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The dates of the early registers of Baptisms (or Births), Marriages and Deaths may be ascertained by a reference to Miscellany of the New Spalding Club, I., 239.

Since the opening of the New Cemetery the churchyard of Banff has been practically closed, and the record of inscriptions may also be considered as practically closed. In order to insure accuracy in making the present transcript, the whole has been compared twice with the original inscriptions. Mr. Jervise's MS. notes on the inscriptions in the churchyard of Banff (Antiquarian Museum, Edinburgh,) have also been carefully consulted. Mr. Imlach's copy of the inscriptions (Hist. of Banff) is very inaccurate, and has not been utilized, but his notes have been found serviceable. The inscriptions given in the present volume have been arranged in such order that from the accompanying number the position of a tombstone can generally be found out. In the General Index the insertion of these numbers will also be found to be convenient.


1625 John Schand had a sonne baptised. His name Walter.

1626 William, son of Mr. Alexander Seatone, minister. Also Thomas (1627), John (1633), Isobel (1637), Marie (1638), and Janet (1640).

1628 Christian, daughter of Dr. Alexander Douglas. Also Jean (1630).

1633 Margaret, daughter of James Cassie.

1633 "James, Maister Ogilvie, had a sonne by his spouse D. Helen Ogilvie baptised, his name James".

1633 George, son of Mr. William Sharp.

1633 James, son of Paul Gregor and Elspet Ogilvie.

1637 John, son of John Redieman.

1641 "John Shand had a bairne baptized, her name Isobell."

1641 Gilbert, son of Gilbert Mair. Also Jean (1642) and William (1643). In 1649 "Gilbert Mair had a sonne baptized, his name Alexander. Witnesses, Sir Alexander Abercromby off Birkenboge, Doctor Alexander Douglass off Dunnes, Alexander Ogilvie of Knock, Mr. Alexander Seaton, minister of Banff, Alexander Winchester, balyie, Alexander Lautle."

1644 Alexander, son of James Ogilvie of Redhive.

1646 " James Gordone of Rothernay bade a daughter baptised her name Katherine. Witnesses Doctor Douglas &c."

1651 September 2nd. " Lord James Areskine, Earle of Buqubane, had a sonne baptised called Charles. Witnesses Dr. Alexander Douglas, Mr. James Baird, Mr. James Ramsay."

1651 James Ogilvie chalmerlaine to my L/ Airlie had a son James.

1651 James, son of John Urquhart of Tillibo, provost (James, Earl of Buchan, and Walter Ogilvie of Boyne, witnesses). Patrick born 1652, and Margaret 1653.

1651 James, son of Sir John Baird of Cobardie (James Baird of Auchmedden, Mr. James Baird, advocate, &c., witnesses).

1651 Anna, daughter of Thomas Meldrum of Collynart.

1652 Elspet, daughter of Alexander Gordon, clubmaker.

1652 Isabell, daughter of James Smith, glover.

1652 "William Shaw, English souldier under Captaine Baine, had a daughter baptised, begotten with his lawfull wife, her name Margaret."

1652 "Crystall Shaw, English souldier in Captaine Baine his companies a sonne begotten with his lawfull wife called Robert. Witnesses John Jollie, Hew Gossip."

1653 Isabell, daughter of Patrick Gill in Aillhousburne.

1654 John, son of Gilbert Mair of Awalds.

1656 Christian, daughter of Robert Hamilton, bailie.

1656 "William Gordon, sometyme in Bamff, now in France, a sonne begotten in adulterie with Elspet Lees, his name John.

1656 John Hacket, now souldier in Sweden, had a childe baptised, begotten in fornication, called James.

1659 Alexander, son of Mr. David Abercrombie in Banff. Witnesses, Sir Alexander Abercromby of Birkenbog, Dr. Alexander Douglas, &e.

