(500) This stone is erected by James Lowrie, shoemaker in Banff, to the memory of John Lowrie and Janet -----, his father and mother, and John Lowrie, his son, who died October, 1755? aged . . .

(501) This stone is erected by John Wales, gardener, in memory of his spouse Margaret Simpson, who died December 30th, 1796.

(502) Peter Hendry died 10th January, 1848, aged 77.

(503) This stone was erected by John Burnet, square wright, burges in Banff, and Christian Wilson, his spouse, in memory of these their children William, John, Agnes, Alex,., William, George, John, James and Margaret Burnets.

(504) This stone is erected by James Watson, merchant in Banff, and Margaret Masson, his spouse, in memory of their deceased children William, who died the 29th December, 1795, aged 11 months, Alexander, who died the 16th April, 1799, aged 1 month, and John, who died the 26th September, 1800, aged 3 years and 1 month. Here are also interred the mortal remains of the above Margaret Masson, spouse to James Watson. She departed this life the 22nd day of March, 1826, aged 54 years, who was a most affectionate wife and a dutiful parent. Another John died in London 17th October, 1839, aged 37 years, Janet died 10th January, 1841, aged 31 years. The above James Watson died 16th October, 1845, aged 90 years.

(505) Here lyes the Body of Isabel Murison, daur. to Alexr. Murison, shoemaker in Banff, who died February 25th, 1776. This stone repaired by Ann, the last of the family.

(506) This stone is erected by Ann Green to the memory of Francis Inghram in Collenort, her husband, who died Aprile 15th, 1741

(507) Here lyes the ashes of James Gray, burges shoemaker in Banf, who departed this life Aprill 8th, 1707, also of James, Robert, and Margret Grays, his children procreat betwixt him and Margrat Finnie, his spous.

(508) Here lyes till the comming of Christ, the dust of Thomas Couk, sometime merchant in Bamph, who dyed in the 61 year of his age, the 22 of Nour., 1721, and his spouse Christian Gray, who dyed the 24th of June, 1724, aged 51, and their children Jean, Jannet, Jams, Thomas, Anna Couks.

(509) Here are interred the bodies of John Cook, merchant in Banff, who died 1st December, 1749, aged 68 years, Alexander, his son, two daughters of the name of Mary, one of the name of Jean, Mrs. Christian Cook, his spouse, who died 27th March, 1775, Helen Cook, his daughter, who died 31st August, 1792, George Paterson, merchant in Banff, his son-in-law, who died 27th May, 1795, Mrs. Ann Cook, his daughter, and relict of Mr. William Gibson of London, who died 24th June, 1800.

(510) To the memory of John Ramage, accountant, National Bank, Banff, who died 24th February, 1832, aged 34, deeply regreted by his widow and relations, and of Lilias Hardie, his wife, who died 24th February, 1860, aged 63 years, also of their daughter, Catherine Ramage, who died 5th March, 1846, aged 15 years.

(511) Erected by Martha Maclean in Banff to the memory of her deceased father Charles Maclean, who died in the year 1793, aged 26, also of her mother Catherine Bennett, his spouse, who died 10th December, 1836, aged 76 years. Here also are interred his sister Margaret McLean, who died in infancy, and Charles Maclean, who died in 1814, aged 21 years.

O may we stand before the Lamb

When earth and seas are fled

And hear the judge pronounce our names

With blessings on our head.

(512) Here lyes William Pett, who departed this life 1694, Helen Jeamesone, his spouse, who departed this life 1676.

(513) Sacred to the memory of Thomas Blake, Inspecting Commander of the Coast Guard, who died here the 25th February, 1841, aged 52 years, also his wife Frances Gregson, who died 5th May, 1856, aged 66 years. Sacred to the memory of James Smith, youngest son of Thomas and Frances Gregson Blake, who departed this life the 24th December, 1834, aged two years and six months, and of his brother William Wade Blake, who died at Lombock on the 11th December, 1839, aged 16 years.

(514) Erected by Barbara Watt in memory of her father William Watt, who died in Banff the 16th August, 1790, aged 41 years, and his spouse Elisabeth Watt, who died the 6th October, 1812, aged 72 years, also there daughter Jane, who died in Hackney, London, the 6th December, 1849, aged 73 years. Here also is intered the above named Barbara Watt, late of Hackney Road, London, who died at Macduff 28th September, 1853, aged 81 years.

