Jessie ROGERS - (nee GRANT) b. 27 July 1842.

This is a little sketch, as near as I can get it, beginning with my great-grandfather, William GRANT of Grantown, Inverness-shire.(Morayshire). He was considered a great man. He was a Justice of the Peace and held other appointments. People came from miles around to consult him upon important matters. He had 12 sons and 1 daughter. He gave all his sons a profession -some were ministers, others were doctors, barristers and others had commissions in the Army.

My grandfather Alexander was the third son. He was an officer (Adjutant in the Militia), and was killed quelling an affray in London. He was stabbed. He left a son, William GRANT and 2 daughters - they were sent to a boarding school in Edinburgh and my father William was bought up by his grandfather, the above mentioned William GRANT.

When he was quite a youth, he enlisted in the Army and his youngest uncle, Frank, bought him out, but ere long he went and enlisted again, so his people never took any more notice of him. He was drafted to India and when he had been there a few years, he got powder shot in his eyes and was invalided home, and soon after, obtained his discharge. Then he married my mother, Annie McCONNACHIE, (born 5 May 1816), daughter of Charles and Janet McCONNACHIE, (married 30 Jun 1812). Grandmothers name was McPHERSON before she married - she was one of the CLAN CLUNY McPHERSONS - a very noted family in Scottish history. Janet was born at Knockando, Morayshire, (chr 30 Mar 1792), to John McPHERSON a farm labourer, and Elizabeth MURRAY.

Grandfather was a farmer - his farm was called 'Belandy'. They had seven sons and 4 daughters and my mother was the eldest daughter. My father was allowed to marry only on condition that he did not take her away, so they remained at the farm until the old 5th Duke of GORDON (George) died (28 May 1836). He was their landlord. When the 6th Duke of RICHMOND & GORDON came in for the estates, his trustees put all the farms into larger farms to make less work for themselves and my grandmother was one of those who had her farm taken. Each farmer who had his farm taken from him was allowed his house and garden and an allotment for as long as he lived, but my grandmother left and took a croft of 3 acres on the 4th Earl of FIFES (James) estate, (Glen of New Mill, Keith), where she could keep a couple of cows and pigs and poultry. My grandmother lost her husband - he was drowned (prior 1841) - and all her family died of consumption with the exception of my Aunt Helen, (born c:1818), Mrs Orme & lived of Belandy House, Rock Ferry. (Tranmere). Her house was named after the farm 'Belandy' where she was born. Married Joseph Orme.

My father was a widower for nine years and was living at Culdorachmore then he married, (at Wester Lettoch), Jane GRANT, of Easter Lettoch, daughter of Francis GRANT of Culchan, Cromdale, Inverness-shire, on the 17th June 1852, and they had one son, Francis Robert Wynne Williams GRANT, (born 17th Oct 1856 at Easter Lettoch, Cromdale).

When my mother died (1842-1843), I was only a few months old and I was brought up by my grandmother until she died. (2nd Feb 1856). I was 13yrs old and then I went to live with my father and step-mother. My grandfather left money to be spent on me in sending me to a good school for two years and afterwards to put me to a trade - anything I fancy a for, but I did not want to go to school, so I went to a dressmaking establishment and stayed one week. I didn't like it, so I never went again and my step-mother, being a good-tempered, easy-going person simply let me do as I liked. I had a good time and lived in idleness - a very bad thing for any young girl. It was fortunate that I had been well-trained up to my 13th year, but my grandmother was one of the best Christian women I have ever known and she always kept the Sabbath Day very holy, reading her Bible and going to Church. She would do no work that could be done without. It had always been my aim to be as much like her as possible, but I have come very far short - still I feel sure that her prayers and those of my mother have followed me right through life, because I have been wonderfully guarded and protected all my life and that causes me to have great faith in prayer and to spend many a hour in the night praying for my dear children and their wives, husbands and families.

I was born on the 27 July 1842 at the Glen of New Mill, near Keith, Banffshire, and was married on 3rd Apr 1868 at Bebington Church, Cheshire, to Henry ROGERS of 72 Regent street, Leamington, Warwickshire, son of Henry and Elizabeth ROGERS - of that address.. Henry ROGERS - was born at Leamington on 31 March 1840.(chris 19 April 1840).

Your paternal grandfather was born at Birmingham (chr:1809) and was a Goldsmith by trade. Your grandmother was Elizabeth JONES, eldest daughter by his first wife of William and Mary JONES of Emscott, (Emscote), near Warwick. He died at Glenbeg, Inverallan, Inverness-shire, while we lived at Moor Park, Hoole, Cheshire. I had all the papers about the death and funeral - Do you remember the fuss Mrs Blower made about it?

I have only met two or three of my father's people and I have not met any of my mother's people since I came to live at Glenrimmo (Glenrinnes, ) near Driftown (Dufftown), Morayshire - it is near Elgin. I came to England in Xmas of 1866, and I have never been home since, or met anyone from my home since then. Do you wonder that I have forgotten them all? Don't you go and do likewise.

I believe my father died (6th Feb 1889) in Glasgow - I can't tell you the time he died as I had lost his address and he would not know where to write to me because we had left Newport, (Sth Wales),and gone to live at Chester, Cheshire. If I had listened to my aunt and gone and made myself known to that cousin of my father's there is no doubt but that she would have left myself and my family well provided for, but I put it off, which is always a mistake, and the opportunity never rose again, so she died, leaving all her great wealth to Charities and Pensions to Reduced Gentlewomen, of which I am one, of course.

My father had eleven uncles and one aunt and there were many cousins, one of them Sir John Peter GRANT, of Rothiemurchus, Inverness-shire and another, Dr Robert GRANT - (b 17 Jun 1814/d 24 Oct 1892), he was a Professor of Astronomy and held the Professorship Chair at the University of Glasgow for a great number of years.

(Told to her daughter Elizabeth Rogers b.1876 )
transcribed from letter and amended to date 3th April 2010

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