1664 Alexander, son of Mr. Alexander Seaton, minister of Banff. Also James (1667), John (1669), Alexander (1671), Janet (1673), Margaret (1675), and Thomas (1677). His third son that bore the name Alexander was baptized 3rd November, 1679, after his father's death. Mr. Seaton married Margaret Joass [not Jaff as at II., 37].

1670 August 4th "George, Lord off Banff had his eldest sone and heir baptised, his name George."

1670 William, son of William Cuming in Banff, provost of Elgin.

1670 Jean, daughter of William Ogilvy of Bachlaw. Also James (1677).

1672 James, son of Thomas Ogilvie, provost, and Elizabeth Ogilvie, his spouse. (James, Earl of Airlie, and James Ogilvie of Raggell, witnesses.) Also Jean (1673), David (1674), George (1676), Thomas (1677), and James (1678). Thomas, baptised April 16th, "being born April 12th about 11 acloack at night, being Thursday the epact 6, the golden number 6, the Dominicall letter C, the Dominicall letter of the month G."

1674 William, son of Robert Turner and Janet Rinn his spouse. (William Cuming of Auchry, witness.)

1675 Thomas, son of Walter Stuart and Janet Moir. Also Jean (1677), Mary (1678), Patrick (1680), and William (1683).

1675 Alexander, son of Paul Keith, master of the Musick School, and Janet Lorimer his spouse. Also Janet (1677), and George (1681). John (1693), Jean (1694), Paul (1695), Samuel (1698), Mary (1700), Helen (1702), George (1703), and Elizabeth (1707), children of Paul Keith and Dorathie Allan his spouse. Dorothea Allan died in 1738

1677 "Februarie 16. George, the lawfull son of William Cruickshank, merchant in Banff, and Margaret Charles his spouse, was baptized (being born Februarie 11, between 4 and 5 a cloake in the morning being the Sabbath. The Epact 25, the Golden Number 6, the Dominicall letter G, the Dominicall letter of the moneth D). Witnesses, George, Earle of Caithnes, George, Lord Banffe, Bailiffe George Gordon and George Stuart of Craigherbs."

1678 Richard, son of John Steinson, apothecary, and Mary Capell, his spouse.

1678 "Helen Duffe, spouse to Patrick Barclay, Dean of Gild, died in childbirth, haveing brought forth three children, two boyes baptized James and John, and a girle baptized Margaret."

1679 James, son of John Gordon, bookbinder, and Isobell Fyffe, his spouse.

1679 Margaret, daughter of George Gairdn and Christian Tynet, his spouse. (Witness, Janet Rhin.)

1679 Anna, daughter of Alexander Monro, musician.

1679 James, son of John Murray, shoemaker, and Jean Gray.

1679 "Helen, daughter of John Gordon, bailiffe, and Janet Saunders. Witnesses,Lady Helen Ogilvie, daughter to my Lord Airlie, Lady Helen Ogilvie, sister to my Lord Banffe, Helen Leith and Helen Hamilton. John,born 1681,Helen(1676),and Elizabeth(1677)."

1679 Adam, son of the Rt. Honble. Adam Urquhart, Laird of Meldrum,and the Hon. Lady Mary Gordon, his spouse.

1679 "Mary, daughter of George, Lord Banff. Witnesses, Lady Mary, elder, of Huntlie, Lady Mary of Marischall, Lady Mary, Lady of Meldrum."

1679 "Elizabeth, the lawfull daughter of George Gordon, late bailiffe, and Marjorie Gordon, his spouse, was baptised. Witnesses, Elizabeth, Lady Marchionesse of Huntly, Lady Elizabeth Gordon her daughter, Dame Elizabeth Baird, Lady of Birkinbogge, Elizabeth Ogilvie, spouse to Thomas Ogilvie, provost, Elizabeth Morison, spouse to James Scougall, bailiffe in Old Aberdeen, Elizabeth Ross, Elizabeth Seton, and Elizabeth Turner.