Erected by James Scott, flesher in Banff, in memory of his daughter Margaret Pirie, who died on the 7th day of September, 1855, aged 9 years, also of his daughter Eliza Morison, who died on the 17th day of April, 1862, aged 10 months. The above James Scott died on the 19th day of April, 1861, aged 51 years. Also William, son of the above, who was lost at sea off the Irish Coast about the 16th of March, 1867, aged 24 years.

(515) Heir lyes Villiam Paiterson, lavful son

(516) In memory of James Henry, mason, Banff, who died 14th January, 1849, aged 68 years.

(517) In the well-grounded hope of their glorious resurrection unto life everlasting, through the obedience, death, resurrection, and intercession of Jesus Christ, James Robertson and Lillias Grant have here interred the bodies of their deceased children Alexander, who died in February, 1771, in the 1st year, Mary, who died in July, 1773, in the 9th year of her age, Thomas, who died in August, 1773, in the 5th, William, who died in February, 1778, in the 4th year of his age, James, who died 14th February, 1791, aged 14 years. Also are interred here the remains of the above James Robertson, who died 9th March, 1819, aged 81 years, and of Lillias Grant, his spouse, who died in January, 1815, and of Lewis Robertson, their son, late Solicitor and Town Chamberlain of Banff, who died on the 17th November, 1829, in his 39th year.

(518) In memory of John Smith, housebuilder, Banff, who died 23rd September, 1826, aged 59 years. Erected by his affectionate widow Mary Milne. The widow of John Smith died on the 27th January, 1833, aged 56 years. Alexander Smith, late postmaster, Banff, son of John Smith, died 12th February, 1851, aged 55 years.

(519) Robert Innes, town clerk of Banff, died 28th December, 1782, and Margaret Gilchrist, his spouse, died 22nd January, 1786, and both ly interred here.

(520) Here ]yes John Muray, sometime conveener in Banff, who departed 1715 . . . and Jean Gray, his spouse, who died June ----, with their children . . . and John Muray.

Now slain by death

Who spareth none

And lyes full low

Under this stone

Take heed and read

And thou shalt see

As I am now

So shalt thou be.

. . . . .mark

And silent dust

. . . . .death

. . . . . . . . . . .

Life is uncertain

Death is sure

Sin is the wound

Christ is the cure.


(521) In memory of John Robb, late manufacturer in Banff, who died 14th January, 1808, aged 52 years. This stone was erected by his affectionate spouse Cathrine Robb as a mark of esteem, also their son James Robb, who died 2nd June, 1821, aged 20 years, also Margaret, aged 24 years, and who died 6th July, 1828. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

(522) Erected to the memory of George Cruden, millwright in Banff, who died 19th March, 1828, aged 29 years, also Jane Cruden, daughter of the above, who died 5th June, 1863, aged 37 years. Ann Ross, spouse of the above George Cruden, died 3rd June, 1872, aged 76 years.

(523) This stone is erected by William Wilson, flesher in Banff, in memory of his daughter Jean Wilson, who died May 14th, 1794, aged 1 year and 2 months, William, who died May, 1803, aged 6 years and 5 months.

(524) Under hope of a blessed resurrection here lyes George Grant, sometime glouver burges in Banf, who departed this life the 5 of December, 1705. Here lyeth also the body of John Grant, sometime malster at Cullynard, who died September 16, 1783, aged 81 years.

(525) Virtutis gloria merces. To the memory of an affectionate father, and as a tribute of love and respect, this tablet is erected by tie surviving daughters of George Garden Robinson, who died at Banff 16th July, 1844, aged 78 years.

(526) To the memory of Bathia Garden, wife of George Robinson, late Provost of Banff, born 19th June, 1744, died 16th January, 1825. Her long life was devoted to all the endearing duties of a wife, a parent, and a friend. Living she possessed the affection of her family, the esteem of her friends, the veneration and respect of all, dying she left a name revered as her virtues, the emanations of her pure and simple heart. This tribute of a husband's gratitude and love cannot tell how much she was honoured, how deeply lamented.*

(527) Sacred to the memory of George Garden Esq., who died the 17th of January, 1786, aged 72 years, and of his spouse Jean, daughter of Archibald Dunbar of Tillynaught, who died 4th July, 1769, in her 54th year. Here also are interred their infant daughter Christian on 9th October, 1741, and their grandson James Robinson On 21st June, 1773, aged 7 months. This stone is placed as a mark of respect to the memory of a most virtuous and amiable pair by their affectionate son-in-law George Robinson.


