a relative of Baillie Robertson, Banff, and of the Rannies of Birdbank. Thereafter he proceeded to Canada and settled on property of his own. His military training proved of value in the troublous times of 1837 and 1838 and he was made Lieutenant Colonel. Not till the age of 88 did he give up the command of the Reserve Division of Huntingdon. Henceforth he lived partly in Canada and partly in Scotland. Colonel Reid's daughter, Mary was married to Captain Roberts of the P. and O. Co., and the Colonel visited them at Suez on several occasions - the last when he was in his 88th year. His son, Dr. Kenneth Reid, New York, predeceased him. His daughter Anna married Mr. Cardigan, Canada. His son James resides in Canada, and John in California. His youngest son died in Egypt several years ago. His wife died in 1871, and Colonel Reid himself died in June, 1891 aged nearly 97, at the residence of his daughter Mrs. Captain Roberts, Colleonard Villa, St. Fillans, near Crieff, and was buried at Dundurn."

Colonel Reid was tall and had a fine military bearing. His two other brothers, John and Whymes, went to South America in commercial pursuits. Whymes perished with his own ship in a voyage to Otaheite. John settled about Valparaiso.


(436) Alexander Glenie and Isobel Wilson have here interred the bodies of their deceased children William, who died September 29th, I771, in the 1st year of his age, and John, who died July 21st, 1780, in the 5th year of his age. Isobel Wilson above named died 31st July, 1805, aged 54 years, a dutiful wife and an affectionate parent. Alexander Glenie, husband to the above named Isabel Wilson, departed this life 16th April, 1820, aged 83 years, also their son Alexander Glenie, who died 30th October, 1833, aged 61 years, and his wife Elspet Sim, who died 1st August, 1863, aged 70 years.

(437) Under this stone are interred the bodies of Elizabeth Davidson, spouse of Alexander Cockburn, merchant in Banff, who departed this life May 31, 1743, and of their son James, who died October 15, 1728. Lord make me to know mine end and the measure of my days what it is that I may know how frail I am.

(438) Erected to the memory of Alexander Wright, who died 22nd March, 1815, aged 68 years, and of Barbara Marshall, his spouse, who died 17th July, 1830, aged 84 years, also Thomas Wright, merchant, Banff, second son of the above, died 11th April, 1851, aged 67 years, and of Henrietta Cameron, his spouse, who died in London 15th May, 1872, in the 90th year of her age. Barbara Wright died on the 12th of January, 1855, aged 78 years. Jean Wright died 1st February, 1865, aged 84 years.

(439) Life how short. Eternity how long.

(440) In memory of Margaret Murray, only daughter of William Murray, farmer in Mill of Cullen, Gamrie, who died 19th March, 1846, aged 30 years.

(441) This stone was erected by James Clark, cooper in Banff, in memory of his father, late shipmaster in Banff, who died 8th October, 1732, and of his mother Christian Gordon, who died 29th May, 1763, also of his children by Margaret Shand, viz., Ann, who died 12th October, 1761, aged 5 years, Alexander, who died 27th February, 1778, aged 5 years, John, who died 16th June, 1785, aged 32 years and James who died 18th September, 1787, aged 28 years, also James Clark, Senior: who died 18th March 1809, aged 88 years. His daughter Jane Clark died 9th December, 1816, aged 46. Margaret Shand, his spouse, died 31st August, 1820, aged 87, also their daughter Ann Clark, who died the 21st February, 1841, aged 72, and their daughter Isabella Clark, who died 14th May, 1864, aged 89 years.

(442) In memory of William Murray, late farmer in Mill of Cullen, Gamrie, who died 17th January, 1853, aged 74 years.

(443) Here lies inter'd the body of William Joass, who departed this life 2nd November, 1768, aged 78 years, also the body of Margery Stewart, his wife, who departed this life 7th January, 1789, aged 79 Years. Here also is inter'd the body of Barbara Joass, daughter to the said William and Margery, and wife of James Smith, gardner in Banff. She departed this life on the 17th day of March, 1801, aged 71 years. A better wife, mother, Christian or friend never left this transitory life, nor will her resignation under many afflictions and tryals ever be surpassed. This stone is erected by their surviving children Mn. Sh.

(444) Here ly the ashes of William Tod, who died September 10th, 1725, and Jean Tod, who died October 21, 1725, children to James Tod and Elspet Hui.