1679 William, son of Alexander Forsyth, glasier, and Isobell Alexander (= Atchioner), his spouse. Also Janet (1675), William (1705), and James (1713)

1679 "Jean, daughter of George Leslie of Burdsbank and Mistres Christian Baird, his spouse. Alexander, born 1681."

1679 "George, son of John Andrew, notar publick, and Jean Ritchie, his spouse. (George Abercrombie of Skeith, &c., witnesses.) Also John (1675), and John (1687)."

1680 William, son of Master William Joasse, baron of Collconard, and Beatrix Fraser, his spouse. Also Patrick (1681), Thomas (1683), and John (1684). Thomas Joass was laird in 1661, and William in 1701.

1681 Alexander, son of Alexander Craig of Rose Craig and Mary Gordon, his spouse.

1681 Patrick, son of William Joass of Coll-Leonard and Beatrix Fraser.

1685 Anna, daughter of Mr. Patrick Innes, minister, and Margaret Joass.

1685 William, son of Alexander Lesly of Kininvie and Janet Hamiltone, his spouse. Witnesses, Sir William Sharp of Stonyhill, Sir William Sharp of Scotscraige, William Cumine of Achry, Mr. William Joass of Colleonard." Also Peter (1697).

1703 John, son of William Hood, Englishman, stocking worker in Banff.

1706 "Master Rhoderick Hosack had a son baptised called Colen."

1706 "Jean, daughter of James Smith, an dumb man."

1706 Jean, daughter of James Brebner, post. [John Cow was post in 1723, and James Elder in 1731]

1707  "John Joass of Colleonard yr. had a son named George, with respect to the Christian names of His Grace the very noble the Duke of Gordon, the noble George, Lord Damff, the Honourable George, Master of Bamff, and George Gordon of Badenscoth, baptized the forsaid day by the present Incumbent at Bamff William Hunter before many famous and habile witnesses of both sexes." Also Isobel (1709), '"William and John (16th March, 1710), William (1711), Helen (1712), Mary (l713), and John (7th November, 1718, his father being then deceased).

1707 Mary, daughter of Patrick Leslie, Sheriff-Clerk. Also William (1709).

1708 Margaret, daughter of Patrick Scott, goldsmith. Also John (1711), Helen (1713), and Patrick (1721).

1708 George, son of George Gaird'n, late Treasurer.

1712  George, son of Alexander Abemethie of Corskie.

1714  February 20. "The Rt. Hon. George, Lord Banff, had his eldest lawful son baptized, named George. Witnesses, His Grace George, Duke Gordon, The Rt. Honble. George, Earle Marischal." Also George (28th November, 1715).

1718 July 12. "Alexander, the lawfull sone of the deceast George, Lord Banff, was baptized. Godfathers--Sir Alexander Ogilvie off Forglan, one of the Lords of the Session, and Capt. Alexander Ogilvie, his sone."

1720 " Beroald, son of John Innes of Knockorth, being so named in remembrance of two of Knockorth's predecessors and Mr. Beroald Innes, late Chanter in Murray." Also        Elspet (1721).

1721 James, son of Archibald Dunbar of Tillienaught.

1723 Anna, daughter of Alexander Abernethie of Corskie.

1724 April 21. "William, the eldest lawfull sone of William Duff of Bracco was born March 26th, and baptised April 2nd. Godfathers-William Baird of Auchmedden, William Duff, merchant in Banff. Godmothers-Betty Abercromby, Lady Auchmedden, Helen Sutherland, Lady Roscommon. Witnesses-Sir James Abercrombie of Birkenbog, Patrick Duff of Craigston, and Alexander Duff of Hatton." Also Anne (1725), Janet (1727), James (1729), Alexander (1731), George (1736), Ludovick (1737), Patrick (1738), and Helen (1739).

1726 Margaret, daughter of Alexander Rhind, mason, and Margaret Scott. Also Elizabeth (1730), John (1737), Janet (1739), Jean (x744), Alexander (1747), and Anne (born on 24th, and William on 25th April, 1752).