*Imlach quotes the following as an inscription, but it seems a note inserted by mistake and not an inscription. Certainly no such inscription now appears. It runs thus:- "Bathia Garden, wife of George Robinson, Provost of Banff, died 16th January, 1825, age 81, also, her spouse George Robinson, Provost of Banff, died 18th October,1827, aged 84; and their son George Garden Robinson, Provost of Banff, died at Banff, 16th July, 1844, aged 78 years; with his beloved spouse, Susanna Keyworth, daughter of Henry Keyworth, Esq. of Timberland Thorpe, Lincolnshire, and their children, Garden, Amelia, and Eliza Anne. Also interred here-William Robinson, Esq., Colonel James Robinson, John Joseph Robinson, Esq., Jane Robinson; Anne Robinson, spouse of Dr. Williamson; and Elizabeth Robinson, sons and daughters of George Robinson, Provost of Banff, and Bathia Garden, his spouse."


(528) Quo intemeratae maneant reliquiae Georgii Gaird'n hujus civitatis praepositi qui obiit 10 Julij 1737 aetatis 55 et liberorum ejus Christianae Georgii Jacobi Joannae Annae Roberti Joannis et Elspetae Gaird'ns hunc cippum filius ejus alter Georgius solus superstes ponendurn curavit. Quod mortale fuit Christianae Gray G. Garden praepositi uxoris quae obiit 12mo. die Martii 1744 huic sepulero mandatur.

(529) Sacred to the memory of James Robinson, late Lieut.-Colonel of the 91st Regiment, who died the 3rd of April, 1824, aged 49 years. This tablet is placed at the head of his grave with a fond and grateful remembrance of his constant affection by his afflicted parents George Robinson and Bathia Garden, May, 1824.*

(530) In testimonium filialis sui erga progenitores animi et ad perpetuandum eorum memoriam viz. Geo. Gardn & Christ. Mai'r avorum patris itern qui obiit Ap. 28 anno 1704 & Christianae Tynet quae decessit Feb- 3 1698 dein trium sororum et unici fratris insuper filiolae meae Joannae quae oblit Sept. 23- 1706, hunc cippurn erexit Georgius Gard'n qui quoque fatis cessit.

(531) In . memoriam . Georgii . Garden . et . vxoris . eivs . Christianae . Marr . ille . obiit A.D. . 1673 . et . haec . 1680 , fato . cessit .

(532) Erected by John McDowall Skene, Captain, R.N., Inspecting Commander Coast Guard, Banff, to the memory of his beloved and much lamented wife Georgiana Louisa Lumsden, daughter of Henry Lumsden, Esq. of Auchindoir. She died in Banff on the 10th October, 1848, in the twenty-second year of her age, and her mortal remains are interred here. "Be ye also ready"(Matthew xxiv-44)

(533)V.D. Hic jacet generosus. . . . Dunbar anno Dom. 1635. Soli Deo Gioria. Manet post . . . **

(534) Sacred to the memory of Alexander Lillie, merchant in Banff, who died 26th January, 1854, aged 62 years, also Jannet Whyte, his spouse, who died 27th-August, 1852, aged 52 years, and of their eldest son William, who died at Ealing, Middlesex, while on his way home from the Cape 9th July, 1869, aged 46 years, also of their daughters Clara Smith, who died at Elgin 14th October, 1857, aged 16 years, and Georgina Frances Helen, who also died at Elgin 21st October, 1858, aged 15 years.

(535) 16 . . . vltima . . . Magister Alexander Craig . . . biae ch . . . qvani . . . svis in

(536) . . . annis 100.,

(537) G. G. . I. B. . M. S. 1611.

(538) Erected by John Morrison, innkeeper, Banff, and Margaret Davidson, his spouse, to the memory of their son Alexander, who died 6th December, 1847, aged 4 years, also John, who died 23rd October, 1853, aged 12 years, also their daughter Helen Janet, who died 21st January, 1854, aged 3 years and 4 months. The above Margaret Davidson died 2nd June, 1883, in the 77th year of her age.