(445) Here is interred the body of John Michie, sometime merchant in Banff, who departed this life November 10th, 1762, aged 77 years, and also the body of Elizabeth Farquharson, his spouse, who died June 8th, 1765, aged 70 years, also Hellen, their eldest daughter, wife of Chapln. Mackenzie of the 78th Regiment, who died 26th October, 1780, aet. 6o- For integrity and benevolence, filial piety, conjugal affection, and . . . to all connected with her.

The body frail, a mouldring clod,

In humble dust must lie;

A glorious mansion waits the soul

Above the azure sky.

(446) Here layes Alexander, John and Alexander Michies lauful children to Jo. Michie and Elizabeth Farquharson, December 7th, 1738.

(447) Here is interred the body of Anne Michie, spouse of William Gilbert, merchant, who departed this life August 22nd, 1767, in the 35th year of her age, with a most amiable character. Her memory deserves a sympathizing tear | If virtue love benevolence are dear | she was an easey freind and loving wife. | In all relations kind humane through life. | Here also is interred the body of Elizabeth Gilbert, their daughter, who died October 29th, 1764, in the fifth month of her age. Here also rests the body of the above William Gilbert, merchant in Banff, who died the 8th of January, 1798, aged 88 years. As a small tribute to his memory this inscription is done by his daughter Hellen.

(448) Here lies the body of Margaret Farquharson, lawful daughter of John Farquharson of West-town, who died the 30th of November, 1769, aged 82. Inoffensive in manners and of integrity through life.

(449) To the memory of Mary Gordon, youngest daughter of the late Charles Gordon, Esquire of Buthlaw, who died at Banff January 26th, 1795

(450) Sacred to the memory of Gilbert Bannerman, watchmaker in Banff, who died 18th April, 1812, aged 78 years, and of Anne Smart, his spouse, who died 14th August, 1814, aged 73 years.

(451) This stone is erected by Jean Ritchie to the, memory of Alexander Smart, sometime taylor in Banff, her husband, who departed this life June 12th, 1754, aged 53 years, and of their children William, who died July 15th, 1732, in the third year of his age, and Anne, who died November 30th, 1736, in the sixth year of her age. Their son James Smart died anno 1758, aged 20 years, Dorothea Gilzean, their grand-daughter, died September 14th, 1767, aged eight years. Also here is interred the body of the above Jean Ritchie, who died March 25th, 1778, aged [blank] years, and her son-in-law William Gilzean, who died December 2nd, 1791, aged 77 Years.

(452) This stone is erected by Alexander Smart, taylor in Banf, and Jean Ritchie, his spouse, to the memory of William Smart, their son. He died July 14.

(453) Sacred to the memory of Helen Robertson, daughter of George Robertson, formerly Rector of the Banff Academy, born 5th February, 1748, died 9th June, 1827.

(454) In : Johannem Scott civem et mercatorem Banfiensem qui A.D. 1695 et aetatis sue 61 fatis cessit epitaphium beati mortui in Domino sed ullo servavit . rem : quam sudore paravit hunc quoque nullius jus violasse . liquet ille Deo vixit moriens sobolemque reliquit optima felicister monumenta patris hinc abiens cunctis dilectus sed mage Christo possidet excelsis gaudiae firma poli (?)*

* Grave errors occur in the above inscription.


(455) Sacred to the memory of Miss Maria Erskine, who was born in the East Indies on the 9th of November, 1791, and died at Banff on the 25th of May, A.D. 1807.

(456) Here lyes Margrat Hughon, spouse to James Forsyth, couper and burges in Banf, who departed this life Februar, 1720, and their children Janet and Alexander Forsyths, and James Forsyth, their grandchild.

(457) This stone was erected by Isobel Forsyth in memory of her husband Archbald Simpson, cupar and conveener in Banff, who died the 11th of August, 1731, and of these their children Margret, Ann and William Simsons.

My soul is gone to God above,

My body's rotting in the ground

Both will be reunite in love,

And bliss at the last trumpet's sound.

A. S. . I. F.

(458) William Horn has erected this small memorial of his affectionate spouse Anne Kennedy, who died at Banff 25th May, 1808, aged 26 years, and Alexander and Archbald, their children, who died in infancy, the former at Gibraltar and the latter at Banff.

Thro' various climes and continents

Together safe we've past,

Thro' sanguine foes and boisterous waves

Yet now must part at last.