1730 Cosmus George, son of George Joass of Collconard. Also John (1734), and Helen (1737)- Cosmus George died in 1737.

1734 Charles, son of Patrick Gordon, goldsmith.

1737 Magdalen, daughter of William Forsyth, glasier.

1739 Jean, daughter of William Leslie of Melrose. Also Alexander and Henriet, twins (1741), and Mary (1742).

1748 Alexander, son of Alexander Russel of Moneoffer.

1750 Elizabeth, daughter of Ernest Mearns, watchmaker. Also Thomas (1751).

1755 Katharine, daughter of Alexander Dirom and Mrs. Anne Fothringhame, his wife. Also Alexander (1757), Margaret (1758).

1755 Mary, daughter of George Gairdn.

1756 Alexander, son of Dr. James Saunders and Mrs. Bathia Leslye, his wife. Witness, William Leslie of Melrose.

1757 Mary, daughter of William Robison, tweed manufacturer, and Mary Munro. Also George (1758), James (1760) ["called after James Robertson, the child's grandfather "], Elizabeth (1762) ["named after Elizabeth Burnet, grandmother by the father"], Nansay (1763) ("named after Miss Nansy Robison of Bulwell, England"], Bathia (1764), Jean (1766) ["named after Mrs. Jean Dunbar, spouse of George Gaird'n, merchant "].

1761 George, son of John Rhind, mason, and Christian Massie. Also Alexander (1762), John (1764), Margaret (1768), Elspet (1770), Isabel (1779), Elizabeth (1782). George Massie, Convener, and Alexander Rhind, the children's grandfathers."

1764 "Katharine, daughter of George Gordon of Gight and Mrs. Katharine Innes, Lady Gight, was baptised and named after Mrs. Katharine Abercrombie, relict of Alexander Innes of Rosieburn, the grandmother by the mother." Also Margaret (1766), " named after Mrs. Margaret Duff, Lady Gight Dowager, grandmother by the father."

1766 George-Garden Robinson, son of George Robinson, thread manufacturer, and Bathia Garden, named after George Garden, merchant, Banff, grandfather. Also jean (1767), William-Illingworth (1770), James (1772), James (1774), Mary (1776), Anne (1778), Bathia(1781),Elizabeth(1784),and John-Joseph(1787). 1784, Aug.18. "Elizabeth Robinson, fifth daughter of George Robinson, manufacturer in Banff, and lawful son of George Robinson, manufacturer in Nottingham, and Mary Holland, his wife. Mother, Bathia Gairdn, daughter of George Gairdn, merchant in Banff, and Jean Dunbar."

1766 Margaret, daughter of Alexander Robinson, manufacturer, and Sarah Tarras. Also Alexander (1769), and Elizabeth (1770).

1768 John, son of Thomas Russel of Rathen and Mrs. Anne Inues.

1775 Margaret, daughter of Alexander McKay, watchmaker.

1777 Mary, daughter of Alexander Wales, house painter, and Isobel Irvine. Also William (1778). Isobel, daughter of Alexander Johnston, schoolmaster, and Alice Duffus. Also Alexander (1779).

1778 William, son of Adam Elder, shoemaker, and Ann Harrower. Adam was son of William Elder, at Lintmill of Boyndie, and Janet Petrie.

1782 Alexander, son of William Hosak, cooper to the Brewery Co., and Barbara Shand.

1784 Janet, daughter of James Paterson, watchmaker, and Janet Cassie.

1785 "Mary-Abercromby, daughter of Thomas Russel of Ratben, sometime captain in His Majesty's North Fencible Regiment, and son to John Russel of Rathen and Margaret Calder, his wife. Mother, Anne Innes, daughter of Alexander Innes of Rosieburn, sometime provost of Banff, and Katharine Abercromby."