*Mr. Souter of Strocherie is the only male representative of the Robinson family in this part of the country; and George Robinson, banker in Bombay, son of a brother of George Garden Robinson, late Provost of Banff; and in England, the Rev. James F. Bartlet, son of Mary Robinson, daughter of the late George Garden Robinson, Provost of Banff. "--(Imlach, 1868.)

**This stone bears the Dunbar arms.



(539) In memory of the deceased children of Alexander Cameron, cabinetmaker, Banff, George, aged 9 years, Alexander, aged 7 years, who both died 17th November, 1846, Margaret, aged 18 months, who died 23rd November, 1846, and an infant son on the 2nd June, 1849, also George Craigie, their grandfather, who died 29th December, 1846, aged 65 years, and their mother Margaret Craigie, who died 6th January, 1892, aged 80 years.

(540) Sacred to the memory of George Smith, merchant in Banff, who died 9th April, 1865, aged 70 years, also his wife Agnes Milne, who died 22nd February, 1854, aged 54 years.

(541) Erected by John Sim, saddler in Banff, in memory of his daughter Mary, who died 4th January, 1819, aged 13 years, his sons George died 10th July, 1821, aged 7 years and 8 months, James died 14th August, 1821, aged 1 year and 7 months, John died 15th September, 1827, aged 16 years, and William died 30th July, 1828, aged 13 years, also the remains of Mrs. Margaret Watt, the faithful and affectionate spouse of John Sim, who died the 26th July, 1826, aged 40 years, are here deposited.

(542) Erected by Stenhouse Bairnsfather, teacher, Infant School, Banff, in memory of his beloved wife Margaret Clyne, who died 18th April, 1860, aged 52 years. His son Stenhouse Goodall died at Leith 9th July, 1837, aged 14 months. His daughter Marion Goodall died 16th February, 1868, aged 28 years. The above-named Stenhouse Bairnsfather died at Wilson's Institution, Banff, on 27th February, 1874, aged 61 years. He was for 36 years respected teacher there, and deeply regretted by his numerous friends.

(543) I. K. . M. G.*

(544) Sacred to the memory of William Ogilvie, Esq., who died 24th January, 1788, aged 77, and of his spouse Mrs. Helen Baird, who died 12th April, 1799, aged 82, and their deceased children, viz., John died 13th October, 1739, an infant Anna died 25th August, 1744, an infant Katharine died 18th November, 1747, aged 2. Hope Murray died 18th March, 1763, aged 5, John 2nd died in Antigua 30th August, 1770, aged 17, James died in Jamaica 6th June, 1774, aged 27, William died in Bassora 9th May, 1783, aged 41, Elizabeth died 3rd December, 1788, aged 49.

(545) An. Dom. 1636. Positum a Georgio Baird de Aucbmedden praeposito Burgi de Bamff in honors Dei & in memorii praedicessoru quorum corpora in die resurrectionis . hic sepulta jacent. G. B. Mors sceptra ligonibus aequans. Spes altera vitae. Coelum non solvm quaero. Dominus fecit.*

(546) Ornatur radix fronde. Memor esto. To the memory of Alexande lnnes of Rosieburn, third son to John Innes of Edingight, who died 16th April, 1761, aged 60, and of his spouse Katharine Abercromby (second daughter of Alexander Abercromby of Glassaugh, M.P.), who died the 8th October, 1784, aged 76. Sacred also to the memory of their son Thomas Innes of Rosieburn, who died the 24th August, 1784, aged 35 years. Sacred also to the memory of John Russel, post captain in the Royal Navy, eldest son of Thomas Russel of Rathen, and Ann Innes of Rosieburn, who died at Aberdeen 16th October, 1813, aged 45 years.

*This stone is of date probably about 1610.

** This elaborate monument has an arched recess, with the figure of a Knight in armour, and also shows the Baird arms. It stood within the old church, and on the north wall thereof.


(547) To the memory of John Russel of Rathen (second son of Patrick Russel of Monteoffer), who died 3rd May, 1755, aged 55, and of his spouse Margaret Calder (eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Calder of Muirtown, Bart.), who died 11th July, 1770, in her 56th year. Katharine Russel, daughter of John Russel of Rathen, and spouse to John Hay, 3rd son of Andrew Hay of Mountblairy, died 12th August, 1775, and was buried in the church of Alvah. The remains of Mr. John Hay (who died in London 1785) are interred in St. Bartholomew Church. Sacred also to the memory of Ann Innes of Rosieburn, spouse to Thomas Russel of Rathen, who died 13th November, 1814, aged 67, and of Thomas Russel of Rathen, who died 12th April, 1827, in his 85th year.