(459) Sacred to the memory of Alexander Paul, late merchant in Banff, who departed this life on the 3rd January, 1824, aged 67 years, also his grand-daughter Bathia Thomson, who died 17th December, 1819, aged 18 years, also Alexander Paul, son of John Paul, shipmaster in Banff, who died 14th May, 1839, aged 10 years, also Bathia Sharp, wife of the above Alexander Paul, who died 12th December, 1844, aged 88 years, also James Paul, her son, and Elspet Anderson, his wife, who died, the former on the 3rd November, 1859, aged 77 years, and the latter on the 19th May, 1861, aged 84 years, also Jemima Paul, their grand-daughter, who died in 1846, aged 14 years, also Alexander, her brother, born in Banff 3rd May, 1848, and drowned while yachting on Lake Huron, July, 1870. Inscribed in affectionate remembrance by John Paul, junior, Belleville, Ontario, Canada, 1870

(460) Here is inter'd the body of Hannah Wilson, daughter of William Wilson, cooper, and somtime overseer of the salmon fishing in Banff, who departed this life the [rest covered by another stone].

(461) Here is intered the body of William Wilson, sometime manager of the salmon fishing in Banff, who departed this life the 11th of February, 1781, aged 55 years. Also are interred here the mortal remains of Isabella Hossack, daughter of Alexander Hossack, cooper in Banff, who died the 3rd February, 1824, aged 9 years, and in memory of the above Alexander Hossack, who died 19th of November, 1840, aged 58 years. Here are interred the remains of Mr. William Hossack, junior, merchant and draper in Banff (second son of the said Alexander Hossack), who died on the 26th May, 1857, aged 36 years, and of Hannah Glennie, spouse of the said Alexander Hossack, who died at Banff on the 20th day of March, 1864, aged 81 years, and his daughter Barbara Hossack, who died at Banff 30th December, 1885, aged 66 years.


(462) This stone was erected by John Ewing, salmon fisher at Banff, in memory of Martha Wilson, his spouse, and daughter to William Wilson, then Overseer of the Fishing, who departed this life upon the 7th of February, 1778, aged 22 years and 2 months. Also his second spouse Margaret Hutcheon, who departed this life the 4th January, 1822, aged 81 years. Also the aforesaid John Ewing, who died 18th August, 1822, aged 79 years. Their son John Ewing, late farmer at Rackmill, who died there on the 31st January, 1826, aged 45 years, and John Ewing, his son, who was born 12th July, 1819, and died on the 6th January, 1832

(463) This stone was erected by Daniel McDonald and Isabel Geddes, his spouse, to the memory of their children James McDonald, who died the 14th February, 1773, aged 5 months, and Isabel McDonald, who died the 26th April, 1774, aged 5 years.

(464) This stone was erected by William Lawrence, wheelwright in Banff, in memory of his spouse El. Lawrence, who departed this life [rest covered].

(465) Here lyes the body of Thomas Keith, shoemaker in Banff, who departed this life June 2, 174- [hid by rose bush].

(466) Erected by James Rose, solicitor in Banff, and Isabella Falder, his spouse, in memory of their children James, who died 30th January, 1833, aged 2 years and 4 months, and William, who died on the following day, aged 5 years and 5 months. Also of their second James, who died 3rd May, 1836, aged 2 years and 8 months.

(467) The corpse of Adam Pantoun, merchant in Banff, who died 20th day September, 1733, ly interr'd under this gravestone, which his surviving spouse Sarah Wood erected to his memory. A. P. . S. W.

(468) This stone was erected by John and Alexander Caies, selaters freemen and burgesses in Banff, to the memory of their uncel John Caie, selater, who died September, 1733, and his spouse Janet Dauson, who died 7th October, 1770

(469) Here is the rasting place of James Wood, merchant in Banff, and Margrit Gairden, his spouse, and their children.

(470) Sacred to the memory of William Leslie of Denlugas* . . .

(471) Sacred to the memory of James Farquhar, late comptroller of Customs, Banff, wlio died 23rd July, 1823, aged 45 years, also his spouse Elizabeth Farquhar, who died 18th April, 1843, aged 46 years, and their son and daughter James and Eliza Farquhar, also of their son William Farquhar, distiller in Aberdeen, who died there 27th November, 1871, aged 72 years. For 46 read 76 years.

(472) Erected by Ann Joss, Banff, to the memory of her son John Sinclair, who died 11th Sept., 1854, aged 22 years. The above Ann Joss died 29th November, 1867, aged 73 years.