1785 "Mary, daughter of John Home, land surveyor at Inchdrewer. Mother, Elizabeth Knox, daughter of James Knox, minister at Scone.

1789 James, son of James Imlach, bookseller, and Isobel Reid. Also George (1774), James (1777), and John (1791).

1796 George Chapman, son of John Cruickshank, rector, and Margaret Morrison. Also James- Robinson (1787).

1797 Alexander, son of John Rhind, mason, and Helen Dingwall. Also Elizabeth (1799), Ann (1801), and John Cuthbert (1804).

1801 George, son of G. G. Robinson and Susanna Keyworth. Also Garden, daughter of do. (1802).

1803 Alexander Smith, son of Peter Cassie, writer, and Bathia Smith.

1816 William Wemyss, son of Ilatrick Rose and Maria Theresa Wemyss. Also Patrick (1817) and Maria Theresa (1819).




1720 George Chapman, farmer in Alvah, and Helen Stuart (the parents of George Chapman, LL. D.)

1721 Alexander Gordon of Glengerrack and Dame Helen Lauder, Lady Banff.

1723 Mr. William Hunter and Mrs. Mary Ogilvie, Lady Colleonard.

1728 George Joass of Colleonard and Mrs. Jean Abercrombie of Glassaugh.

1738 Patrick Forbes of Schivas, provost, and Mrs. Christian Gairden (Troup's daughter).

1742 Mr. James Kenneth Saunders, chirurgeon, and Miss Bathia Leslye, sister of Melrose.

1743 Patrick Duff of Whitehill and Miss Clementina Hay, daughter of Rannas.

1747 Mr. George Robertson, master of the Grammar School, and Elspet Scott, daughter of the deceased William Scott, provost.

1747 Alexander Russell of Moneoffer and Miss Peggy Ilay, daughter of Rannas.

1749 Alexander Dirom, writer, and Miss Mary Mark. (1754. Alexander Dirom, writer, and Miss Annie Fotheringham.)

1749 Ernest Mearns, watchmaker, and Miss Jannet Guthrie, daughter of Mrs. Guthrie of Blackhouse.

In 1751 six Banff women married soldiers in the regiment of Foot commanded by Hon. Lieut. General Pulteney. In September and October, 1755, were other six similar marriages with the soldiers then stationed at Banff, and in 1761, when the Scots. Lowlanders and


71st Regiment were at Banff,were other six. In l763 part of the Argyllshire Fencibles were stationed here, in 1765 the Regiment of Foot commanded by Lord Cornwallis, in 1766 the Regiment of Foot commanded by the Right Hon. the Marquis of Lorn, and in 1770 the Regiment commanded by General Hudson. In 1777 some of the 1st and 3rd Regiments were at Banff, and in 1799 the Ross-shire Militia.

1751 July 20. " Robert Willers, private soldier in the Regiment of Foot, commanded by the Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount Bury, and in Lieut. Colonel James Wolf's Company, and Elizabeth Stephen, born in the parish of Fordon, in Mearns, and last from Montrose."*