(548) Sacred to the memory of the following sons and daughters of the late Thomas Russel of Rathen and Anna Innes of Rosieburn, his spouse, all buried here, except where otherwise mentioned. Mary Abercrombie Russel died at Aberdeen 4th March, 1814, aged 29 years, and was buried there. James Russel, R.N., died at East Stonehouse, Devon, 27th February, 1829, aged 58, and buried there. Helen Russel died at Aberdeen 23rd of March, 1838, aged 59 years. Catherine Russel, wife of George Russel, Esq., Skelmuir, died at Aberdeen 28th March, 1844, aged 69, and buried there. Aletha Russel died at Aberdeen 22nd July, 1849, aged 67. Margaret Russel died at Aberdeen 8th July, 1851, aged 74- Jane Maxwell Russel, wife of the Reverend James Cordiner of St. Paul's Chapel, Aberdeen, died at Aberdeen 14th August, 1854, aged 67, and buried there. Elizabeth Russel died at Aberdeen 16th October, 1865, aged 82 years. Grace Russel died at Fraserburgh 21st April, 1866, aged 78.*

(549) Abercrombie Russel, son to Captain Thomas Russel of Rathen, died 15th June, 1792, aged 16 years. Alexander Russel of the Custom House, London, died at Brompton 4th April, 1793, aged 24, and was buried in St. Bartholomew's Church, London. Thomas Russel died in Martinico July, 1794, four days after his landing, aged 22. Errol Russel, First Lieut. of Marines, died at sea on board L'Amiable, frigate, in the West Indies, July, 1795, aged 22. Roddam Russel, midshipman, of H. M. Ship Queen, died at sea off St. Domingo 31st October, 1797, aged 16, all sons of Thomas Russel of Rathen and Mrs. Anna Innes of Rosieburn, his spouse.

(550) Interred here Alexander Innes of Rosieburn, Provost of Banff, died the 16th April, 1761, aged 60. Thomas Innes of Rosieburn, his son, died the 24th August, 1784, aged 35. Katharine Abercromby, spouse to Alexander Innes of Rosieburn, and mother to Thomas Innes, died the 8th of October, 1784, aged 76. Helen Innes, daughter of Provost Alexander Innes, who died at Banff 21st March, 1829, aged 91 years, is also interred here.

(551) Sacred to the memory of Stewart Souter, Esq. of Melrose, who died 14th July, 1839, aged 75 years.


* The last two ladies of this family whose names are inscribed on the above tablets, viz, Miss Elizabeth Russell, who died at Aberdeen 19th October, 1865, aged 82 years; and Miss Grace Russell, who died at Fraserburgh, 21st April, 1866, aged 78 years, at their death, bequeathed to the poor of Banff the sum of 6000 Stg., also a sum of money to keep this family monument in repair."--(Imlach.)

" ---- Park, ship captain, Peterhead, carried the Pretender from the ship in which he landed at Peterhead upon his back to his house in 17--. He had a daughter Ann, who married Captain Robert Cordiner, who traded to the East Indies, and by her he had a son and a daughter. The son, who became minister of the Episcopal Church of Banff, was an eminent antiquary. He married a daughter of Shand of Craigellie in Buchan, and had a son, who died minister of St. Paul?s Episcopal Church, Aberdeen, having been previous in Ceylon. He published his travels in these parts, and died at Aberdeen. The sister of the antiquary married Mr. William Scott, Peterhead, and was grandmother of Mr. Christie, Kilrenny Manse, Fife."--(Jervise?s MSS.)

(552) Erected by Alexander Duncan, blacksmith, Banff, to the memory of his wife Janet Hay, who died 29th December, 1847, aged 59 years. The above Alexander Duncan died the 30th November, 1851, aged 59 years, also their grandchildren Alexander, son of William Munro, ironfounder, who died the 27th November, 1849, aged 8 years, also his son Robert, who died the 10th October, 1851, aged 11 months. Barbara Duncan, wife of William Munro, died 4th July, 1883, aged 65 years.