(473) To the memory of John Jeffryes, late collector of Customs in Banff, who died 17th March, 1822, aged 60 years. **


*The inscription is now nearly gone, owing to the decay of the stone. It is thus given in Imlach's "Chronicles" (1868):-"Sacred to the memory of William Leslie, Esq. of Dunlugus, who died 27th March 1811; also, his sister Margaret, who died in 1806." Mr. Imlach adds the following note:- "Mr. Leslie was a successful Norwegian proprietor and merchant, who having realized a considerable fortune, and having no children of his own, left his fine estate of Dunlugas to his nephew, the late Hans George Leslie, Esq. of Dunlugas, who was educated at Banff Academy. In after life, Mr. Leslie was characterized as a most liberal-minded country gentleman. At his death, he was interred at the family mausoleum in the Churchyard of Alvah, and his son, Captain Hans G. Leslie, H.E.I.C., succeeded to the estate." Dunlugas was sold in 1877 to Sir Robert Abercromby of Forglen for 60,000Bp.


**Mr. Gad Jeffries died at Ladybrand, Free State Republic, South Africa, in September, 1892, in the 84th year of his age. He is said to have been born at Banff in 1809 and was probably a member of the family above referred to. He went to the Cape in 1820 and as a trader in ivory and skins he frequently met Moffatt and Livingstone. He held a command in the Basuto war of 1867, and was held in high esteem by both British and Dutch.


(474) In memory of James Black, sometime farmer at Lochterlandoch, Glenrinnes, latterly at Milltack, King Edward, where he died 1st July, 1858, aged 51, and of his spouse Helen Gordon, who died at Elgin 25th August, 1864, aged 75.

(475) Erected by William Wilson, flesher in Banff, in memory of his children Hannah, an infant, who departed this life 6th June, 1813, also Ann, who died 13th May, 1815, aged 13 years. Here also lies William Wilson, the above affectionate father, who died on the 16th August, 1821, aged 53 years, and James Wilson, his son, who died 29th June, 1825, aged five years and four months.

(476) Heir lyis Jhon Mar--- departit* [rest covered by another stone].

(477) Hic jacet Anna Cumming uxor Jacobi Duff in hac urbe mereatoris unacum fillo Davide obiit hic 10 Nov. 1712 illa antem 17 Mar: 1722.

(478) Sacred to the memory of Mary Cuming, spouse to Capt. David Cuming of Marines, and daughter to Sir William Dunbar of Durn, who resigned her pure soul to Heaven and everlasting bless July 4th, 1782, aged 38, in the absence (in his country's service) of an affectionate and now afflicted husband, who justly and sincerely laments the loss of so much constancy and worth, and of one whom his heart from love and gratitude was too long and too faithfully attached to ever to be forgot. Robert Cuming, late in Mountcoffer, father to the above David Curnming, after a truely exemplary life of piety and virtue, died May 30th, 1776, aged 81. Jean Cuming, spouse to the above Robert Cuming, died 5th August, 1790, aged 80. The above David Cuming died at Banff the 6th May, 1809, aged 71 years.

(479) . . . McRae, his sister, who died 22nd May, 1825, aged 3 years and 2 months . . . of the late Colin McRae, 75th Regiment of Foot, and Isabella McRae of Ardintoul.

(480) In memory of his beloved parents Donald MackIntosh, who died 17th September, 1807, aged 76 years, and of his spouse Elspeth Forbes, who died 21st November, 1829, aged 77 years. Erected by their affectionate son James Mackintosh, late of Calcutta. **

(481) Hic sitvs est Jacobvs Wynchester comvnis Banffie clericvs qvi obiit 24, Martii ano Dmni MDCXL Req- 1. W.***

(482) . . . .obiit . 1440 . eivs filivs Joan . . . ****


* The full inscription is given in Mr. Jervise?s MSS.:-" Heir lyes | Jhon Mar | vha departit | the 18 of | December | 1637. | "

** James Mackintosh was a carpenter in a Banff ship-building yard. He went to India on board a vessel in which Dr. Robert Wilson of Banff was surgeon, and through his influence he obtained employment with Burns & Co., builders, Calcutta in which firm he rose till he made his fortune. Returning to Scotland he purchased the estate of Lamancha in Peebles-shire, an estate which he made a valuable property.