1752 Patrick Cassie, merchant, and Janet Bisset in Pitsligo.

1755 Alexander Strachan, surgeon, and Miss Mary Crichton, daughter of Mr. Crichton of Auchingoull.

1755 John Stuart, Supervisor of Excise, and Mrs. Margaret Duff, daughter of Corsindae.

1760 George Hay of Montblairy and Miss Peggy Sinclair of Scotscalder.

1762 James Shand of Craigellie and Mrs. Margaret Calder of Rathen, relict of John Russell of Rathen.

1763 George Gordon of Gight and Miss Katie Innes, daughter of Alexander Innes, late of Rosieburn.

1765 George Robinson and Miss Bathia Garden.

1767 William Shand of Craigellie and Miss Nellie Ogilvie, daughter of Mr. William Ogilvie, merchant, Banff.

1767 Thomas Russell of Rathen and Miss Annie Innes, daughter of Alexander Innes of Rosieburn.

1772 Rev. Mr. Charles Cordiner and Miss Jean Shand, daughter of Provost James Shand.

1772 James Duff, Sheriff-Clerk, and Miss Margaret Dunbar, daughter of James Dunbar of Kinkorth.**

1773 January 2. William Rose, Esq., and Miss Mary Robinson, daughter of William Robinson, deceased.

1773 James Shand, organist, and Elspet Munro.

1774 Alexander Mackay, watchmaker, and Lilias Morison.

1775 Alexander Johnston, writing master, and Miss Alice Duffus, milliner.

1776 James Kyle, overseer at Bridge of Banff, and Miss Peggy Strachan.

1784 Andrew Hay of Montblairy, Captain in the 2nd Batt. of 71st Regiment, and Miss Elizabeth Robinson, daughter of the deceased Mr. William Robinson, manufacturer, and Mary Munro.

1784 Mr. William Byres, goldsmith, and Ann Campbell, daughter of Mr. William Campbell, supervisor of Excise in Aberdeen.

1784 George Chapman, aged 60, and Katharine Dutchfield, aged 30- She was " servant to George Chapman, master of the Academy at Inchdrewer, and daughter of James Dutchfield, sometime skinner in Dublin, and Margaret Waddell, his wife."

*See Note at the end of "The Churchyard."

** Baird's "Genealogical Memoirs of the I)uffs" has no date, but it can be fixed thus: It mentions the death of James Duff of Corsindae. It was therefore written after 1762. It states that Mayen died 10th December, 1771- It was therefore after that. It states that James Duff was married above a year ago to Margaret Dunbar niece of Sir William Dunbar of Durn. He was married, as appears above, in 1772 and thus the date is fixed at least for these parts of the work.


1794 William Argo and Isobel Adamson.

1797 John Keith and Mary Stevenson.

1799 John Rhind and Helen Gill.

1809 Alexander McQueen and Janet Strachan.

1815 Patrick Rose and Miss Maria Theresa Wemyss in Kinnethmont.

1818 Rev. Mr. Alexander Bruce of St. Andrew's Chapel, and Miss Dorothea Mary Bartlet,




1720 Robert Saunders, late Provost.

1720 Lady Janet Ogilvie, Braco's lady.

1721 Alexander Scott, son of Patrick Scott, goldsmith.

1722 Mrs. Christian Baird, spouse to Burdsbank.

1724 Alexander Forsyth, elder, glasier in Colleonard.

1729 Patrick Scott, goldsmith (Isabel Wallace, his relict, died 1752).

1730 Daniel Corbit, Quaker.

1731 John Mark, late Provost.

1732 November. Three children " dyed in the pox."

1737 George Gaird'n, late Provost.

1738 Lady Colleonard.

1738 "John-George, Lord Banff, dyed July 29th, and was buried in the Church of Banff, August 1st."

1739 January 12. "William Haddo, George Syme in Melrose, Charles Shand in Gellyhill, Christian Wilson, daughter to Hary Wilson in Down, Elspet Lyell there, and Elspet Nicol, spouse to the above Hary Wilson, were unluckily driven out to the sea in the Ferry boat and lost."

1740 James Hay, Esq., husband of Lady Banff.

1740 William Forsyth, glasier.

1742 "October 20. Rt.Hon. Dame Helen Lawder,Lady Banff and was buried the 23rd."

1744 Provost William Scott.

1748 William Scott, goldsmith.

1750 George Warrax, alias Powrie.

1750 Jean Smith, Cripple Gutor's wife.

1750 Alexander Abernethy of Corskie.

1751 Mrs. Clementina Hay, spouse of Patrick Duff of Whitchill.

1753 Thomas, son of Ernest Mearns, watchmaker. A daughter, Elizabeth, died in 1753, and another daughter, Elizabeth, in 1756.