(553) To the memory of George Dawson, solicitor, Banff, who died upon the 14th July, 1846, aged 72 years. This stone is erected by his sorrowing brothers and sisters.

(554) Here rest the remains of James Frazer, blacksmith in Banff, born in Deskford 1755, died at Banff 1842, also Ann Ogilvie, spouse of James Frazer, born at Letterfourie 1756, died at Banff 1847, also their son John Frazer, blacksmith, born in Banff 1792, died at Banff 1839, also Isabella Frazer, spouse of William Cowie, merchant in Banff, born 1794, died 1836, also Margaret Cowie, daughter of John Cowie, farmer, Sandlaw, and wife of James Frazer, ironfounder in Banff, born at Sandlaw 1782, died at Banff 1845, also Margaret Frazer, daughter of James Frazer, blacksmith, born in Banff 1789, died at Banff 1848, also James Frazer, farmer at Sandlaw, and ironfounder, Banff, son of

the said James Frazer, blacksmith, who died July 16th, 1856, aged 69 years, also of William Cowie, late merchant in Banff, who died 28th December, 1860, aged 65.

(555) This tablet is erected in memory of James Frazer, junior, iron founder in Banff, who died at Elgin June 26th, 1856, aged 32 years, and is interred here, also in memory of Margaret Cowie, relict of the above James Frazer, and spouse of William Lumsden, solicitor in Banff, who died April 25th, 1859, aged 31 years.

(556) To the memory of Sidney Gray Grant, beloved son of William Grant, solicitor, who died 19th November, 1853, aged 1 year and 2 months. Of such is the kingdom of Heaven.

(557) In memory of William Milne, shipmaster in Banff, who died there 16th June, 1847, aged 84 years, his wife Helen Duncan, who died there 21st February, 1841, aged 86, their daughter Mary, widow of William Grant, shipmaster in Banff, who died 20th July, 1837, aged 45, and of their son Garden Milne, M.D., surgeon, R.N., who died at Banff on the 3rd July, 1842, in his 52nd year. Here are also interred the remains of William Grant, solicitor in Banff, who died 12th November, 1854, aged 40, and of Garden Grant, merchant in Banff, who died 8th August, 1856,,aged 44, both sons of the said Mrs. Mary Milne or Grant.*

(558) To the memory of Miss Murray Lawtie, obiit aetatis 83, A.D. 1841. This monument is erected by her grateful nephew Christopher Fagan.

(559) Sacred to the memory of Anne Harriett Fagan, third daughter of Major-General Christopher Fagan, born September 28th, 1821, died July 11th, 1833, aged 11 years 9 months. I say unto you that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my father which is in heaven. Matthew 18, chap. to, verse . . This stone is erected by her sister.


*The late Dr. Garden Milne, after perfecting his medical studies in Edinburgh, entered,the Royal Navy, and was very early promoted to surgeon. During the long war, he had ample opportunity of making use of his skill in the profession, and at its conclusion returned to his native town, where he gained an extensive practice. Captain William Milne, above mentioned, was the great-great-grandson of Thomas Milne, who was ferryman at Spey in 1650, and who carried ashore King Charles II. when he landed at Spey; the particulars of which incident are fully narrated in Sir T. Dick Lauder's interesting history of the Morayshire Floods of 1829. The ground on which stood the house in which 'I'homas Milne (or King Milne, as he was ever afterwards called), is still owned by the family, being now the property of Mr. William Hossack, Sandlaw, who was married to a daughter of Captain William Milne's, and whose son, Mr. Garden M. Hossack, solicitor, Banff, is now the representative, through his mother, of the 'King Milnes' of Kingston."-(Imlach.)

(560) Sacred to the memory of James Taylor, Esq., solicitor, Banff, who died November 12th, 1813, aged 35, and of his infant daughter Jane, who died January 21st, 1812. Erected by his widow Jessie Angus. She died April 25th 1854, aged 72.

(561) This stone is erected to the memory of Grizzel Urquhart, wife of George Lawtie, late of the Customs in Banff, as a tribute of respect and gratitude to an honoured parent from her surviving children. He died the 11th of March, 1799, aged 74.