***The Town Clerk, whose family arms also appear on this broken stone, was perhaps the brother of Bailie Alexander Winchester, who figures in the history of the town at that same period. A remembrance of the bailie was lately found in demolishing the old Union Bank buildings in Low Street, when there was found a triangular shaped stone, bearing in raised capital letters the inscription:-" A. W. Alexander Wynchester cavsit, doe. this." Another stone bears the monogram of Alexander Winchester and his wife Margaret Arder. These stones were probably removed from his tombstone in the churchyard when the Old Church was demolished (Cf. Provost Douglas?s monument and the similar inscription "erexit hoc opus"). Other carved stones are now built into the back wall of the same building, and had no doubt a similar origin (Cf p. 193 supra sub 1796). One has the date " 1787 " on a kind of slate used at that period for tomb stones. Another has a boar?s head erased, while another bears the initials "G. S. " and a coat of arms.

**** This broken slab contains a monogram, apparently SVIK, or SKVI, also a fragment of a motto " Quis contra . . ". The letters that remain are beautifully cut and perfectly clear. The stone is obviously of date about 1640- It cannot possibly be of the date it purports, because the modern form of the figure "4" was not in use in the North of Scotland at least, till long after 1440. One of the earlist forms of "4" in the North may be seen on the Huntly monument in the Gordon aisle, Elgin Cathedral, of date 1475, but even it differs considerably from the modern "4"


(483) Cippum hunc in memoriam patris sui chatissimi Dividis Cumming de Coldmyre in comitatu Moraviensi matrisque suae amantissimae Janetae Cuie qui cum filiam Annam Jacobi Duff de Corsinday tunc temporis uxorem ac nepotes huc visendi gratia venissent morbo protinus correpti fatis cesserunt ille prid. Cal. Nov. A. E. C. MDCCXXI annos natus LXXIII haec annos nata LXIII Vo Idus Nov. ejusdem anni extruendum curavit Robertus Cumming filiorum octo superstes unicus. Conduntur hic quoque quod mortale fuit filii sui Gulielmi qui them obiit Feb. Nonis anni MDCCXXXVI vix exacto secum secundo actatis anno.

(484) Here lyes George Gordon, sometime bailie in Banff, who departed this life May 7, 1700, also his spouse Mary Gordon, who died July 31, 1681, with their children John, George, Alexander, Thomas and Jean Gordons.

(485) Here lyes the ashes of John Leith, sometime servant to ane noble Lord George, Lord Banff, who departed this life July the 3rd, 1715

Loe where the ashes of the just doe ly

Exposed by death to immortality.

(486) Sacred to the memory of Miss Margaret Grant, daughter of John Grant, Esq., of Kincardine O'Neil, and of Mrs. Grant Duff of Eden, who died 3rd May, 1848, aged 71, also of her sister Miss Jane Grant, who died 15th September, 1857, aged 79.*

(487) Sacred to the memory of Margaret Duff, daughter to the late James Duff of Corsinday, and widow of John Stuart, late Supervisor of Excise in Banff, who died 5th March, 1803, aged 91.

(488) M- G G.? B. 1610.

(489) T, K, E. H.

(490) In affectionate remembrance of William Walker, shipbuilder, who died 29th March, 1827, aged 70, and of his wife Christian Thompson, who died 7th May, 1827, aged 75, also his first wife Jean Crichton, who died 1795, aged 25.

(491) Here lyes a honest vertueovs . . . Morison, bvrges of Banf, who departed, also ly heir a honest . . . V. S. . A. V. . S. . B. . W. . A. . S.

(492) Erected to the memory of John Whyte, surgeon in Banff, who died the 18th day of May, 1831, aged 61 years. Here also rest the remains of Elspet Whyte, his spouse, who died the 24th August, 1794, aged 30 years, Mary Findlater Whyte, their daughter, who died 24th August, 1792, aged 3 months, and John Whyte, their son, who died 13th August, 1797, aged 3 years and 6 months.


* Mr. Grant Duff of Eden was the eldest son of Mr. Grant of Kincardine O?Neil, and was born in Banff 1789. He was educated at Banff Academy and Marischal College. Adopting arms as his profession he rose rapidly. He was appointed Persian interpreter and adjutant of his regiment, and under Mountstuart Elphinstone, Chief Resident at Poonah, filled important posts both civil and military, one of which was that of Political Resident at Sattara. His administration was marked by great ability and success. Captain Grant returned to his native country in 1822, and assumed the surname of Duff, in consequence of succeeding to the estate of Eden, by descent from the Duffs of Corsindae, and in 1850, Mrs. Grant Duff having succeeded to an estate in Fifeshire, he assumed the name of Cuninghame. He married the only child of Sir Whitelaw Ainslie, author of the " Materia Medica Indica." He himself is well-known as the author of the History of the Mabrattas. Their eldest son is the Right Hon, Sir Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant Duff, P.C., G.C.S.I., C.I.E., who was born in 1829, was Under-Secretary of State for India 1868-74, Lord Rector of Aberdeen University 1866-72, M-P- for the Elgin District of Burghs 1857-81, and Governor of Madras 1881-86. James Cuninghame Grant Duff, Esq., of Eden, died in 1857,and was interred in the family mausoleum in the old churchyard of King Edward.