1755 George Joass of Colleonard.

1756 Mrs. Elizabeth Abercrombie, Lady Auchmedden.

1756 Mistress Mary Ogilvie, Lady Colleonard.

1757 Mrs. Lilias Gordon, Lady Gordon of Lesmoir.

1757 James Innes, provost.

1757 Mrs. Urquhart of Cromarty.

1758 Mrs. Janet Duff, Lady Montblairy.

1760 June 25. Alexander Joass and James Brown, young men servants of farmers in the country,

lost their lives in crossing the Water of Dovern.

1760 Mrs. Margaret Hay, Lady Monteoffer.

1761 John Vanhovan, a Quake-doctor.

1761 Alexander Innes of Rosiebum.

1761 Alexander Shirras, silversmith.

1761 August 21. Corporal David Mackie lost his life bathing in the sea.

1761 Mrs. Elizabeth Duff, Lady Kinairdy.

1762 James Duff of Corsindae.

1762 Dr. Alexander Strachan.

1763 July 15. James Stobie, servant of James Duff, Sheriff-Clerk, lost his life in the Water of Dovern.

1763 September 30- "The Rt. Hon. William, Earl of Fyfe, died at Rothiemay, and was buried at Grange 7th October."

1764 Miss Peggy Gordon, daughter of Mr. Gordon of Gight.

1764 Mrs. Irvine (Lady Dorlaithers). Mrs. Urquhart (Lady Craigston).

1767 Mrs Margaret Gordon (Lady Knockorth).

1767 George Forsyth, glazier.

1771 Miss Clementina Baird, daughter to Auchmedden.

1771 "March 7. William Allaster, boatman, died by watter."

1771 John Douglas, dancing master.

1773 March 7. George Robertson, rector.

1779 William Rhind, black ball maker.

1780 Lady Mayen.

The description of the position of graves given in the Volume of Burials (1783-1788) enables us, even at the present day, to fix the exact site of the old church. The following are examples.

" Daniel Robertson, buried 2 foot to the north of John Innes of Knockorth his stone, north

side of the church."

" Henry Raff, buried at the north side of George Warrack's head stone, south side of the church."

"Andrew Petrie, buried straight up from the North-west corner of the church, wast syid of the walk from the door in the north dyck."

"Thomas Innes, son of Alexander Innes of Rosieburn, aged 35, died 24th August, 1784, buried in the center of the church betwixt his own seat on the north and Lord Banff's seats on the south side, with a flage and two pieces of freestone on the grave. (Since the above was wrot there is a new stone put on the grave.) "


"John Paterson died 6th April, 1785, buried close at the south side of Doctor Douglas' tomb South side of the church."

1785 Walter Shirron buried at the west side of George Paterson's stone, on south side of the church.

1785 "John Banff, natural son of jean Carr, an idiot, died 9th August, aged 15 months, buried at the back of the Shoemaker stair, north side of the church."

1785 November 3. "Janet McGreig buried at the west end of a stone that will not reid, north side of the church."

" William Skinner buried at the north-west side of Paul Keith his head stone, north side of the church.

" Elizabeth Gllie buried at the east end of Provost Mark his stone, east end of the church."

"Jean Warrax, wife of William Milne, mason, buried in the foreside of the churchyard at the back of the vaults."


The cause of death is frequently given in the Burial book. A few may be quoted, with the ages of the deceased parties: toothing (10 mo.), meassals (10 weeks, 2 years), dekay (20, 39, 70), consumption (15, 33), cancer (30), swalling (40), closing (6, 78), fever (1, 49), nervish fever (56), blasted (67, 80, 85), inward pains (30, 60), high sterick pains (48), hysterick fever (60), rumetisoms (60, 70, 84), and old age (75, 79, 80). A frequent cause of death was small pox, especially among the young, eg.,between August, 1785, and March, 1786, no less than nineteen died, none of whom were above four years of age. Nine children died of small pox in November, 1785-

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