(562) Departed this life on the 1st of January, 1798, aged 78 years, Isabella Donaldson, widow of Captain Charles Forbes of the 60th Regiment of Foot, who fell in battle at Ticonderago, North America, in the year 1758. Sacred also to the memory of James Reid, of this parish, who died 7th November, 1836, aged 78 years, and Anne Duff Forbes, wife of the above named James Reid, daughter of Captain Charles Forbes, who departed this life 6th May, 1838, aged 82 years.

(563) In memoriam amantissimi sui mariti Patricii Lowson mercatoris qua them obiit supremum Feb- 3- 1722 erigendum curavit maestissima conjux Sarah Wood.

(564) [Some table stones lie in line in a southwesterly direction from the Dunlugus aisle. One has a Latin inscription, but so much worn as to be almost impossible to decipher. A few disjointed and doubtful words may be given-" Gulielmus . . . eueis Banfensis . . . Sinoii Abrahami defuncta sepulta fuisset . . . cbara uxor non babuisset . . . quoniam . . . redigendus . . . nocte dieque . . . tamen . . . hoe pignus amoris

(565) A. W. . . . M. A. Memento Mori. [Rest illegible, except a modern addition " Prepare to meet thy God." This arched monument is on the east wall of the churchyard, facing the street.]

(566) James Fyff. Margery Gordon, 1664-

(567) George Chessor. Margrat Stevart, 1676.

(568) Erected to the memory of Christian Wilson, who departed this life 12th March, 1823, aged 71 years. Here also rests the mortal parts of Jessie Wilson, younger daughter of John Wilson, Esq., Banff, a flower of fairest promise, and transplanted to Paradise above, 7 March, 1812, in the ninth year of her age. Also, the mortal remains of Captain John Wilson, of the ship "Deveron," much esteemed as a man and a gentleman; and of his beloved spouse, Margaret Wilson, -both dying at a great old age.


NOTE. (Cf p291 supra, sub 1751.) General Wolfe, the hero of Quebec, was in Glasgow in 1750, removed to Banff in 1751, and quitted Scotland in, or prior to, 1754. In the Antiquarian Museum Edinburgh are copies of twelve letters written by him, 1749-58, to Captain William Rickson who died at Edinburgh in 1770. The letters appeared in Tait?s Edinburgh Magazine for December, 1849. One of the original letters, eleven pages in length, is headed "Banff, 9th June 1751," and does not represent the writer in such a favourable light as might be expected :-" It is not an hour since I received your letter. I shall answer all the parts of it as they stand in their order, and you see I lose no time because in a remote and solitary part of the globe I often experience the infinite satisfaction there is in the onely one way that is open to communicate our thoughts and express that truely unalterable serenity of affection that is found among Friends and no where else I should imagine two or three independent Highland companies might be of use [in America]; they are hardy, intrepid, accustomed to a rough country and no great mischief if they fall. How can you better employ a secret enemy then by making his end conducive to the common good? If this sentiment should take wind what an execrable and bloody being should I be considered here in the midst of Popery and Jacobitism, surrounded on every side as I am with this itchy Race. ?Tis doubly a misfortune to be banished without the relief of books or possibly of reading; the only amends that can be made to us that are sequestered in the lonely and melancholy spots is that we can fill up part of our time with study. When I am in Scotland I look upon myself as an exile,-with respect to the inhabitants I am so, for I dislike?em much; "tis then I pick up my best store, and try to help an indifferent education and slow faculties, and I can say that I have really acquired more knowledge that way than in all my former life.I went to London in November and came back by the middle of April." General Wolfe?s regiment lay at Aberdeen in 1753, for in the " Black Kalendar of Aberdeen " it is stated that some of his soldiers then practised church music very creditably, and the Synod of Aberdeen procured the discharge of a soldier from Lieut. Col. Bland that he might teach music. Whether Wolfe was at Culloden has not been finally determined, nor is it known whether the "Major Wolfe" whose conduct at Aberdeen, as narrated in the "Jacobite Memoirs of the Rebellion of 1745-6," has been unfavourably commented upon. One thing is clear, namely, that it would require considerable skill to reconcile Southey?s estimate of his character with the foregoing letter. "Throughout his letters," says Southey, "Wolfe appears to have been a considerate, kind-hearted man, as much distinguished from most of his contemporary officers by humane and gentlemanly feeling as by the zeal with which he devoted himself to his profession. All that is hitherto been known of him tends to confirm this view of his character." (Cf Chambers's Book of Days, I., 37.)