(493) Sacred to the memory of Mary Wilson, relict of the late John Whyte, surgeon in Banff, spouse of the Rev. Robert Blackwood, minister of Union Free Church, Aberdeen, died at Banff 22nd June, 1851. This inscription is placed by her surviving husband.

In memory of Joseph Whyte, M.R.C.S.L., surgeon, R.N., who practised in Banff for 30 years, died 1856, aged 71, and Sarah Wilson, his spouse. This inscription is placed by their younger son, W. J. Whyte, M.D., Edinburgh, M.R.C.P., London, Physician in Banff.

(494) James Sellar has erected this small memorial of his most affectionate mother Anne Littlejohn, who died the 8th of March, 1800, aged 55 years, as also of his four infant children and his son Alexander, who died the 7th day of December, 1814, aged 21 years.

(495) Here are interred the mortal remains of Captain John McLeod of the Royal Navy, who died 13th September, 1817, aged 50 years, in Banff.

(496) In memory of Alexander Strachan, junior, who died 15th October, 1797, aged 18, Alexander Strachan, Senior, who died 29th December, 1812, aged 72, and of Jane Wilson, his spouse, who died 4th June, 1816, aged 76. In memory of James Strachan of Cortes, M.D., Inspector-General of Army Hospitals, who died at Mormond House on the 20th December, 1840, aged 65 years. This testimonial of affectionate regard is erected by his only sister Margaret Strachan. Margaret Strachan of Cortes died at Mormond House, Aberdeenshire, 26th March, 1867, and is here interred.*

(497) Here ly the ashes of James Ogilvie, Baillie in Banff, who was born in 1647,and died July 5th, 1731, and also Margaret Greig, his spouse, who died [blank] in the [blank] year of her age, with their children George, James, Christian, and Janet Ogilvies, and of Alexander Strachan, who died in the year 1770, and of Ann Ogilvie, his spouse, who died in the year 1763.

(498) Erected by Jane McDonald in memory of her beloved daughter Jane McKilligin, who died 11 th July, 1862, aged 17 years, also to the memory of her afectionate husband James McKilligin, who died in London, 29th May, 1859, aged 37 years.

(499) Sacred to the memory of James Smith, blacksmith, who died 20th January, 1859, aged 75 years, also of his spouse Mary Paterson, who died 1st November, 1873, aged 76 years, also of their children Jane Abercromby died 1821, in infancy. Isabella Leslie died 1849, aged 23 years. Dorathea, wife of Joseph Brown, who died September, 1850, aged 19 years. Jane, wife of George Badenoch, who died in Edinburgh 9th February, 1866, aged 28 years. James died at sea while in command of the ship " Tiverton " of Liverpool, on a voyage from Bimlipitam to London, 22nd November, 1871, aged 43 years. Mary Ann, wife of Joseph Anderson, who died in London 21st January, 1876, aged 52 years. Erected as a tribute of affection by William and Alexander Smith. '



* James Strachan, son of Alexander Strachan by his wife, Anne Ogilivie, was born in 1775? After completing his studies at the School of Fordyce and King's College, Aberdeen, he was apprenticed to Dr. Gauld, surgeon in Banff, and afterwards entered the army as a surgeon. He served in Ireland, at Walcheren, and in America (where he attracted the notice of Sir James McGregor, who was ever a steady friend), and also in India. Dr. Strachan rose in his profession, and, before leaving the army had been for some years Inspector-General of Hospitals. He finally retired about 1832 and took up residence in Banff with his sister. In 1835 the estate of Cortes in Buchan came into the market for sale; it was the property of John Gordon of Cairnbulg, and the Doctor became the purchaser at 23,000Bp. While the Doctor was abroad, Miss Strachan lived with her parents, of whom her father died in 1812, and her mother in 1816. His sister accompanied the Doctor to Cortes, but he did not live long to enjoy his property, and died on 20th December, 1840. His sister, Miss Strachan, succeeded to the property; and, besides many gifts in her lifetime, she left 1250Bp for various benevolent purposes in the town."-(Imlach.)